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  1. If you can mechanically fasten something over the area - which you may have to do to allow the epoxy to set - I've had good success with butyl rubber under a delrin plate. Sealed for three years until I remembered to fix it during a haulout. Is easily removed, too.
  2. Bob - Sorry about the confusing wording - yes, Tom gets the credit for the design... but I always laugh reading your review and (I presume brief) ownership of one. Yes, the boat isn't quite as self-righting as one would expect a keel boat to be, but it is a great ride if you keep it upright. nlmasopust - I don't have any experience with the two ply wrap-around sails but have heard the same about them. The original owner of our boat changed to single ply sails laced to the mast similar to an old style gaff sail. And we still have the original wooden wishbone booms. The sails actually raise and lower OK, though nothing like a Wylie Cat which have a Tides Marine track. Also, on the system we have (and the wrap around sails), the boom has to go up and down with the sails. The booms are (too) heavy, too. I've sailed a fair amount on the WylieCat 30 and think it is a great boat because of the wishbone boom... until one has to reef, esp deeper than the first reef. Many of the boats have been converted to a standard boom. You lose the self-vanging that the wishbone provides, and the slick way the cradle under the wishbone catches the sail when you douse. We were in Norway over the summer and looked a some junk rigged boats, including an X-99. They were using camber junk sails (in contrast to the flat ones made popular by Hasler) and we were impressed with how well the boats sailed and how easy they were to handle. We are actually considering such a conversion and think it may look pretty good on the Freedom and serve many of our needs including being inexpensive.
  3. We have a F40 CC. Does not quite sail like our other boat, a Wylie Wabbit 24 - another favorite Bob Perry design - but she points ok and reaches great. We've done the Delta Ditch Run the last couple of summers. 8 people, several dogs, lots of space for everyone. This year was a bit windy and somewhat traumatic for several boats. The Freedom took everything in stride. The space is impressive. We like the huge center cockpit and the aft cabin. Boat is way over built but watch out for wet balsa, Al masts on the early ones are heavy and not sure the center cockpit version ever came with carbon masts. The centerboard lets you go from nominally 4 ft to 9, so lots of options where you can sail or anchor. Ask away.