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  1. shaggybaxter

    Figaro solo

    G'day Moody, Yep, I believe that from a Figaro sailor! For mine, the Figaro guys are the most competitive class in the sport bar none. Aside from their lunatic manic obsessiveness in pushing hard, you need to sail at a level that is almost inhumanly perfect to win. Liz Wardley reminds me of an atypical Figaro sailor. Just tough as nails and meticulously obsessive in everything ie: training/prep/racing.
  2. shaggybaxter

    Figaro solo

    Hi Moody, Thanks for the info on Windbag, that looks really cool. I've got Adrena, so this looks like a tempting add-on. Cheers! SB
  3. shaggybaxter

    Show your boat not sailing

    Its a stunning photo Ish. I wish I had that knack with a camera.
  4. shaggybaxter

    Show your boat sailing thread

    But like the mystique of a dog magically resembling their owner, Cruising, are you; Finding your smile becoming somewhat lopsided? Walking with any noticeable lean in one direction or the other?? Finding coffee constantly dribbles out as you're drinking? We're just concerned for you mate.
  5. shaggybaxter

    Show your boat not sailing

    G'day Cruising, She's definitely a cruiser when compared to her sister version . The top pic is Fusion, the 2nd is a Pogo 40. Scanas and Frodo convinced me to put the kite up after this pic, we were merrily planing along with 22 pob.....good fun, except I had to stay sober.
  6. shaggybaxter

    Show your boat not sailing

    Bit of a story Sailak. Suffice to say I had probs with int supplier, ended up getting it done locally.
  7. shaggybaxter

    Show your boat not sailing

    It's been 3-4 months now parked up whilst waiting for a boom.. Fuck its nice to be sailing again.
  8. shaggybaxter

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    I am serious, and don't call me surly.
  9. shaggybaxter

    Port Tacking the Feet.

  10. Over a suspicious keel crack?? Call a toolbox meeting, raise your concerns. If they still wanna go out, get off the boat. I'm rooted after getting into a liferaft in a pool wearing wet wet weather gear. Fucked if I want to do it for real, and that's without having to possibly tend to someone seriously hurt whilst hypothermic and keeping your cool and remembering all the sea survival and and and...... All because the skippers another fuckwit that doesn't deserve to have people's lives in his hand.
  11. shaggybaxter

    I still call Australia home

    This. You could add to that every single senior (paid) union member I've had the (cough) privilege to meet.
  12. shaggybaxter

    HI RACE WEEK 2018

    Righto, anchor's deployed, now about those drinks hmm?? And while you're at it shut that door dear chap...there's some god-awful banging going on out there...
  13. shaggybaxter

    HI RACE WEEK 2018

    FFS! The official website is fucking hopeless. Get with the naughties and buy some more bandwidth.
  14. shaggybaxter

    Alan Weisselberg

    Oh dear. Is there even one person in Trumps orbit that is normal and doesn't need to strike a deal with prosecutors?
  15. shaggybaxter

    HI RACE WEEK 2018

    It’s coming down to a David and Goliath battle tomorrow. Rumour has it that the X-41 Matrix is up against the Botin 40 Team Hollywood for the IRC overall trophy and the Rolex that goes with it. Matrix is leading DIV 4 with a race to go, and Team Hollywood is leading DIV 2 (cough) I think it will need Team Hollywood to have a shocker to get pipped, and whilst Ray is a lovely bloke, I’m cheering for the stars to align and see a cruiser/racer take the prize. Best of luck to all on the final day tomorrow, hope they all finish on a high. SB