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  1. lyncht

    Garelick EEZ-In Plate - Source?

    yep. thanks, called right away....helpful lady took a look around.....not supremely confident that a thorough search is possible....
  2. I'm having trouble finding a Garelick adaptor plate Part Number 71053, which mounts to the transom and allows complete removal of the OB bracket. Used is fine. Any search assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. lyncht

    Show your boat sailing thread

    1980 Marshall Sanderling, bot new in '79 by my, daughter #1, and daughter #3 crushing it!!
  4. lyncht

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    Find a Tanzer 22- better made, better sailing version of the Cat 22. Bunches in Canada.
  5. Woodpussy Class- designed by Phillip Rhodes- a few hundred hulls made mid- to late 50's - Active "fleets" in Monmouth County NJ- about 30 boats at two Clubs, a handful of boats on Long Island, and about a dozen @ Crystal Lake, Michigan. Had a renaissance in early 2000's.....lost some steam more of hardy folks here in NJ have also frostbited them for over 50yrs.....handful in anything over 10kts...... USWPCA has some (dated) info.........