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  1. lyncht

    Show your boat sailing thread

    1980 Marshall Sanderling, bot new in '79 by my, daughter #1, and daughter #3 crushing it!!
  2. lyncht

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    Find a Tanzer 22- better made, better sailing version of the Cat 22. Bunches in Canada.
  3. Woodpussy Class- designed by Phillip Rhodes- a few hundred hulls made mid- to late 50's - Active "fleets" in Monmouth County NJ- about 30 boats at two Clubs, a handful of boats on Long Island, and about a dozen @ Crystal Lake, Michigan. Had a renaissance in early 2000's.....lost some steam more of hardy folks here in NJ have also frostbited them for over 50yrs.....handful in anything over 10kts...... USWPCA has some (dated) info.........