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  1. Clearly N Korea has attacked SA

    They're baack...........
  2. Proper way to drill mast?

    After you get the old fasteners out consider going with riv nuts. More threaded surface area than just tapping into mast.
  3. Instrumentation wireless/bluetooth

    I'm not really concerned about rain and spray. I mostly day sail and am rarely more than 10 miles from my dock. I don't want to invest what other systems cost. I got one of their handheld units and found it useful but I want to know the wind at the top of my stick.
  4. Instrumentation wireless/bluetooth

    My reasons are not relevant to the question I asked.
  5. Instrumentation wireless/bluetooth

    Has anybody here gotten the new Calypso/Vaavud ultrasonic yet? Just received mine and trying to get it set up.
  6. Online trifocals?

    I'm an Optician and I've seen very mixed results with ordering online. Single vision, distance, intermediate, or near, not many problems. When it comes to bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses it is important to have them fit properly. It is going to depend on your needs and tolerance. Otherwise you are going to trying to adapt to something that's not quite perfect. Eyeglasses are custom made. Like dental work.
  7. outhaul advice

    I'm redoing my outhaul while my boat's on the hard. currently set up with 3:1 external block system and I plan on adding an internal 3:1 or 4:1. The boat is a Cal25. Opinions on which would be better? Thanks!!
  8. Polishing weathered Lexan polycarbonate

    The headlight restore process. 600-1000-1200 wet-or-dry. Then a ball polisher with Presta Ultra Cutting Creme. Then Meguiars headlight protectant. Or make new ones.
  9. ZZ Top when they were a warm up band for James Gang. Also screwed the same girl Charlie Daniels did. Me first.
  10. What varnish for the tiller?

    Cabot or Mckloskey Man o' War. Or whatever spar varnish that's at you local Lowe's or Home Depot. Not urethane. light sand between coats. Keep it covered when you're not sailing. Mine is going on 11 years. Might revarnish when I get around to the rest next year just to match the shine. Lots of coats good Kevin
  11. anemometer and wind angle

    Does anybody have any experience with this little meter? Looking to get a little more instrumentation and this caught my attention. https://calypsoinstruments.com/ Thanks for your input!
  12. How to tie soft shackles

    wow - I like that one! Very simple stopper(s). I think I prefer at least some bury in the noose, though The link is broken now any other links? PM me with your email address. I have the PDF file for the improved soft shackle.
  13. Changing from Wire/rope halyards to just rope

    The only problem with that is the cow hitch reduces the strength of the line significantly. Don't remember how much but it think there was some testing on L-36.com site.
  14. Changing from Wire/rope halyards to just rope

    I do the same thing except splice a simple locking brummel and use a cheap captive pin shackle cow hitched/luggage tagged on so the shackle stays with the halyard.
  15. Changing from Wire/rope halyards to just rope

    The sinle braid to double braid splice is easy and I use a toggle to attach to the sails. Cheap insurance to prevent the halyard from skying is a loop of light line to go around your wrist while fastening the toggle. http://l-36.com/halyard_splice.php http://l-36.com/halyard_toggle.php