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  1. bowrider

    Random PicThread

    Nice common theme start to the last few pages hobot. Keep up all of your good work.
  2. Good bye to a great comedian and humanitarian. RIP
  3. bowrider

    O J Simpson Parole Hearing

    I say he is back in 2020. That's when the new Bronco comes out.
  4. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    RIP Wally. Fair winds be at your back. It was a plesure knowing and sailing with you.
  5. bowrider

    Motorcycle Threads

    I'm jealous puffy. The Victory is sitting under a cover awaiting warm weather. The Midwest sucks.
  6. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Happy Birthday Tim
  7. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Sorry to hear Ike. Big Country is staying on the hard in 2013.
  8. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Happy birthday Jim. Here's to a great 2013 Eric
  9. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Sounds like a boatyard I know of whose reputation is something along the lines of---although you cannot pay more, you can get better. Know the place well. Still the same I see.
  10. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Good see that the boat went to a good Chicago yard that can handle a boat that big.
  11. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    Sailing Saturday and Sunday. No Tri-State yet.
  12. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    I may not be a rocket scientist, but it looks like you are coming in from out of town. On another site I saw you were going to Crowleys and will have a vehicle. I would use Polar Ice Company. Not too hard to find. It is listed in the search 12345 did for you.
  13. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    They have the fenders on the wrong side of the boat.
  14. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    In the past, Crowley's sent out the welding work. If you know where you want the fitting attached and do not need rigging work, you would be money ahead finding a welder on your own.
  15. bowrider

    Chicago Area III

    I don't remember any bashing taking place. It seemed as though we were all behaving ourselves. Too bad we lost some good discussions. Time to start over again.