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  1. MKF

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Cost me 18k to ship the old one tonner from Brisbane to Dubai - flat rack and no mast. Everything in Oz is about twice the price of the States... think you would be better off looking at Trouble, the 11s for sale in Nova Scotia, faster and younger... used sails are there to learn, which ever boat you buy you will need at least a new main (go full battens, lady’s way longer)and jib.
  2. MKF

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Cost you over 30 K to ship it and land it in the states...
  3. MKF

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Farr 11s rated 1.34 under IRC - this should rate about 1.29-1.3 as no asymetric boards and a fair bit heavier. The work done on the keel was top notch, as per everything in the Wild Oats programs....sailing this boat was what prompted me to have the 11s designed. From design concept to launch rating went from 1.28 to 1.35, so was dead in IRC before it hit the water....but lots of fun to sail. 90K is way to much for an orphan like this .... my 4 cents
  4. MKF

    Sailing in Kingston ONT Q's

    Water will not be that warm - with a breeze can be rather chilly sailing there...
  5. MKF

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    Not quiet as tricked out as was presented on their website a year ago. Looks inline with Rebellion and Hutchiker, which are bit great boats- jus not to the same evolution as GOF and Ran... but guessing you could do an offshore race on it... good to see the Farr name coming back to the fray, can only be good
  6. MKF

    what is it?

    Richards, thanks for this - looks amazing. Like the colour scheme - need to come up for something as funky for the one tonner...just seems traditionally the Farr owners didn't push the graphics that much...normally only going as far a a bold white with the odd stripe... Will post some pictures in the coming weeks.
  7. MKF

    what is it?

    Richard, anyone - any updates on the Magic Bus restoration? Thanks
  8. MKF

    tp 52 crop 2018

    Thought Platoon was vrojlick
  9. I understand this old girl had a decent result years ago in the S2H race...but who was she? Boat_Upside_down....pdf
  10. MKF

    Best Science Fiction Movies

    Event Horizon - brilliant
  11. MKF

    Dubai Torch Fire

    Jeff, should that not be: "really cooling down"
  12. MKF

    what is it?

    Richard, is that Magic Bus in the front on the bottom picture - maybe my ALL TIME faviourite IOR boat - tried to buy it a few years ago in SF...owner didn't want to part for it no matter what I offered, heard she has now gone to NZ...what a boat!
  13. MKF

    what is it?

    Agree - most amazing boats... Acquired Smirnoff AG last year, slow route to restoration....
  14. MKF

    Audi RS6 Performance - info

    Thanks appreciate feedback Advant = Performance here...goes like a scalded cat with a terrier on it's ass!!! What is a ridgeline? Best I could see was aHonda SUV, which I am pretty sure isn't German...maybe missing something.
  15. Need a new car, have been looking at this as an all purpose day to day car (replacing 911 turbo S). Like the space, like the drive... What ever you buy in this bracket depreciates at the same speed as a racing yacht... Any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated. Want to stay German, but don't need an SUV as already have one. Tks MKF