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  1. RPAYC is doing a Pittwater Southport Race as they did last year. No Sydney Coffs Race. A great shame!
  2. RRS 51 is perfectly clear, so is RRS 86. So unless you know whether the boat is actually racing, and not just being delivered, training or doing a PR stunt shot, or you know which race it is actually in if it is racing, and what the SI's are for that race/event, you can't give a definitive answer. Blocking the main hatchway and the main cockpit working area with stacks of sails isn't particularly clever or seaman like though..... If you were stacking for trim, why would you stack on deck? Wouldn't it be better to have the weight as low as possible? The photo is a racing shot, taken by the abc helicopter. The sails are on deck cause they are fucking heavy. It would be unsafe to move them around in a seaway. Loyal won, there has been no protest. Those saying there has been a breach of the rules need to take a crash course in reading comprehension. I agree, if no other yacht or the Race Committee have protested then the Arm Chair Admirals need something else to worry about.
  3. Giacomo came second and looks like winning IRC. So no BG was a long way behind.
  4. This is the video posted by Matthew Ogg. Looks like he was onshore. https://www.facebook.com/matthewjogg/videos/10209861539633271/ ​
  5. The mighty 9 Dragons is a good yacht. Current NSW IRC champ and past Aust IRC champ. Glad you enjoyed the sail. PhilC.
  6. Heasal 1 was the ferro boat called the Floating Footpath. Anaconda II = Any dog. The crew shirts on Casablanca stated "The Crew that Pulls Togeather is a Case of Wankers" Sailed many miles on her !!!
  7. My sympathies to his family and crew of Wild Rose. The loss of a perfect Gentleman. Fair Winds Roger
  8. Now that the US is talking to Cuba again try Ron Statiago de Cuba Rum. The best rum I have had. Better than Havana Club.
  9. I was told the owner of Black Jack has broken his leg. That is why they are retired.
  10. WO XI adding to the bow and taking off at the back. So still 100ft. Now wither bigger headsails and code zeros.
  11. The MC38 does have a two part mast and it was designed to allow the mast to fit inside a container for shipping. While the MC38 will get up on the plane I have been told by a couple of people that sail on them that they begin to push water and seem to have a top speed of around 16 knots.
  12. I sail on a 44 footer with square top main and twin backstays. There are swept back spreaders that will keep the rig in the yacht if backstays do not come on in time. But the main role of the backstays is to flatten the main. We trim all the time. Alter pressure as wind strength alters by as little as 2 knots. Results show in boat speed very quickly.
  13. Ragamuffin The Office She Got The House Forty Two Farr N' Away The Philosophers Club Zen
  14. You are correct about Imogene. Originally owned by Brett Bowden who IIRC brought it over from West Australia. They managed to create havoc wherever they went. If this is the boat I'm thinking of, I was always told it was a Joubert 44, This and an S&S 30 is where I learned to sail When I knew it it was owned by Peter Edgar out of RGYC, sold on a few years ago to someone in the club, haven't seen in in recent months Which S&S 30?
  15. SCARlett O'Hara for sure GWS MSG Nice Reef line in the main. Get better fast. Philc.