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  1. shaggybaxter

    Why America can’t have 5G

    There are three main 5g freq bands. In Australia the Telcos are all using the mid band option, at about 3.5ghz, speeds about 1gbps. The mmw band is nuts higher, about 26ghz, but gives you speeds of 4gbps. Ther lowest freq band is sub 1ghz , that’s pretty much on par with 4g for speeds. Spectrum is publicly auctioned, and no single carrier can take the whole spectrum. I don’t think the 26ghz freq has even been made available yet, but when they do you’ll need a tower in every bastards back yard to make that band work. The increase in towers is the biggest issue with 5g locally, the councils are fighting the carriers from installing towers all over the place.
  2. Hi Jeff, A summary would be common consensus on the positives, and marked differences on the negatives. We all agree on things like diversity of opinion and lifestyle are interesting not negative. A difference of opinion is still respected and listened too, not just an opportunity for instant rebuttal. One's life and affairs is their business, people may judge quietly but it's accepted you can be different. Politics and religion are private affairs and not topics for discussion at the pub, I still don't know outside of maybe close family and friends who my mates and colleagues vote for. Nor does it even enter my head to ask. Hard work and being successful is respected and valued , wealth is generally viewed with distrust. This one is a bit complex, but simply put wealth that is easily identified as resultant from hard work is admirable, wealth without reference is automatically distrusted and frowned upon. We want to work, hard work equals good, bludgers are contemptible. This sucks though for people who from extenuating circumstances are not capable, we tend to shun them even if it is no fault of their own. So we all agree as a default we are laid back and easy going yet if one acts like too much of a dick we tend to be somewhat blunt, albeit without malice. Scratch beneath the surface and it's resultant from the above. Nobody, including ourselves, is perfect and you may disagree or get pissed off but it's not a zero sum equation, we are just different. A childhood friend is a chef at a private school, has more body piercings and tattoos than you can imagine, has red and green hair and is loved by all the kids and staff and I have no compulsion on introducing him to anybody (yet I have none of the above). Differences are good, but don't be a dick about it or someone will let you know. So we agree we are genuinely open, friendly, accepting and appreciate effort, and distrustful of politicians and overt agendas or strong opinion, even if it is not rational to be so. Climate change is a case in point, it is often the distrust of the messengers agenda rather than the topic. We are most conflicted over if wealth is good or bad, which is tall poppy syndrome verses the belief that wealth equals intelligence. We all agree we not good at reason and logic wiping out pre-conceived heritage or cultural beliefs. These are still strong, but it is trending in the right direction, for example racism is still real but it is dying out and rapidly. My kids friends are racially diverse and it doesn't even enter their head that they are 'different'. For example, Indians, who are well represented as taxi drivers are still racially vilified by my generation for their lack of english, lack of knowledge or decking out their cab with beaded seat covers and incense, but this tends to be more an older generation and is often characterised by a small grain of truth as justification for the slurs. My parents generation were horrible, my kids by comparison are saints. The things we disagree on are where our belief in openness and acceptance runs into people that are not hard workers or contributing to society and need help. Issues like social welfare such as mental health, addiction and homelessness. Mental health is readily acknowledged and is becoming ok to talk about but is an uncomfortable subject that rather than confront we prefer to avoid, as is homelessness. Addiction is considered to be both a blight and honourable. An addiction to alcohol or gambling is readily accepted by most as being an ocker Aussie whereas other addictions are considered taboo. So how we describe what it means to be an Aussie; we hold friendliness , respect, appreciation of hard work and acceptance as sacrosanct, yet we struggle when those values are not returned in kind. Sorry it's a bit rambling, but that's the gist of it. Cheers, SB
  3. Recent outing..the wind is barely enough to fill the sails, it’s getting dark and we’re chasing the sunset, drinks in hand, a quiet conversation ensues but in fits and starts. It’s one of those lethargic moments where you are just happy to be on the water and soak it all in. The conversation is about Covid-19 and the oddities of our local response, masks are still a rarity yet hand sanitizer and maintaining distance and minimising contact has become commonplace and done almost without thought. This led the conversation into musing about if a nationality can be linked to their ‘rona response, which then wandered into opining on what we thought it meant to be Aussie. Then it became about characterising the Kiwis and other near neighbours, with the usual generalisations and bullshit interspersed with some quite astute observations that kept the conversation flowing. Then we got to America, and the conversation died. After a few minutes, I looked around and realised no-one was offering an opinion, which was odd in itself, normally it’s quite easy to get an opinion from an Aussie on our mates across the pond. But there was silence, till someone piped up and said ‘Fucked if I know, dunno how you describe the Yanks anymore.” What struck me the most was the silence after this comment. I remember thinking how odd it was nobody even felt like offering even a caustic opinion…It felt kinda like discussing a friend that you know really well that then goes and does something so completely out of character its doesn’t even feel right to hang shit on them about it. So a question for our US mates to help out a few enquiring minds… how would you describe what it means to be American? I'm curious what image forms in your mind and whether its different from when you were younger? Cheers, SB
  4. Try flying in a Sopwith Camel. A right turn almost defied the laws of physics but it had a horrible tendency to pull down as fast as it turned. Fresh to frightening dependent upon pilot skill.
  5. Mummy, mummy! THEY are the problem. Why can't THEY understand it's all their fault. and WE should all just get along? Hypocrisy personified. You can be such a dick sometimes.
  6. shaggybaxter

    Trump trying to put opponents in jail - again

    Oooo. You should launch an investigation. And ignore the hundreds of issues relating to the abuses of power by Trump, Barr, Pompeo, MIller and the rest of the sordid corrupt selfish despots with their hands on the reins. That would be what any sane rational person what do. Thank god humans are equipped with education and have the capability to identify, verify and then rationalise complex matters. Or simple ones. Or one could just tune into Fox and be done with all that bothersome brain matter exercise. Why bother to think when you can just say "I'm 'n 'Merican patriot! Fuck yeah!" It's all so simple. For simpletons. .
  7. shaggybaxter

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    I hope the Canadians are separating the children. For sure ‘Merica will have some dodgy contract for cages you could tap into nice and cheap.
  8. shaggybaxter

    VP Debate

    Need an outlet for all that hate filled aggression you poor thing?
  9. shaggybaxter

    VP Debate

    Such a statement from you is a ringing endorsement as to their decency and electability. Keep it up mindless mouthpiece.
  10. shaggybaxter

    VP Debate

    Nyuk nyuk nyuk... Reminds me of getting ripped a new arsehole in the UK for coming over and stealing their higher paid jobs, and being told bluntly many times to fuck off back to Australia. Ironic when once it was from an Indian and a South African chap (that were nationalised admittedly)
  11. shaggybaxter

    Drip Drip Drip

    A long long time ago, in a land far far away.....
  12. shaggybaxter

    trump is a national security threat

    Nice article Philly, thanks. Will have to go and look at some of her previous stuff.
  13. shaggybaxter

    Trump has it.

    9.30 local is an hour from now.
  14. shaggybaxter

    Trump has it.

    And swearing to the gods that you will refuse to do even the most minutest amount of research and self thinking and instead rinse repeat latest sound bite whilst your mother wipes the spittle from your chin. We get it BB. Once upon a time people used to not be so lazy and research a topic before mindlessly adopting said position. But that's not the Trump's American way is it sport? You employ reason?
  15. shaggybaxter

    Trump has it.

    I'm trying really hard not to generalise, but every single time I see a video of Trumps supporters they can I phrase it nicely....dumb as fuck and hate ridden. Must be so empowering to get all excited without forming a rational thought. Reminds me a baby responding to external stimulus.