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  1. shaggybaxter

    Pun Slinger Flicked ?

    That’s why god invented 4 legged females.
  2. shaggybaxter

    Australian Sailing

    No it’s Australian Sailing, it should be bereft of participants. Intelligent ones anyway.
  3. shaggybaxter

    Better broaching for singlehanders

    G'day Cian, Aside from testing at the dock, I've had some inadvertent exposure to it! I went through a period where you'd be happily on the helm merrily punting along when suddenly the boat would snap to port or starboard which caused a few moments of consternation! It's not a gentle turn either, it turns hard. It turned out to be the wrist pendant battery was running low which was causing the autopilot to trigger, so my fault, not the kit . Reading the manual at the time, there are two modes, with no wind direction input the helm is put hard over into a continuous circle and with wind direction the helm puts her into irons. I remember though finding an under engine or sail setting somewhere in the config which I thought had a bearing on which mode, so I dunno if I had an old manual or just misconstrued it. I haven't looked into it since, this thread has reminded me to go back and revisit it. Regards how long it will hold it, that's a good question. The way I see it there are three possible outcomes; The boat has just enough way on so the helm keeps moving the rudder to hold it head to wind. All good, but unlikely. The boat tacks after going into irons, the helm goes hard over to compensate. The autopilot will go into alarm and lock the rudder if it sits against the stops for too long, so without touching any sails the boat is now in in heave to mode as you mention. The jib is backed, the main is normal and the rudder is hard against the stops driving the boat to windward. All good. The boat doesn't tack after going into irons and just falls away. The helm will go to the stops , alarm and lock driving the boat to windward with a normal sail plan, so it will luff again. All good. What is not good, is in the latter example above, what happens if it goes into irons again and this time it tacks, but now with a locked helm? I need to work that one out. Doing the numbers once, to travel 50m at 10 knots takes about 5 seconds, so by the time you head has broken the surface you should see the boat luffing. But to swim even 50m in gear without boots would be a good minute plus, so Foolish' idea whilst being dragged by your tether of punching the controls on your wrist doesn't sound like a bad option by comparison. You can trigger the MOB mode from the pendant too, so its not like you have to think which directional button to push as your getting drowned being skull dragged along beside your boat. Regards the pendant being waterproof, I would bet my left nut on it. I've swum with it before, there is no visible opening and you can't even open the bastard thing to replace the battery yourself, you have to send it to an NKE dealer for that. I'll have another look at the config options and report back, it's something I should remember and know. Cheers.
  4. shaggybaxter

    English Cunk on Covid 19 - we punch above our weight

    I’m guilty of that too, but nada . I wish I understood the algorithm, kinda interesting why it gave me zero hits on anything I’d normally watch . And I just had SAS: who dares wins on prior so maybe a georeference is all you could surmise from that
  5. shaggybaxter

    English Cunk on Covid 19 - we punch above our weight

    Hi Dylan, Never heard of Ms Cunk , but I’ll pay that , very good. Heres my 9 tile that popped up at the end, dunno what it means as I’d never heard of her or Charlie Brooker till now. cheers!
  6. I think collectively we all agree that China needs a united front from the western democracies in forcing them to the table to pull their heads in with their world dominance plans, and as noted by many the key is economic pain to force a change of behaviour. War will do that, as China’s biggest weakness is the lack of income if their external market dries up and becomes internal only. No sane person wants that of course, so the alternate is a united front and long term plan to dilute their economic advantage and let the Chinese government realise its either get along and be left in peace, or keep being dicks and have long term pain and market resistance. The US should be welcomed back into the TPP, (which means telling Trump and the US big pharma to fuck right off with their greed and demands) Pompeo and Trump told to rethink their targeting of Allies and grow up a bit, and work on shifting manufacturing to suit. That manufacturing would be difficult to replicate cost effectively in US, Aus or the UK due to wage pressures , but allies like Sth Korea and Sth Vietnam have near equivalent production capabilities in tech and a lower cost base, they just need the investment and support.
  7. Wouldn’t have a clue. Before you go nitpicking on Aus as some Chinese serf you should clean up your own slate first ol chap. You have sold and continue to sell access to your nations best assets whilst empowering China more than we could hope to do in a million years
  8. Why? They paid a shitload for the privelege, until they get too cuntish its all seems to work out. If you really want to fuck up, just follow any US OTT spending billions building information superhighways straight from China into your core financial centres. All whilst your Putin sock puppet, (I think you call him POTUS?), carries on with his fire and brimstone act on how the US government is hard on the Chinese. C'mon Saorsa. Look up buddy, there's acres of glass over your head and your own private sector is raining rocks down on you, You're a gem though for providing a bit of entertainment, thanks!
  9. The Poms are still number 1. It's also the best way to ensure no hostile act, as like any country throughout history (you should look some up btw, its spelt h..i..s..t..o..r..y ) any overt act means you forfeit all your expensive investment as the Gov simply takes it back. But do please carry on trying to make a valid point. Just hurry the fuck up please, you're tediously crap at it on a good day.
  10. 2020 is officially a lemon, can we return it and get a new one? I’ve seen a recent spike over the last 6 months on protection of water assets, I’m starting to wonder if it was more than normal bureaucracy now. Whats the stronger relationship, Russia-India or Russia-China?
  11. shaggybaxter

    The 2nd Amendment

    Nope, all part of the service in highlighting histrionics and bullshit, but equally happy to point out intelligent and well reasoned arguments, that what mates do. Don't-give-a-fucks let you dig yourself into a hole without comment. How the recipient processes it is their prerogative of course.
  12. shaggybaxter

    The 2nd Amendment

    No no no, thank you. I just learnt that the second amendment means you have such little faith in your nations military you really believe inexperienced and untrained citizens need to take up the slack.
  13. And who the fuck told you there's been no words Mr Almighty? I've just spent the last two days cutting Chinese suppliers out of specifications and sourcing alternates to other countries and fielding all the wounded and poor me phone calls. And I'm just a pleb. Whats really telling is I don't have any US vendor to substitute, because the US trade envoy and their whole engagement in this region is reminiscent of a faint echo and a shit one at that. Just another tosser dreaming up their own interpretations. Stick that chest out a bit more hero, someone somewhere else is mightily impressed.
  14. shaggybaxter

    Australian Sailing

    Makes sense, they're nothing but a life support mechanism for a dirty great orifice.
  15. shaggybaxter

    The 2nd Amendment

    FFs, you are doing it again! Who said you can't shoot straight? Fair dinkum Jeff, you have some genetic wiring issue that always turns a conversation into a Jeff reference. Mayhaps a tad oversensitive? I'll let you keep your money, I am sure you can shoot just fine. But I've met enough tossers that own automatic penis substitutes that did so purely to hide the fact they can't shoot for shit. Regards the obvious reasons; if I'm facing trained adversaries that are being paid to kill me and are armed and backed by a nation state that has to stomp over me to achieve their mission, I'll happily forgo the joy of a engineered masterpiece bolt action for the biggest nastiest highest cycle rate automatic weapon you can find. Any day. Edit: Except a GAU-8. I'd love to see one of them on a vehicular chassis, I did get to sit in on some test firing of the old M61 Vulcan 20mm, that was awesome enough.