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  1. bowrider

    PVC conduit inside mast?

    I have seen the wires placed in a bundle and zip tied every so often with the tails oriented in different directions The tails of the ties are not cut. The tails are longer than the mast is wide. The whole thing is fed into the mast and the long tails hold the wire bundle proud of the mast. I have never done this and don't know how effective it is. Just another alternative.
  2. bowrider

    Random PicThread

    Careful that will poke your eye out. Oops- too late
  3. bowrider

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Worked the pointy end of a C&C Redline when I joined this band of misfits.
  4. bowrider


    As previously mentioned Great Lakes Marine does a good job. There are two parts to moving a boat. The actual transport and preparing the boat to be transported. Having worked in a yacht yard, I saw many boats leave only to find out they were not packed carefully and suffered damage. IMHO packing the boat is equally as important if not more so than the transport. Any reputable transport company will get the job done in a safe manner.
  5. bowrider

    Eddie Money DTS

    No more shakin' going on. RIP Eddie
  6. bowrider

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Sol. It looks like a Baracooter
  7. bowrider

    Random PicThread

    Nice common theme start to the last few pages hobot. Keep up all of your good work.
  8. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    RIP Wally. Fair winds be at your back. It was a plesure knowing and sailing with you.
  9. bowrider

    Motorcycle Threads

    I'm jealous puffy. The Victory is sitting under a cover awaiting warm weather. The Midwest sucks.
  10. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Happy Birthday Tim
  11. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Sorry to hear Ike. Big Country is staying on the hard in 2013.
  12. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Happy birthday Jim. Here's to a great 2013 Eric
  13. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Sounds like a boatyard I know of whose reputation is something along the lines of---although you cannot pay more, you can get better. Know the place well. Still the same I see.
  14. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Good see that the boat went to a good Chicago yard that can handle a boat that big.
  15. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Sailing Saturday and Sunday. No Tri-State yet.