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  1. More has come out as the rescue boat was impacted by the windsurfer. The condition were extremely brisk with waves and sunlight reflecting. The rescue boat was potentially in a blind spot due to the windsurfers body position and also the tack he was on. Though obligated to stay clear of the wind power vessel they were hit. They were the only boats out on a 14,000 acre lake that late in the day.
  2. Before everyone goes crazy speculating, the newspaper reports have been terrible and there has been no official report. It supposedly happened close to the tower and it was taped off as an accident scene. It was probably a combination of many factors. The people there that day have 10's of thousand's of rescues accumulated over 30 or more years, they are professionals. If you had to make a choice in a rescue situation Harvey is as good as the USCG don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I have witnessed rescues no one should have been out in, they have saved so many over the years. If you don't know UW Lifesaving give them the benefit of the doubt until the whole story comes out. Prayers for the deceased and also Harvey.
  3. Club 420 Asymmetric Conversion

    If you were chummy with your local Inland 20 sailors they might loan you one. There are a couple of boats down there right?
  4. Club 420 Asymmetric Conversion

    So you have four boats and you are going to put sprits on them? That pretty much rules them out for any MISSA sailing, college events or interclub regattas with clubs that have 420's. Just curious was the 420 pitched to the club members with the expectation of putting sprits on them or sailing as a pre-Lightning trainer of sort to rebuild a dying fleet on the lake. This really means you are adding two different boats. The politics should get interesting especially in that club.
  5. Club 420 Asymmetric Conversion

    There is like 20 E's, maybe 5 Lightnings?, a handful of Sunfish. Not sure on the I20?s maybe 10-12. Putting a sprit on a 420 who knows, but the wrong boat.
  6. Club 420 Asymmetric Conversion

    If you are on Lake Wawasee in Indiana aren't they are starting a 420 fleet. Not sure if that is being done to save the dying Ligthning fleet or to build a junior program. But that probably does not help meet your requirements you mentioned. Someone said they had a fleet of M-17's but I have never seen any when racing the E's. That might work towards your requirements better. The 420 is really a spring and fall boat with MISSA, at least in the Midwest. If you guys are trying to build teenage sailing your time would be better spent starting a high school sailing team maybe. Maybe you guys should put asymmetrics on your Lightnings save the $90k and you might be ahead.
  7. Regatta starting sound signals

    Do not waste your time the best one on the market is the SailBot. We bought one for the sailing school and everyone wants to use it. www.sailbotstarter.com. I do not work for them but I am really impressed.