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  1. Anyone had a chance to compare to a VX Evo ? I need out of my Laser !
  2. R.I. Growing and highly supported VX EVO fleet near you: Killer boat - and can go two up http://bennettyachting.com/vx-evo/ https://www.facebook.com/vxone/
  3. Can it do port tack ? That would be awesome !
  4. Ovington is the EVO builder and quite a nicely sorted out dinghy from all I've seen. At least give it a look. But Aero to answer your question
  5. seconded. Just awful.
  6. I don't have his book handy but didn't Frank Bethwaite say good sailors trim the front of the jib and the back of the main, while better sailors trim the back of the jib and the front of the main ?
  7. If you are referring to my original posting, I submit to you that it is a quote from a aerodynamics professor at MIT. I have some problems with aircraft aerodynamic types trying to explain some sailing aero observations. The aircraft guys deal in much greater velocities, and are looking mostly for LIFT. Plus they have engines to power their airfoils into the wind, or even create their own 'wind'. Hi lift of our sailboat 'foils' can result in lots of heeling force. Sailors are more dependent on angling their foils to facilitate a bigger portion of that lift force be directed to forward drive force. And we don't have the benefit of engine power, but rather must extract our drive power from the wind simultaneously. At our much slower sailing speeds, I feel that the design and trimming of our headsails is more important than the credit given them by that MIT fellow in that original quote. Like MarkK said above: ...and finally excerpted from aerodynamicist and North Sails consultant Paul Bogataj’s paper, “How Sails Work” http://www.northsailsod.com/articles/article6-1.html ‘Sails in Combination’, “Each sail by itself is much simpler than the combination of a foresail and mainsail as in the sloop rig. The sails are operating so close to each other that they both have significant interaction with the other. The most interesting feature of this is that the two sails together produce more force to pull the boat than the sum of their forces if they were each alone. The foresail of a sloop rig operates in the upwash of the mainsail. The wind as far upstream as the luff of a genoa is influenced by the upwash created by the mainsail. Hence, a jib or genoa in front of a mainsail has a higher flow angle than it otherwise would have by itself, causing an increase in the amount of force that the forward sail produces. So, while the mainsail is experiencing detrimental interference from the foresail, the foresail benefits from the interference of the mainsail. Notice that more air is directed around the curved leeward side of the foresail. This causes higher velocity (lower pressure) and more force. The net result is that the total force of the two-sail system is increased, with the foresail gaining more than the mainsail loses” Bernoulli said it first I believe.
  8. I've just been volunteered to head up our small clubs'16 -17 yr old group summer sailing program. It was was once a race oriented junior program but that interest has fallen off some and of course many of the kids were never interested in racing anyway and so it was a two tiered and not all that great experience for many over the years. This current group has been together since Optis and I want to emphasize skill building and fun rather than race after race. I'm doing my homework and prep work now. Any recommendations, sites, programs etc. are welcomed - thanks
  9. How you figure ? The Pa/ OH border places about 90 % of the water inside Pa. Regardless: there is some mighty fine OD racing and lovely sailing on the larges la there to the OP's original question. From the internet so you know it's factual:" Pymatuning Lake, located in northwestern Pennsylvania and spilling over into northeastern Ohio, is a lake of superlatives: Clocking in at 17,088 acres in area, 17 miles in length, and 1.6 miles in width, it is the largest lake in Pennsylvania aside from Lake Erie.
  10. Best Pa sailing is Pymatuning Reservoir at the OH border. Largest lake in Pa., 20hp limit and almost no power boats, Lightning & Thistle races on weekends, Wed night perf, some laser and sunfish etc. two or three clubs to choose from and public launches.
  11. My understanding of mark room included the right to sail the proper course at the mark but does not include room to tack etc. The OP stated that " The mark prevented passing through the wind to tack. " This may actually mean that BW began to luff while the BW was still in close proximity to the mark. It's a fluid environment but if that change in course occurred while still at the mark I think OP was fouled. The fact that two seconds later BW does manage to keep clear by going head to wind may not be as important as exactly when BW had to begin her turn up.
  12. How'd the VX's look last week ?
  13. Not pointing a direct finger - perhaps a minion currying favor ? Lifted from scuttlebutt 2999 * From Bennet Greenwald: Contrary to the comments regarding BOR in Scuttlebutt 2999 (congratulations on longevity and quality) along with other sailors, I am very tired of the Swiss and their nonsense. While the arguments are frequently belittled as two billionaires bashing at each other and "who cares?" the reputation of the sport suffers mightily when someone cheats and gets away with it. Alinghi has been caught cheating on a number of occasions. The Alinghi lawyer's shenanigans and Butterworth's bellicosity to the contrary notwithstanding, the court has said "stop cheating". Unhappily the time and money costs of their bad behavior cannot be recovered - by BOR or by the rest of us who are stuck looking like fools. One of sailing's best qualities used to be on the water self regulation and a spirit of good sportsmanship. Things change - introduce the pros and teevee (which doesn't and won't work until we get to watch someone get killed) and all the economic pressure creates incentives towards cheating in order to win - money. It is important that pressure be resisted and that is precisely what the BOR team has accomplished at substantial cost to them. The inevitable cost to the sport's reputation (at least for elegance and grace - already in serious decline), and the rebound on to those of us who love it, should be laid at Alinghi's door. The courts have said so - decisively.