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  1. Just picked up a few of these for the cars. Installed yesterday and seem to work fine with my iPhone 6. https://www.natomounts.com/cart.php
  2. Did you mean bow lines or bowlines? Here another sailing dogbone for you: That should've been "bow lines," yeah, with a space. No fixed cleats on the bow on this boat. And by the way, what is that? Hafta admit I've never seen one. It looks kinda.... dirty, without any background. Here's an example of that kind of dogbone: https://www.solosails.com/product/soak-dogbone/
  3. Did you mean bow lines or bowlines? Here another sailing dogbone for you:
  4. I haven't bothered with a companionway spin bag. Seems to make it harder to get to the cooler. - Electronics: I see mostly Tacktic with paddlewheel and/or velocitek - Budget some for upgrading stock lines. I have changed main halyard, tack line and spin sheet. - Not sure what they are supplying now for a cunningham, but the original was crap and needed immediate replacement - Windex - Lifeline covers if they don't come with the boat. They came with mine a few years ago. - Dockbox for trailer and trailer mounts - A couple of line bags in the cockpit are good for stashing water bottles, SIs, etc. - Hydroturf on the cockpit sole keeps the crew happy - Outboard - Honda 2.3, Suzuki 2.5, Torqueedo, Luhrs, old 2 stroke Tohatsu/Mercury/Nissan - Brackets for stepping / unstepping mast and for travel support - Straps for hoist - Cordless drill if you plan on using the keel winch often - Don't forget required safety gear both CG and class rules including anchor and rode. - Trailer options such a brakes (stainless/galvanized), extendable tongue (good for ramp launching), rear jacks, etc. Chinook
  5. Definitely a JY. You can see the logo on the mainsail in the video in post #4. Chinook
  6. Good tips here. Since you are talking about a J/30 even doing all of that you will still get a workout on the helm. Eat your Wheaties before attempting.
  7. At a Key West Race week the first place boat snagged the top mark and started dragging it downwind. We were a little behind in second and the rest of the fleet a little bit further back. We hoisted as soon as we saw what was going on and chased the mark down the course until the lead boat cleared the snag. The following boats cut the corner of the now closer mark. We applied for and received redress of the extra time (handicap racing) we sailed to windward and back. So getting redress is not out of the question. Chinook
  8. John, in case you haven't noticed, we're having a great time sailing the J88: it's a fun boat, it has a lot of potential in light air and the windier it gets the more exciting it is. The J88 is more comfortable than a 70, cheaper than a 109 or 111 to campaign, and faster than a 105. From a boat handling standpoint, it is much easier than the Soverel and the J29 I guess. Since the class is still new, it is attracting a lot of good competition. On Deviation we are already averaging 4 or 5 one design regattas a season; the J88 is fairly easy to travel with. While it is true that we don't yet have an over abundance of J88's on Long Island Sound we have plans for a few OD regattas on the Sound this year and more the next. I don't know about 5 years, we're just going from one regatta to the next, trying to learn something each time. The J70 was introduced in 2010, it didn't have a one design class at AYC Spring until 2014. While the J88 production rate is nowhere near that of the J70, we plan to have a one-design start a AYC this fall. A little clarification. The J70 came out in 2012 and boats didn't start coming out of the factory quickly until the fall so we got to a OD start in the 3rd season. Of course being a much cheaper boat makes it easier to build a fleet. I think that about 100 J88s out there is pretty good so far. Its about 1/3 of the 29s built and a 1/5 of the 30s built. Chinook
  9. Another reason to come out for AYC spring series. Commemorate the life of Reggie Imamura, the owner of the J/70 Ebisu, on Saturday 4/30. There will be a trophy given in his honor for the J70 with 2 or more family members with the best performance for the day. The J/70 fleet will be flying Reggie's distinctive Ebisu spinnaker during the regatta. Any J70 owner registered for the event please PM me for details. Event details below. Chinook PANCREATIC CANCER ACTION NETWORK Sailors Wage Hope- Reginald Imamura Day 4/30/2016 Larchmont, New York Sailors Wage Hope- Reginald Imamura DaySailors Wage Hope Reginald Imamura Day- Saturday, April 30th Benefitting Pancreatic Cancer Action Network On Saturday, April 30th, the Larchmont Yacht Club, American Yacht Club and J/70 fleet will inaugurate the 2016 sailing season and honor our recently departed friend and fellow sailor, Reginald Imamura. "Reggie Imamura Day" at the AYC Apring Series will be held to raise funds for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). Reggie was an early member of Fleet 15 and those who did not know him personally would surely recognize his vibrant spinnaker steaming down the course. Reggie was