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  1. shaggybaxter

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    RPAYC did this, it worked on me. The RC went out of his way since last year to resolve the ORCI stability issue that got me flicked last year, and got acceptance for an ISO cert in lieu. He then rang and emailed to let me know and to invite us back for next year. I was so touched that he made the effort I signed up straight away. Hobart. Would take the boat in a heartbeat, but the overall cost for me from Brisbane to Brisbane is too much in time and money. It's now a min $30K exercise even with a near new boat and minimum a month away from home. If I had a crew said they're up for it, I would do one race at that price if I have to fund it alone. Cal me a tightarse, but that's a lot of cash and time when I can go chasing 50+ boat packs a couple of times a year offshore with a much more efficient ROI. Scanas, you're prepping a good solid boat seasoned for it, you in the 10'000's yet (with a month to go) ?
  2. shaggybaxter

    How much speed am I losing?

    Overdraft, I dont have any experience on the Cal 20 mate, but considering I lose a couple of knots of even my max motoring speed if I leave the bottom uncleaned for a month, I'd suggest looking at other options available to you first, weight /crew work, bottom work etc. I run a Facnor flat deck furler for the jib, and whilst it is low profile I still see a lot of wastage under the foot. I am sorta looking at buying a deck sweeper on a bolt rope to improve our performance in sub 10 knots. But that because I've tweaked/tuned all other options till their is nothing left but the new sail. I'll probably toss it for a Code 0 though.
  3. shaggybaxter

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Dock lines. Horrible nasty things. Like caging an animal.
  4. shaggybaxter

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Nah, its got one of those indestructible plastic handles.
  5. shaggybaxter

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Halyards 5 Mainsail 1 Headsail 1 Spinnaker 1 Gennaker 1 Staysail 1 Sheets 7 Mainsheet 1 Headsail 2 Staysail 2 Spinnaker 2 Control Lines - Foredeck 16 Bowsprit extender control 1 Bowsprit Jammer release 1 Bowsprit- bobstay 1 Bowsprit- tackline 1 Inner Forestay- removable 1 Inner Forestay- underdeck tensioner 1 Inner Forestay- jammer release 2 Barber Hauler position control 4 Tweakers 2 Furler Headsail 1 Furler Continuous 1 Control Lines - Mast 12 Reefs 3 Cunningham 2 Outhaul 1 Vang/Preventer 1 Mast step tether 1 Traveller 2 Lazyjacks adjustment 2 Total 40
  6. shaggybaxter

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Keerist, I'm normally maxed out at 1 or 2. Keeping up with you blokes is going to kill me. 20-30? Oh dear...onward into the breach dear fellow....
  7. shaggybaxter

    I still call Australia home

    Hi Random, Noted, and I disagree. What is not cool is uneducated clueless opinion offered as fact. There is a shit ton of souls all busting their arse around the country for no personal gain or merit on this topic. They brainstorm ideas, test them , go around the world talking to like minded souls, investing their own time and money, and continue these works ad nauseum, fighting politics and bureacracy at every step pf the way. Then some numpty comes along and sprouts utter shit, firstly because the love their sound of their own words, and secondly because once they're caught out they divert the conversation into nonsensical trivial irrelevant detail. I've seen careers destroyed and billions of dollars wasted through uneducated and blind opinion. I hate these scum more than I hate criminals. Mel posts a bazillion threads on how Trump is no good lying cunt, and yet she is happy to parrot the same behaviour. And when she's called on it, just like Trump she doubles down and makes it ten times worse. People worthy of respect know, after they've had a few shifties or a bad day and fuck up and let their mouth run away from them, when to apologize. Which she never will. Until then? The facts stand.
  8. shaggybaxter

    Jim Acosta...out

    OK. From a man that is so spineless he has to resort to text messages or others to sack people. Right.
  9. shaggybaxter

