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  1. bibs

    The VX Evo

    Could a few be heading to Sailing Inc next round ?
  2. bibs

    The VX Evo

    Rod, What's going on with the EVO nationally in terms of number sold, future sales, locations etc ? Getting any kind of traction anywhere >
  3. bibs

    Bend in Laser mast Lower question

    Not a 4.7. this bend is about 7-10 degrees starting above the gooseneck - like where the max vang pushes - and I suppose it's probable to do that but I thought it would be a well recognized thing given the thousand of Lasers that have sailed in big wind. Again the upper is fine , the sail is fine the mast step is fine. So - it bent. I jsut thought the reports of bending while rigged on land as stated by some on the Laser Forum seems implausible - isn't that how it's always done ?? Since I cant point worth a damn with a straight mast I think I'll leave it alone for now - maybe jump on it a few times. thanks for all your comments
  4. bibs

    Bend in Laser mast Lower question

    thanks Tillerman, You would know more than many
  5. bibs

    Bend in Laser mast Lower question

    seems top would go first or if enough force to bend that thick lower the mast steo would show stress but who knows. I should have posed the question better; any liklihood that simply rigging on sure in a breeze and maybe letting the boat sit on the dolly for 10 minutes or so would bend the lower section at the boom level and not affect anything else ? That's what has been said on The Laser Forum with many me toos' chiming in but it seems that if it were possible the entire laser world would know of such given the thousands of times laser are rigged on land in a breeze.
  6. bibs

    Bend in Laser mast Lower question

    yep. it bent. thanks
  7. Just noticed a 7-10 degree aft bend above boom area. Some folsk ahve used my baot recenlty but the upers is fine, the mast step is fine, the sails are fine.. nothing else to see. NO reports of anyting more than the usual knockdowns. A few Googles and I read of lower bend after setting up on land in a breeze? Seems odd and wouldhave though to ahve heard of this before given the years etc. So, what happened ?
  8. bibs

    It Was The Race Committee's Fault

    music is just unlistenable - awful
  9. bibs

    Lightning vs CL16

    think it a task to solo step a Lightning mast - I suppose someone has done it but...
  10. bibs

    Looking for used Megabyte

    Local owner says he wants to sell his so possibly for sale in NE Ohio/ Western Pa. I can pm details
  11. bibs

    Dinghy Racing Is Fucking Awesome!

    Friday night lasers ages 12 to 71 until the light/winds die and all have to rock/ paddle in. Good times had by all and so what if the same two guys win.
  12. bibs

    Eligibility to Race

    In similar situations, albeit unrelated to sailing but as a Board president and again as employer, I've informally spoken to the problem person as a friendly gesture, not to create bad blood etc., and explained that, barring a face saving withdrawal, publicly embarrassing events are in the offing which neither party should welcome, explaining exactly why the body has come to this decision and suggest that the best course of action would be to withdraw their intent / action. You've then done as best you've could to quietly alleviate the problem so if that fails then proceed to what must come next as outlined by Brass. If the consensus is to not allow, do not shy away from what must be done, come what may.
  13. bibs

    61.1 Informing the Protestee

    It seems to me that the the form verbiage, and lack of a reasonably detailed accounting of the PC's assessment and rationale with subsequent DSQ indicate procedural failings of the PC. On the face of it anyway. "Starbaord bear away " ? LOL, good one skip ! wtf.....
  14. bibs

    VX Evo

    Congratulations and thanks for playing
  15. bibs

    opti's (sic) rule

    Lol: My oldest did the Opti International travel circuit for awhile, beat some current world this and that champs, had a Collegiate All American coach for a bit and all on stock gear. He was calm and smart enough to go fast in the right direction fairly often and a coach smart enough to teach him that the special blades and masts were a distraction to the goal. And yes, many of the parents where complete asshats. I think the Opti an excellent platform for learning helming, starting, tactics etc for the right kid. He declined to continue with college sailing but still hauls his laser to Wed night races, and crews on anything fun. HE loves the sport. OTOH my second son asked to quit sailing at age 11. While competent on the Opti race course, it didn't excite him. fair enough.