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    DC Designs

    you got some numbers, costs? I have gone for a dig through the bank statements and it has cost me a little under 18k AUD. That is from basically a bare shed to having; Professionally built foils, spine and boom, A 'Steve Clark' plank in kit form and professionally vac bagged carriage components, Mast, sails, trolley two full sets of tools, a vac pump and consumables, 40 ish meters of Uni left over ( bargain price ) A CnC'd male mould just waiting for the next build Just before we started buying consumables the dollar went through the floor and killed us on resin, carbon and foam. But so did the Kiwi sheckle so the c-tech bits were a damn good price 5 very educational months from laying down the chines on the mould to it's first float (At the nationals no less) Would I do it again ? Hell yes, just need to sell this one
  2. Pete_AUS09

    DC Designs

    It's official, AUS32 is almost a canoe. At 56kg and 5205mm (minor issue with putting foam on the wrong side of a line :*) and fixable after the nationals) Having never held a router, mixed resin or even seen raw carbon until starting work on the second 'Flatpack' I am reasonably happy with the weight especially after I doubled the layup on most of the dancefloor and the apex of the plank. Being 110kg, un-coordinated and a sailing newb I wanted the proverbial ' sturdy water closet ' Thanks to IC_AUS for sharing his shed, putting up with my 'special' form of problem solving and pretty much adopting me into the family. And Mechar for the design and support, answering countless stupid questions and working with us both to get things right. To both of you, I really appreciate your help and couldn't have done it without you guys. To anybody else thinking about a new rules IC.. STOP procrastinating and do it . If I can do it, anybody can.
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    DC Designs

    AUS 32 finally has it's first coat of primer. The hull is rough as, but I am out of time if I want to make the nationals. As it is I will be lucky to sail it more than once before we pack up and head to Sydney, so it will be... ahem, interesting to say the least. I am looking forward to my first sail of a new rules IC though.
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    DC Designs

    Don't worry about ability, it is more about attitude and not loosing sight of your sense of humor. Apart from 6 months sailing in highschool, I am learning to sail. On an IC. I have the grace, co-ordination and stomping ability of a drunk elephant but even I can punt my canoe around in up to 15 kts and it is an absolute hoot being out on the end of the plank. See if you can arrange a test sail before you write off being able to sail a canoe. You may surprise yourself. There are a couple of canoe's for sale on the east coast and a couple in Adelaide. Hell, if you are able, come along to the nationals this year and chat to a bunch of canoe sailors all together. It is quite doable to build your own canoe if that takes your fancy. I am building with IC_AUS and I have zero experience with wood working, resin and carbon. We are building the prototype 'Flatpack' IC's to prove that pretty much anybody can build one.
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    DC Designs The carnage thus far.
  6. Pete_AUS09

    DC Designs

    All going well, you should get the chance over the nationals. I will be making a minor detour on the way to Albury.... via Newcastle, so I should have the skate in tow.
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    DC Designs

    It is a good thing you found somebody local who is almost Steve's build to offload it onto. . Have to admit the C-Tech is a sweet looking mast.