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  1. palacegrand

    WWII Comic Books and other literature

    I lived in Ghana in '59-'61. The comix were all British, but as I remember them were more small book like, less magazine-ish. One of the characters/titles I remember was "Battler Britain", about a Spitfire pilot's exploits. There were some others, something about Desert Rats. They were great fun! Wish I had them now. :-( Edit: Actually it was Battler Britton. Cool stuff
  2. palacegrand

    No GPS or charts? No problem

    Very cool news from Aotearoa (New Zealand) Make sure you watch the vid at the end of the article.
  3. palacegrand

    Old lady sets off on solo nonstop RTW

    Pulled my boat this afternoon for a zinc & paint, and ended up parked beside a boat with a couple of ladies scrubbing the keel and a fella waxing the topsides. Near the end of the day I realized who this was by a conversation I overheard when someone came by to pick the ladies up at the end of the day. She was definitely not afraid of doing hard work! Will try to converse tomorrow.
  4. palacegrand

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Ok here's my Satori (Yamaha 30) sailing out of Tsehum Harbour, Sidney. Photo thanks to Ishmael!