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  1. New Sprit Fitting

    I don't have the 2:1 that Parma shows (I like that Parma by the way, looks simple), on our retractable pole. I have: a tack line through a low friction ring for the loose luffed sails, and; a dyneema lashing on the sprit itself for the wire luffed sails , ie: the shackle on the furler clips directly to this. Dumb question; what is the 2:1 for? Our tackline runs back through a jammer and winch on the cabintop, its pretty easy to grind even when it's fully loaded. Is your setup similar to this?
  2. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    I gotta be honest RKoch, you’re acting like the pot trying to call out a kettle, you’re not exactly looking like the paragon of virtue here.
  3. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Cookson 50. I just love those boats. I reckon I'd do ok with my existing ride if the conditions were like last year. But any sustained light air and I'd be fucked.
  4. And you managed to ensure that no-one will ever bother to listen to your point of view by your incessant juvenile blather. It fascinates me why people even attempt to air their POV by screeching like an adolescent throwing a tantrum. You’re just an embarrassment. Congratulations, you did a good job of that at least.
  5. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    JG, Man, I dunno. The size of the boat is one thing, some big boats can indeed be singlehanded if they’re optimised for it. There was a good thread on this not long ago on max sail size that can be handled solo, I cant remember the thread title,somebody may chime in with it. I can solo my 40’ comfortably when everything is just peachy. Reality is a bit different, ie: getting in and out of a dock in a cross breeze, fixing a jammed halyard, or losing a headsail sheet etc etc. Being solo for me means things have to be done step by step in a methodical process, ie: things don’t happen quickly. This is fine until the weather turns foul quickly and everything goes to shit. My two cents, and I’m no expert, make sure the boat you do choose you can handle in the worst conditions, not when it’s all blue skies , puffy white clouds and happy smiling seabirds. Cheers, SB
  6. Racer sponsorship

    I’m not sure LB, I haven’t heard from them since that night they had us do that promo photo shoot. The only comment was something about preferring to photograph a hatful of arseholes....not sure if that’s a good thing?
  7. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    The complete collapse of reasonable debate over gun laws has fuck all to do with guns, it’s all about adopting a pigheaded obsession on the individual’s rights. No other country I have been to do the citizens care so deeply about their personal rights. And before you take that as a compliment, a by-product of this zeal is it breeds an utter selfishness and fuck the rest of you attitude. Try having some empathy for each other. I’ll let you in on a little secret, it won’t kill you if you try it. My 2c, SB
  8. Racer sponsorship

    I had my company logo and name plastered over my biggest kite, the name in 6ft letters. I am going through a buyout after my partner and close friend turned greedy and into a cunt. So I’m adding to it, under the company name In 6ft letters “SUCKS BALLS” Lucky I’m not looking for a new sponsor.
  9. Show your boat sailing thread

    That’s a great photo GW.
  10. Show your boat sailing thread

    Gday Ajax, I’m flattered, thank you, but embarrassingly I still don’t feel I’ve mastered it yet. It is brilliant single handed when I’m not trying with everything eased to the point of luffing , I often wonder if I’m killing it when crewed by trying too hard and oversheeting. Then there’s days where the crew will sheet on and she just changes gears. We had a new guy on board that later in the race nailed the barber hauler and clew position by shifting the ring up less than two inches and a touch more on the sheet, and transformed the boat beating to windward. It just fucks with my head! I think I need to sail away for a month or so till I really learn her mannerisms...sigh.
  11. Show your boat sailing thread

    Ahem...cough..it’s a cruiser thank you. The handicapper might be lurking here... Scanas just had me replace the nav seat with a rocking chair, my crew are particular chaps.
  12. Show your boat sailing thread

    G’day Py, Thx, and yep the X yacht tried, they were better positioned ie: more ahead. The wind angle was about 60-70 true so we just followed him up and let the boat speed do it’s thing. To be fair, he’s a mate, so I don’t think he tried too hard. Ish, LB’s couldn’t play, he’s been working too much. You can tell when he’s working, he not flaming all the newbies. Xsail, my devious plan is working! Wags tomorrow is forecast to be 25 odd knots, I’ll probably come home with the other wheel trimmed(?) down based on the last few outings.
  13. Homeowner Ended Home Invasion

    Go back to bed sport, let the adults talk amongst ourselves.
  14. Show your boat sailing thread

    Fairway Challenge race 2018. Cracked sheets and twisting off the top trying to balance the hem in a sloppy seaway heading for the turning mark. We're passing an X41 and a DK46, it was a good angle and wind range for the Pogo.
  15. Homeowner Ended Home Invasion

    That’s ok mate, but please, mother’s name is Hermione. It’s just comes out sounding weird without her dentures in. And she swears it was you.