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  1. Extra Cheese

    ECMWF Gribs

    Looking for a cheap source for the ECMWF Gribs, only need them for a month. Best I found is PredictWinds Pro Subscription at $250 for 3 months. Anyone know any cheaper options? -Cheese
  2. Extra Cheese

    "Send it" for Jim Hahn

    Wow, this is horrible news. Jim and his wife Alix are two of the really great people in our sport. I can't imagine the road ahead of them and sure they could all use our support. https://www.gofundme.com/jimhahn
  3. Extra Cheese

    Single burner gimbaled propane stove

    Big fan of the jetboil and we have it setup on a gimbal, it works great for double handed racing but we have added a few crew and need something with more capacity would be nice to be able to do a full kettle of water in one go instead of 4-6 cycles. There were some ideal options on the market a few years ago (like the forespar) but they have been discontinued and nowhere to be found in the secondary market. Ideally we are looking for a gimbaled single burner propane stove capable of doing at least a ½ gallon of water at a time. Does anyone know of a commercially available one? If not does anyone have any experience constructing one? Thinking a coleman stove and gimbal, but would much prefer an off the shelf solution. Thanks -Cheese
  4. Extra Cheese

    Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    Doghouse- One more question for you (ok two more really) 1. If I am reading this correctly the MOB had a personal AIS in his lifejacket, if so was it deployed? and curious if so if it is set to deploy when vest is inflated or manual? 2. More importantly if deployed did any boats report receiving the MOB signal and location on their chartplotter? I have been a huge advocate for personal AIS units and won't go offshore without one but no idea of their effectiveness. I am somewhat worried that bobbing around in any sort of sea will greatly reduce their range. Thanks again for sharing all this with the community, this is what great seamanship is all about. -Cheese.
  5. Extra Cheese

    Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    Doghouse- Thanks for the amazing report, I will be honest given some of the initial reports I was skeptical of the reaction time. I have to say from the sounds of it you guys did everything right, and my initial assumptions were all wrong. One question, what is your martin breaker setup? I have had some good results and some bad results with various set ups. Thanks and Bravo Zulu Cheese
  6. Extra Cheese

    Watermaker for double-handed boat

    Guys thanks for all the input, we getting a water maker not a question of if, but rather a question of what. Does anyone have any specific recommendations as to brand/model etc? Any one have any experience with the Katadyn 40E? Thanks Cheese
  7. Extra Cheese

    Watermaker for double-handed boat

    Looking for any input or suggestions on a small and energy efficient (and hopefully reliable) water maker for a double handed boat. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated -Cheese
  8. I am about to deliver a boat from NYC down to the BVIs. Boats has a fully functioning SSB and it would be a great to be able to get some news (and follow the US Election) on the way, so does anyone have any reliable frequencies? Both BBC World and Voice of America seem to have transmitters in Africa but was hoping for something a bit more reliable in the western atlantic. Also any general SSB advice would be more than welcome as while I am pretty technical don't have much experience with SSB. Thanks Cheese
  9. Extra Cheese

    How to watch the Olympics

    Any answer on this? I don't have cable and would prefer to watch the NBC feed but barring that are there any good english language feeds available (I can VPN to most countries if needed.)
  10. Extra Cheese

    Newport-Bermuda Wx- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly...

    I have been asked for and did promise a quick recap of why so many got the weather forecast so wrong. The weather around the world in the past couple of years has been at times "challenging" to predict with a lot of accuracy outside the 96 hour box. Late Spring storms in the Atlantic that are forecast to interact with the Gulf Stream can be particularly difficult to get right as there is a lot of potential energy available depending on where the low comes off the Carolinas. In my estimation it is nearly impossible to make the call outside 24 hours and expect much in the way of accuracy. If I am the navigator we proceed to prep the boat and provision under the assumption we are going. Unless the storm is imminent and meeting intensity estimates at the start time then we will continue to race. In this particular case racers had 12-18 hours (Unless you are on Commanche) to analyze the situation before bailing out if necessary after the start. I did not attend the weather briefing so I cannot say if the advisories were correct or not. What I CAN tell you is that if it is my ASS ON THE LINE I would let racers know what the forecast models said three days ago, what they looked like yesterday, what the trend line looks like and then offer percentages of severe weather. In this case I would have estimated about a 20% chance of a Gale affecting the race course. On Friday morning (Race Day) at 0400 hours I made the prediction above (You'd be looking for wind not trying to avoid it). The system was just not forming as the models three days previously suggested it would. I will NEVER SECOND GUESS ANYONE who chooses not to race given the forecast. It's better to stay onshore and be able to race another day if things go badly or the forecast misses wildly (Think Sydney -Hobart 98). It happens. If you have more specific questions, feel free to post and I will try to reply as time allows. Have a great week everyone. Mark- Thanks for getting back to us on this and helping us all to learn! From what I have heard from all the folks who bailed (most certainly not casting judgement and respect all off them) the issue was the forecast sea state in the stream. By all accounts it was not that bad due primarily to the lower wind speed. I would assume that had the wind been 30kts+ out of the NE it would not have been pretty at all, but as we know you were one of the few that forecast (I am assuming) a lower wind speed and hence a more tolerable sea state. So what was it in the models or the data that lead you to that conclusion? What did you see that others didnt? Thanks Cheese
  11. Extra Cheese

    Newport-Bermuda Wx- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly...

    It happens...even to the best. More and more routing services are hedging 20%+ over model expectations so they don't get sued. My issue with that is that the smarter crews are going to start watering down the number by 20% to see what they really should expect. That's great...until the forecast is 20% ABOVE the routing forecast and you have watered it down by 20%. Now there is a large difference between what people planned for and what actually happens out there. If you ask Edith B for my forecast analysis you will find I suggested that not only was the stated forecast wrong, boats would end up looking for breeze as opposed to trying to avoid it. For the record: I get it wrong occasionally as well. It is part of the business. OFF Soap Box. Looking forward to detailed debriefs from the boats we did routing for so we can do even better next time. There are some pickle dishes in our stable :-). Mark- Thanks for all your wise advice! I am curious what specifically did you see in the pre-race model runs and data which lead you to the lighter forecast? It would be great to hear some of your thinking. Thanks -Cheese
  12. Extra Cheese

    Newport-Bermuda Wx- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly...

    Yea, the livestream is total crap, cuts out every few seconds. I did manage to hear about 30 seconds of uninterrupted banter, during which I learned the Gulf Stream which the competitors need to cross is in the Bermuda Triangle. I am not sure if the Bermuda Triangle has been moved or if the stream is now south of Bermuda.