    I still call Australia home

    I knew a chap once that used to backhand his missus off the back of his Harley as they were riding. He also used to knock her out cold if she turned up at the Bellview (local watering hole at the time) to give him shit over not coming home. And would leave her lying on the floor. The last time it happened a guy objected and stepped in, in the ensuing fracas the good Samaritan was killed. The fella is in jail now thank Christ. Pricks that beat up on women don't change, they just get bolder.
  10. shaggybaxter

    I still call Australia home

    Fyr. my wife is in hospital too but I don’t cry poor me for sympathy. i will call you scum because you are. You hang shit on Trump for sprouting utter tripe, and yet you are happy to do exactly the same. And I shall quote your own words back to you regards the above question: ”Nobody does any long term planning anymore” Fuck you scum. If you we here right now I’d drag you outside and beat you to an inch of your life. Take a big deep breath and think before you open your mouth. Scum.
  11. shaggybaxter

    I still call Australia home

    Dont you realise that the majority of the work is done by private enterprise working pro bono? You haven’t got a fucking clue. You haven’t even contacted your State and Fed Gov member and asked, because there is a shit ton of stuff you could do. Remind me again how my 20 years of unpaid work is all bullshit? Seriously Mel, be careful offering an opinion and who you hang shit on when your subject matter knowledge is non-existent.
  12. shaggybaxter

    I still call Australia home

    So Mel, who is the first to hang shit on anything that might impact her good self, I’m waiting, and you’re proving you’re one of the pathetic types that mew and cry and couldn’t be fucked to offer one decent idea? Fuck you. You want to hang shit on people that bust their arse trying to fix something when you’re too pathetic to lift a finger or even offer a scrap of an idea. I need to go and play on the boat, and convince myself scum like you are worth fighting for. I don’t normally get pissed off, but you’re lighting every fire at the moment. So care to contribute yet oh learned one?
  13. shaggybaxter

    I still call Australia home

    That’s all good Mel, but they’re all issues, not solutions. My MIL has been 18 months in agony waiting on a hip replacement, my wife has a battery of doctors that cost me $100k I don’t have and no solution, everyone has fucking issues. Youre right we need planning, I’ve been involved for 20 years working to find solutions, must have missed you in the room somewhere. So what is it then? If everyone else is so fucked and dropping the ball, get into it and help. Everyone has a problem with it, but when you turn around and ask for ideas, or heaven help me, for time and effort from those same souls? Crickets.... You either have an opinion and you’re willing to get off your arse and make it happen, or you’re just another whinging tosser throwing shit from the warm embrace of your own little world. Try getting off the couch and do something if you want to hang shit on it.
  14. shaggybaxter

    I still call Australia home

    And to further cement my point, I received a call from a local polly CoS in July. He wanted me to attend a get together with our State MInister for Commmunications to listen to our Pov on the NBN rollout. I agreed, then he rang me a few days later to discuss the detail. In that he mentioned the cost of a few thousand dollars (fundraising of course) I told him quite nicely that he could fuck off. Independent industry professional advice does not come with a cheque. There is your first problem, politicians with no clue forwarding their own personal fundraising cause under the guise of conducting government business. Cunts.
  15. shaggybaxter

    I still call Australia home

    ??? It's never stopped. These are living breathing real issues where the arguments and debate have been echoing around the halls of power for 20 years. If you don't think they're on top of it, get involved and beat up the individuals that are running interference. The $5 Medicare for the first xx visits was actually a great example. That was based on guess what....research from the CSIRO and our other think tanks...on how we could sustain the burden on Medicare moving forward with an ageing poulation and a smaller work force generating revenue. Not only did it fix the short to medium term financial strain, it was actually a very well thought out and researched solution. And what happened to that???? Us pussy citizens , aided on by bleating from the State leaders and the opposition, canned it. Because it impacted your back pocket, nothing to do with the years of research and planning on how to sustain our services over the next 20-50 years. Nothing to do with a self-centred NIMBY attitiude from us. First class health care costs money, and if you're not even open to springing $5 a visit, the problem is you, not the government's perceived lack of action. The research is there for anyone to find. Try scratching more than skin deep, then we can have a real tangible conversation on what we did/are doing to fix it.