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  1. FINS

    Don Shula passes away

    I got to meet the man twice.... My wife's step father was Rick Weaver the VOICE of the Dolphins. I was dating my wife and Rick had moved up to Michigan... I walk into the house to go on a date and there sitting on the couch was Don Shula. WOW I sat and had a drink with Rick and Don and listened to stories. God he was great. RIP ---- G.O. A.T!!!!!!
  2. FINS

    Old pics you found

    KC 29647 --- AMAZING GRACE?
  3. FINS

    Movies I've Rewatched due to Covid-19

    HOT YACHTS, COLD WATER - Warren Miller Film
  4. FINS

    Older well known IOR Boats

    I believe the last 50'er went to Mexico
  5. FINS

    Tiger King

    LOVE IT!!! Crazy times, crazy...
  6. FINS

    Older well known IOR Boats

    google Bermuda Overboard. I have it on VHS somewhere....
  7. FINS

    Random PicThread

    No - J120 Night Moves
  8. FINS

    Random PicThread

    She is now owned by a sailor in Detroit. Sails out of Bayview Yacht Club
  9. FINS

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket

    Very cool
  10. The best drummer ever! The song writer , author and great guy. Gone too soon.
  11. FINS

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    OK the big Indian back up to 19. Must have been a glitch
  12. FINS

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    The big Indian down to one knot
  13. FINS

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    No I think the honeymoon is long over...
  14. FINS

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    UMMM the list of boats for sale.....