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  1. 3 cheers for BJ!

    Sol told me to stop by and say thank you, so thanks.
  2. You, yes you, are the crux of the problem.

    is that a diesel?
  3. Trump Chickens Out of White House Correspondents Dinner

    Huh. Obama (big D) had better timing than most of the comics invited to speak recently. Except Steven C. That roast was amazing. Even I felt bad for Bush, Cheney and the correspondents there. For a moment. Then I went back to laughing. But I agree with the "ddp" charge. inside joke. We used to have a poster here named "Spreading Malarkey" or something like that, whose sig said something about being humorless as the mark of the democRAT beast. He of course left in a humorless huff. He had no sense of humor. My friend from the deli told me to come here to mock that poster. It was too easy. The promised "witty banter"? Pffft.
  4. Are you worried about Ebola coming here?

    Not me. All the attention nationwide regarding this and this happens? Who from CDC was there making sure proto was followed 100% to the t? I'm willing to bet no one was there. That does not concern you? But that's the difference between government and private work. Nope. Doesn't concern me. The CDC doesn't supervise doctors in every hospital across the country. I just don't care to rely on government to that extent. Let the CDC provide protocols and let health care providers follow them. I don't want the nanny state, RD.
  5. Are you worried about Ebola coming here?

    Not me.
  6. Anyone Contract Ebola Today (August 10)?

    She isn't an SA member.
  7. Joke

    ooh that sweat!
  8. Joke

    Guy walks into bank. Sweet older lady asks if she can help him. He replies"I want to open a f@cking bank account."She asks "what did you say?"He says "I want to open a f@cking bank account."She chides "Sir, if you do not watch your language, I shall have to get my manager."He snorts "go get your f@cking manager." The manager arrives and inquires as to whether there is a problem.The customer says "I want to open a f@cking account with $500,000."The manager says "was this c#nt giving you a hard time?"
  9. I clicked on it by mistake, awright? Jeez!

  10. Hi. Welcome to my profile, nosey. Now give yourself a boot in the nuts and mind your own business.

  11. Sol warned me that everyone would be mean to me, when he told me to come here. It must be part of the charm. Sol is mean to me too. I get very nervous when people are mean to me.
  12. Voting makes me jumpy.