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  1. Richard, is that Magic Bus in the front on the bottom picture - maybe my ALL TIME faviourite IOR boat - tried to buy it a few years ago in SF...owner didn't want to part for it no matter what I offered, heard she has now gone to NZ...what a boat!
  2. Agree - most amazing boats... Acquired Smirnoff AG last year, slow route to restoration....
  3. Thanks appreciate feedback Advant = Performance here...goes like a scalded cat with a terrier on it's ass!!! What is a ridgeline? Best I could see was aHonda SUV, which I am pretty sure isn't German...maybe missing something.
  4. Need a new car, have been looking at this as an all purpose day to day car (replacing 911 turbo S). Like the space, like the drive... What ever you buy in this bracket depreciates at the same speed as a racing yacht... Any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated. Want to stay German, but don't need an SUV as already have one. Tks MKF
  5. Peters & Mays, always been great for me. At least 10 moves...
  6. How come the 'drug' the guy - thought where you sailed such tings were frowned upon!
  7. Any know what happened to the Phoenix program, just saw her for sale in seahorse? Thought this was meant to be a very serious US program? Any truth that the New Interlodge has been sold to the Gladiator program? Thanks for the info, great boats that only seem to get better and better!
  8. A few weeks ago I chucked all the paper work. I am reasonably comfortable the batteries were to spec as the designers had done a few before and were as confused as I was. Will see if I can chance anything up.
  9. Francis, batteries were not the issue - we tried best available, which let me tell you were not car batteries, think each set of four batteries were running close to USD2,500. They were slow deep discharge, high amp gel batteries - no one to date has been able to clarify why 12 didn't work and 6 has... guess it is just one of those strange things...we went through 6 sets in the first 18 months, and today the initial 6 volts one are still being used 5 years later with seemingly no issues. No hand cranking, you would never be strong enough, but a manual reset if required.
  10. On a normal day racing we could easily do 25 to tacks and gibes, as well as 30 keel movements off the wind (contingent on wind speed, the mor wind less movements). No idea why 6 volt batteries worked and 12 didn't. The recommendation came from a guy who managed cleaning machines at the airport, where they successfully ran 6 volt batteries in series. We had I believe 220 amp hour capacity, we found the best charger was 50 amp hours or more, lower capacity(below 10) just cooked the battteries.
  11. I had the farr 11s commissioned in 2006, the concept was very simple, decent inshore/small offshore boat that could be raced by 6 to 7 persons. The last 2 boats I had were the farr 36 & 40, which both took an army to race. Russ Bowler and I felt we could create a decent enough performance for such a boat to do ok in IRC. The trial certificate came in at 1.28, which in certain conditions she would have done ok, at launch with small small tweeks made at the RORC office we jumped to a very punitive 1.345,, which basically killed the design before it was really raced. What I did find out during the ownership of this boat was that at Farrs recommendation we used the same canting unit as the cookson 50, which was over-kill, but we never had an issue with the mechanics. We were moving the keel using a 24 (12 volt batteries in sequence - 2*2) volt electrical system, we eat batteries until one day a guy from a local battery supplier in dubai told us we were doing it all wrong and should use 4 6 volt batteries, we never had another issue and I believe the current owner is still using them with no issue. The canting time, due to the overspec was very quick, 6 to 8 seconds, for the full 990 degree cycle (keel moved faster than we could tack her... The core thing we learnt that the polars did not tell us, was you need to let these boat foot, and when the canards generate lift you end up with negative leeway - core thing was not to oversheet the jib. The most fun we had with her towards the end was short handed racing, it was so easy to race her with two people...the biggest issue was getting the A2 down until we got a top down furler... The melges 40 seems to be much more modern and better executed concept of this boat, I would prefer the twin canards over the dagger board, but to get a reasonable rating you can not have them (reasonable of course is a matter of numbers....) So to answer your question, yes there definitely is a place for such a boat in a reasonable size, the additional cost is not that much and can easily be covered by less crew costs and such...with the eveolution of sail handling systems these sorts of boats would make a great short handed racer...any time you can save weight performance is better and a canting keel is the best option for a monohull my 3 cents worth...
  12. Apocalypse Now
  13. Is this boat owned by: Sir Michael Hintze in 1999, CQS is a global multi strategy asset management firm. Our investment process is based on fundamental bottom-up research and we have experienced portfolio management teams located in key financial centres. Our robust operational platform provides a strong liquidity management and risk monitoring capability. Same logo???
  14. I am in the process of acquiring a boat in Brisbane that I need to ship to Dubai. Can any of you folks recommend someone for shipping in Australia. Boat is an old one Tonner, 12 m by 3.8 m with a height less keel of 1.9 m Greatly appreciate you help. Regards MKF
  15. Would be interesting to know the 90 degree keel movement time - on TAZO, which is also an 11s, the full side to side move was 7 seconds when we sorted out the batteries. Amperage with the 24v system was far more important - soft start and end probably added a second...keel moved faster than we could tack or gybe the boat...