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  1. Philc

    what's in a name?

    A couple of yachts in Sydney Australia some time back, 1. She Got The House. 2. Never Satisfied III
  2. Philc

    Farr 1/2 Tonner

    My thought.
  3. Philc

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Maybe got some advice from some 100 footer who had a similar problem a couple of years ago????
  4. Philc

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Envy Scooters - Envy Scooters has been protested by Quest for a breach of RRS Part 2 in an incident at Mark V in Sydney Harbour. According to the CYCA Web site.
  5. Philc

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Interesting t see the flag on the starboard lifeline well forward. How could SW see it from leeward???
  6. Philc

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Yes but the Sat Nav is still set for the northern hemisphere as it was also heading North.
  7. Philc

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Look at the end of the SI's
  8. Philc

    Fastnet 2019

    Anyone know what caused Lady Mariposa to retire?
  9. Philc

    Sail like a Girl

    I note the boat on the right is using a North Sail.
  10. Philc

    Sail #s on Genoas

    From RRS 164 M7 PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE Photographs and videos can sometimes provide useful evidence but protest committees should recognize their limitations and note the following points: ● The party producing the photographic evidence is responsible for arranging the viewing. ● View the video several times to extract all the information from it. ● The depth perception of any single-lens camera is very poor; with a telephoto lens it is non-existent. When the camera views two overlapped boats at right angles to their course, it is impossible to assess the distance between them. When the camera views them head on, it is impossible to see whether an overlap exists unless it is substantial. ● Ask the following questions:  Where was the camera in relation to the boats?  Was the camera’s platform moving? If so in what direction and how fast?  Is the angle changing as the boats approach the critical point? Fast panning causes radical change.  Did the camera have an unrestricted view throughout?
  11. Investec Loyal, Perpetual Loyal and Infotrack are the same yacht.
  12. The Jury ruled the protest invalid. The first job of a PC is to decide if the protest is valid. If not that is where it ends. So there was a hearing.
  13. The official outcome of the protest against Wild Oats XI Following a protest against Wild Oats XI by the Race Committee of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, which was held by the International Jury at Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania today, it was found that the protest was invalid and so Wild Oats XI retains her line honours crown. Conclusions: The Race Committee’s investigation and subsequent protest arose from the report from the owner of Black Jack, a competitor in the Race and therefore a person with a conflict of interest within the meaning of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). The Race Committee’s investigation was prudent, however in these circumstances, for the protest to be valid under the Racing Rules of Sailing, a competitor with information about a potential rule breach must lodge the protest. Rules that apply: RRS60.2 (a), Definitions – Conflict of Interest. Decision: Protest Invalid.