dedicated in all aspects of his life; he was a steadfast promoter of the J/70 class, a generous spirit, and embodied the best traditions of yachtsmanship, as a sailor, husband and father, and enthusiastic member of the community. On April 30th, The J/70 fleet will fly Ebisu spinnakers on the sailing course in honor of Reggie. One dozen North Sails spinnakers with the Ebisu and PanCAN logos will be awarded to select boat owners registered for the regatta. All are asked to make an online donation to PanCAN in honor of Reggie and the millions around the globe (1.5% of the population) who will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in their lifetime. Since 1999, PanCAN has been a leader in advancing research and advocacy, proliferation of critical information and patient support in the cause of treating and defeating pancreatic cancer. PanCAN is dedicated to the notion that no one should face pancreatic cancer alone and we ask that you make a donation in support of their mission to double survivorship by 2020 through their great works. Sailors, their families and Reggie’s friends are invited to join the festivities on land and as guests on the participating spectator boats. Activities for Reggie Immamura Day on Saturday, April 30th: 8:30-10:00 am: Brunch at the Larchmont Yacht Club 10:30 am: Departure from the LYC main dock to view the sailboats racing in the American Yacht Club Spring Series 11:00 am- 3:00 pm: Spectator viewing of the sailboats racing 3:30-5:30 pm: Post-sailing cocktails on the lawn at American Yacht Club We look forward to seeing you at LYC, AYC and on the water, and thank you for your generous donation! Link to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
  10. How DWG TrueView by AutoDesk. Worked for me on a laptop when my ACAD machine wasn't available. http://www.autodesk.com/products/dwg/viewers#
  11. I think the cloud solution the original quoted post is talking about is for offsite storage. If you set up a local networked attached storage of even some form of cloud in your house you are still susceptible to a single event wiping out your source files and all of your backups such as fire, flood, theft, etc. Having local backup that is easy to access is great and a wise thing to do, but a secondary backup such as a backup drive that is stored elsewhere or cloud storage should be part of your plan.
  12. Ras... I think it may have gotten cut up for scrap. I looked for it the last time I drove past on 95. I have to go up the way next week and will look more closely... fs If I am not mistaken, that hull is or was floating outside Mamaroneck Harbor in New York; it was there in October. It can be seen with Google Earth https://www.google.com/maps/@40.9397833,-73.7125894,680m/data=!3m1!1e3 (I don't know how to embed the map image) Its been floating out there for a couple of years. Maybe they are waiting for a storm to blow it away and get some insurance money?
  13. J/70 has no weight in current rules: C.3 CREW C.3.1 LIMITATIONS ON THE CREW (a) The crew shall consist of 3 or more persons. The number of crew shall not be changed during an event Most sail with 4 usually but a few top boats will sail with 3 good sized people. Tough part about a body count in many boats is the crew tends to be large and all male. Weight limits can bring in more varied crew. For the 70 it seems that going heavy works well on the windy upwind but hurts on the downwind so there doesn't seem to be people hitting either extreme. I would think that a 111 would benefit from the extra weight in pretty much all but very light winds. Chinook
  14. I think you can go to a masthead asym in less than 10 knots which would help the boat in <6 knots range. Over 15 knots I would start to worry about the top of the mast failing. As far as being beneficial for Wednesday night PHRF racing it all depends on the rating hit In the light it would probably be worth it. In the medium (the J30s sweet spot) and the heavy probably not as much since the boat won't go a whole lot faster for the extra distance. The semi-planing shape you talk about won't get up and go until its 25+ knots and you have some decent waves for it to break free. Not the usual Wednesday night race at least around here. I'm no naval architect but wouldn't do it to my boat. Seems like a lot a dough for questionable gain and people have been successfully racing class J30s in PHRF for years. Chinook
  15. I had a J30 for 11 years and did a bunch of handicap racing. The key seemed to be to make your time and then some on the upwind and do your best to hold on for the downwind. One downside for the J 30 versus the Capri or the 9.1 is the 3/4 fractional chute on the 30 making the class chute and any asymmetrical you would use a short hoist. I have seen masthead symmetrical chutes used in light to moderate downwind but would be worried about the top mast portion for an asymmetric. As a current j70 owner, a j30 should beat a 70 on handicap in 6-14 knots most of the time. Under 6 it is tough to beat many boats in a 30 and over 14 it is tough to beat planing boats that can keep close enough upwind. Chinook