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  1. Baci

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Some talk about Deckvests....another data point: I was at a Safety At Sea Class in last February in Wisconsin. A number of sailors there are Chicago Mac sailors. My Deckvest Hammar Hydrostatic did not inflate when I jumped in to the pool. A few other Deckvests did not inflate either. The response from the Deckvest rep said I needed to be lower in the water for it to go off. They are designed for a maintenance guy falling off an oil rig with a tool belt. when they are below the water they will activate. The issue is...with my foulies and boots, I was bouyant and did not drop below the waterline. This, to me, is a major design flaw or rather wrong application of technology to the situation of a sailor in the water. All the aspirin tab type auto inflators worked, including my 12 year old vintage PFD/Harness. I highly suggest the Safety at Sea course and jumping in with your typical gear. Do you float or not? You will be suprised. I was surprised how bouyant my Dubarry Offshore boots were. I'm keeping them on. Baci
  2. Baci

    Chicago Area III

    We kept goin'. We had many conversations; Why are we doing this race? Why don't we sign up for a race in the Caribbean instead?
  3. Baci

    Chicago Area III

    Yes...and sadly this mentality is lately pervasive and has propagated to my crew. Sail only when it is nearly perfect. After a down shift on the Mac, when I got on deck I found no head sail put up. Why? "We are waiting for the storm" said the watch captain. My reaction was "If the wind picks up we can take the sail down..." I was overruled. We spent 90 minutes without a head sail. To sail well in the tough stuff, you need to experience the tough stuff.
  4. Baci

    Chicago Area III

    CYN - Chicago Yachting and Navigation was on North Elston next to the North Loft. West Marine is OK for basics. Crowley's on 95th street near the sky way is good. I also should give a shout out to Line Honors. They have helped me with some gear:
  5. Baci

    Chicago Area III

    Bulaw Welding Moved: Here is their info:
  6. Baci

    Chicago Area III

    Page 3? Come on, where is everybody? Is everyone on the Mount Gay site?