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  1. Damn. i just finished prepping the boat, installed the coops and the vege patch in the liferaft locker. I need Rimas to be marooned on a reef clinging to his captains hat with the tide threatening to engulf him at any minute, no way will Nat Geo or Discovery fund this if we rescue him from a dodgy cheeseburger from McDonald's in a heavily populated town. Curses! What do I do with the blimp? We just had it signwritten with Jeans Visa card number, I was going to tow it around all the islands like the signal used for Batman ....grrr. Ungrateful sod. I've got dirt under my fingernails now, very unsightly closeups of me gripping the wheel in the promo shots. Should've gone the Canadian harp seals route, at least they're warm willing companions after the rescue.
  2. HFC, they do the online theory.
  3. HFC, That was most entertaining, you missed your true profession
  4. HFC, LB's brother in RYA arms, just 4000 kms away, http://www.oceanwest.net.au/
  5. ?? Crash, The bow must be up to plane ? We had the nose buried every time we caught the wave in front (and as Lydia said I forgot to pull the cruising anchor out of the bow locker) We had enough power to push through it, boat speed didn't drop below 15 when we were buried. Waterline length of 40'. Genuinely curious. Does that mean this isn't planing?
  6. Hey JS, Not mine mate, this is the S3. The 12.50 is the S2 mould. If you have a look at the freeboard on the rear quarters, you're flat out getting your head in there, way too aggressive for a cruiser variant. Foredeck is also reverse camber to the sheer line, and the bow from front on looks like a scow bow compared to mine.
  7. Good point Battleship, but yes, they are still very cool! Same thing for us, we might be a cruiser more than an outright race boat, but still a newer and more expensive hull design copied from a race class as compared to the OP. I love watching em all!
  8. Heh! Kinda have to agree with you Raspa, At least the Class 40's still look pretty sweet in comparison
  9. That looks like great fun Scanas, love the Jamaican accents.
  10. I will mate. Just let me know next time you're aerating the rudders
  11. Glad you said that AB. I thought this was just fun We do wear tethers at night.
  12. I did JS, took me a while to work out the tickbox on the order said Cruiser/Racer, not Racer. Fucking French colloquialisms. Nothing wrong with lipstick on a pig unless you're all precious over these things. Aim low early mate, much more fun. .
  13. I'm thinking about doing an OATS. Bit of a cut'n'shut, whip a few carbon bits out of the Structures shed? Reckon we could sneak it in under PHS?
  14. I dunno Jeff, if you scroll through the list of Youtube videos about Hurricane IRMA and read of all the god botherers wailing about how this is the culmination of all humanity not repenting and God's wrath is descendiing on us all, I'd argue a few million shouldn't be near a sharp knife let alone a decent rifle or handgun. The comments are enlightening, some are more scary than the videos.
  15. Wow. I might jump on this bandwagon. Is it too weird to do Hobart with 20 Pob on a 40'? I've got a new set of light air sails I need