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  1. Chinook

    Amazon Cars

    I think SNL has figured this out already
  2. Chinook

    J70 On A Mooring

    When I had bottom paint put on 7 years ago they also painted the upper part of the keel and the keel box. Haven't had an issue with fouling on either and have not reapplied paint in those areas. I think other 70s in the area that were on moorings use the U bolt for the mooring connection and did not add any cleats. Chinook
  3. Chinook

    J70 On A Mooring

    My J/70 has been in the water with bottom paint in WLIS for the last few weeks. It has been in the water every year of its life with bottom paint. I am at a dock but I have seen boats stay for a full season at a mooring. I live far enough away that haveing to launch and haul every time I sail would make for longer days and less time having fun. Just put on some sails and go sailing. Friday night racing at AYC starts 6/19! Chinook
  4. Chinook

    PA has ruined this SAILING website...

    You can set up a filter to see new content without PA. BJ Porter put out some directions on how to do it a while back. Much better than seeing the PA crap.
  5. That might be a bit of an exaggeration. I can get to Rhode Island from my house in northern NJ in under 3 hours and I am about 20 minutes from the TZ bridge. Of course doing the trip at rush hour can be much longer. For weekend regattas at Cedar Point I usually budget 1:30. To get to my boat in Mamaroneck is roughly an hour. Chinook
  6. I can't make recommendations for the Raritan sailing scene, but I do live in NJ and race on WLIS. For boats 35'+ I would recommend looking at Larchmont YC and American YC in NY. You can also check out the Greenwich, CT clubs like Indian Harbor and Riverside. A bit further down the road Stamford YC. I race mostly in the J/70 fleet and boats <35' so may not be totally up to date on the bigger boat scene. Getting to WLIS from Sparta is a bit of a schlep. Chinook
  7. Chinook

    My newest project

    How DWG TrueView by AutoDesk. Worked for me on a laptop when my ACAD machine wasn't available.
  8. Chinook

    My newest project

    Ras... I think it may have gotten cut up for scrap. I looked for it the last time I drove past on 95. I have to go up the way next week and will look more closely... fs If I am not mistaken, that hull is or was floating outside Mamaroneck Harbor in New York; it was there in October. It can be seen with Google Earth,-73.7125894,680m/data=!3m1!1e3 (I don't know how to embed the map image) Its been floating out there for a couple of years. Maybe they are waiting for a storm to blow it away and get some insurance money?