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  1. shaggybaxter

    America vs Europe

    I wouldn't piss on the current US administration's "word"' on anything, treaties, trade agreements, partnerships, nothing. Pick any other western country and they make much better friends than the current US gov. The US gov's international reputation is trashed, they've become a laughing stock. You should read the TPP host nations opinion on allowing the US back in, sobering. It really now comes down to what Trump damages the most, the US internally or externally.
  2. shaggybaxter

    Trump is a Genius. China blinked.

    I don't get the US sometimes. The US gave China this "stolen" tech because they wanted a cheap manufacturing cost centre, and had no interest in the demeaning assembly line jobs. The US then screwed these manufacturers down to nuts pricing to create massive profits, and then sat back and preened themselves for the next decade or so on how great they all were. Not satisfied with the massive profits they were making, they then continued to embark on finding other manufacturing sectors they could send offshore to China, all to maximise their profits. Then the little Asian men and women screwing all the bits together at third world wage levels finally got the shits and decided to pinch some of these ideas and branch out and do they're own thing. That they could undercut their old masters so significantly on a fully assembled marketable product was due to the exorbitant profits being made by the US vendors. And what battle plans did the US have in place to prevent this? None. The arrogance was so great they simply didn't believe the simpleton Chinese were capable of even doing it. So the US created the Chinese maufacturing giant, continually demanded cheaper and cheaper pricing, had decades of warning they might go off the rails, and then bitch about the near inevitable? The you elect Donald Trump who promptly blames the Chinese as cunts and the cause of all the ills, to fix it. Breathtaking. Edit: A prophecy, the US will next lose their software industry by their repeat of this same model with India, who are taking over the writing and development of software. Why? For exactly the same reason, to realise the huge profits by treating them like ultra cheap cost centres. You fix all of this by bringing in these talented people in-country, pay them real wages, and assimilate them into your society, where the benefits stay in house. Now, what is Donald Trump's immigration policy again? I need to check a few things....
  3. shaggybaxter

    Trump is a Genius. China blinked.

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Thanks BL, that’s priceless. Over to you Jack. Jack? Hello?
  4. shaggybaxter

    McCain is a "Loser"

    Yep, gotta watch those bastard elk...
  5. shaggybaxter

    Anarchy is Hate Speech

    Still love these guys....
  6. shaggybaxter

    McCain is a "Loser"

    Yep. Every single one of them.
  7. shaggybaxter

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    HI. I want to cure all the worlds cancer. Can I get my Nobel Prize now? Words are cheap, you poor misguided soul, and that is all that Trump has achieved. Words. No decent American would be proud of that. Simpletons might.
  8. shaggybaxter


    Trump is as dumb as rocks and completely readable. His policy for Iran is exactly the same as NK. He genuinely believes that all of these wayward nations will buckle under his financial threats, as it panders to his godlike ego. That’s it. You could write the entire US foreign policy on a business card. It’s utterly fascinating how quickly he’s destroyed the US’ credibility; liars, two faced , untrustworthy and arrogance beyond the extreme.
  9. shaggybaxter


    Im sure they’re complete innocent, aka like Hickvision denying for years allegations of backdoor code, now the worlds largest supplier of CCTV cameras.
  10. shaggybaxter


    Ding ding!!
  11. shaggybaxter

    Drip Drip Drip is still up for grabs. You have to be quick though, before Jared can sneak in a quiet visit to NK.
  12. shaggybaxter

    China now owns Australia

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Dear Christ, now that was funny....
  13. shaggybaxter


    You intimate the Senate acted for the good of the nation. I’d argue that history proves they acted in the interest of themselves and their party to the detriment of the country.
  14. shaggybaxter

    Where would you choose to live

    Thank fuck for that.
  15. shaggybaxter


    Whilst Obama blocked Congress in the workup, Congress absolutely had hearings/input before the deal was certified. This is what led to the 90 day review clause amongst others. Go and watch Nikki Haley's Meet the press interview, she admits exactly this unlike her first statements.