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    J80 - Anti Fouling Paint

    Black Widow. I've had it on my J-80 in San Diego for a year now and it has performed great. You still need to wipe it down, but it's so slick, any growth slides right off. I applied it with a standard Wagner airless spray gun with only minimal thinning. I did not do a full burnish, but knocked of any dust nibs after it had dried for a day with 800 grit on a sanding block. It's VERY smooth) Prior to Black Widow, I was using Petit Vivid. It was decent paint and good when the boat was in and out of the water a lot, but I agree that Black Widow is at least 33% better when it comes to the need to clean and it has lasted longer. The only problem is, it's black so you can't see kelp as well. I used E-paint for two seasons in Hawaii before I gave up on it. It never lasted at the waterline longer than a few months. Be careful when sanding it! The peroxide content makes it just like tear gas and just a little dust in the eyes or nose will cause an immediate reaction.
  2. charis

    Jacklines on J80

    When I raced my J-80 in the Lahaina return (Maui to Oahu) I ran webbing (from REI, also used for climbing) from the bow mooring point aft to the stern pulpit. I put it through a loop at the base of one of the amidships lifeline stanchions to keep it outboard of the jib cars. It laid flat and created no issues with rigging and gave us a place to clip in. I was glad to have it, too, as we had up to 40 knots on the wind instruments and some pretty big waves. We hit 21 knots that race and kept it above 15 kts for over an hour. Also blew out two chutes, but they were old and it was worth it.
  3. charis

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    21.8 kts on a J-80 in the Lahina return. Keep it above 15 for more than two hours. It cost me though... shredded two spinnakers and almost lost a man overboard.
  4. charis

    where'd ya go?

    Why are we always worrying about this subject? Just go sailing. If it's really worthwhile, others in your circle of influence will be interested. But let's face it, it truly is a commitment. I made the mistake of calculating the cost per hour of sailing my J-80 and it's certainly higher than renting a boat. But, if all the money I spent on sailing was extra cash...I would buy a boat.