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  1. Who is in charge of the management of measurement certificates? This is the body that is supposed to act as the traffic cop and police this sort of shit.
  2. shaggybaxter

    Physics of sail power.

    It's a little known fact that cows have contributed greatly to the fields of aerodynamics. On February 18, 1930, the first cow to ever take flight ascended into the sky in a Ford Tri-Motor. As part of the celebration of the International Air Exposition in St. Louis, Elm Farm Ollie was flown from Bismarck, Missouri to St. Louis, a distance of 72 miles. Elm Farm Ollie was the first cow to take flight and the first cow to be milked on a plane It's an even littler know fast that on this flight Elm Farm Ollie earned membership to the mile high club. Her sires would continue her love of exploring the arcane world of fluid dynamics, but to avoid public scorn and derision they changed their name by deed poll from Elm Farm to....Yeager.
  3. shaggybaxter

    Physics of sail power.

    I think I answered my own question. Filling only the rear stomach definitely adds a bow up attitude. Needs some work on the CE, I might break open a spreadsheet.
  4. shaggybaxter

    Physics of sail power.

    Oh contraire Dr Al, I think you'll find the derision needle has yet to move. It trends as logarithmic, so its always a slow starter.
  5. shaggybaxter

    Physics of sail power.

    I want to know the if the lift changes dependent upon how much cow has eaten. If only the forrard stomach is full, does that hinder the windward performance? In light airs, our cow seems to track better if we all shimmy forrard on the lee side. But she does have a fat horses for courses? .
  6. shaggybaxter

    Physics of sail power.

    I don't think this guy realises much at all aside from spreadsheet=i must be smart. Wait till he finds the graphs tab in Excel. Uber smart then.
  7. shaggybaxter

    Pushback on Murdoch/Conservative media

    That made me look up my ignore list, which I kinda forget about and never really look at. I think its safe to take some of these punters off ignore now.
  8. shaggybaxter

    Physics of sail power.

    Why didn't you model the effect of the keel?
  9. shaggybaxter

    I think I love her!

    Now why did this spring into mind when reading that??
  10. Actually quite a bit thanks. National security is part of my professional life sadly. Unlike some, who just like to talk shite on the interweb. I liked Vets for Peace, but I'm changing my opinion of you, you remind me of Mel, the red mist descends and you then defend your fuckups with bullshit and bluster. A little word of advice for you, the first step to getting people to listen to your opinion is to engage with them. With you sport, you really need some work in that department.
  11. Oh, I'm sorry, silly me. I could have sworn you said this.....
  12. shaggybaxter

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    Nah, he just made a logical, sensible and rational point, I'm more than happy to be called out when I fuck up. Which it appears is all beyond your comprehension, but keep trying, it's all baby steps.
  13. I couldn't give a flying fuck whether you back off or not, nor am I asking you to do so. I, like all Aussies are anti nuclear weapons. I am calling out your hypocrisy in painting FKT as ignorant when it is you that couldn't be fucked doing your due diligence. If you want this 'snark' to be your secretary and do the homework for your lazy cunt arse, try saying please. What's next...want me to wipe your arse for you? Bring you din dins? Grow up AJ, you're sounding like a dick.
  14. Oh grow up. You are hoisting yourself on your own petard. There are reasons for Aus not signing this that go beyond our alliance with the US. It's not hard to find either if you bothered to research before getting all wet over a cool sounding title in a treaty. I'll make it easy for you.... Australia does not support the "ban treaty" which we believe would not eliminate a single nuclear weapon. Additionally, it: -creates parallel obligations to the NPT; - has not engaged any state that possesses nuclear weapons in its negotiations and none have signed or ratified; - ignores the realities of the global security environment; - has weaker safeguards provisions than called for by the existing NPT framework; -fails to set out how disarmament would be verified or enforced in practice; and -it would be inconsistent with our US alliance obligations. And you accuse FKT of ignorance? For mine, it kinda sounds like you got all wet over the marketing driven title of a treaty and promptly lost rational thought after that.
  15. shaggybaxter

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    Roger that , sorry Shaggy.