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  1. There is no reason for them to be banned from foiling, but the foiling has to be with flaps on the main foils and the rudders so that they don't have to use hydraulics to manipulate the whole foils. The great thing about foiling is that it can allow far less painful tacks and jibes, and therefore we can see a lot more maneuvers. Allow flaps and ban hydraulics, go with 65' boats and box rule, allow either wings or cloth and max sail area.
  2. Honestly, a WIDE OPEN box rule around a mono is preferable to an effectively OD multi (hull/platform, specifically). But, not sure how that works, honestly, without it being effectively a multi, and then you have to ask "what is the point?". Otherwise, we will be left with dramatic reduction in performance, and likely far less competitive racing, with big blowouts and less tactical interest and suspense (as a fan, this should be important). We will probably end up with that, anyway.
  3. And again, sounds very traditional and highly relatable to the regular sailor that can't relate to multi-hulls.
  4. Sounds like it will be just like the kind of boat regular sailors can relate to. [lol]
  5. I'm sure it is on the Front Page. Where is the Front Page, again?
  6. Where's the story on this?
  7. Yep. When boxing started going PPV, it worked initially because there was already a huge fan base that were rabid fans of boxing. Same might end up being said if a smaller network decided to pick a very popular sport up... a people might decide to buy into the network to be able to tune in. But when a sport is trying to attract viewers and is not yet of commercially viable fan numbers, making it difficult for people who are not already fans to watch will effectively eliminate any chance of getting them to watch. But even with a sport like boxing, you end up losing your viewership with PPV as you don't cultivate new viewers. The best way to fund the AC seems pretty obvious, and I think we have seen it proven out over the past 10 years, is to make it ultimately easy for the most people to follow/watch, and allow sponsorships to fund the events/teams rather than directly charging the viewers. It is the way sailing works as a professional sport in the only place where it actually functions as such, France. Will commercially-funded teams ever out-compete the billionaire-funded teams??? I don't know, but I do not see where going the route of PPV, highest-bidder and restricted networks, and awkward apps do anything to make that situation better.
  8. Yep, again stupid of OR .... there are a shit-ton of people who will tune in and start watching, and keep watching, if you make it easy to do so. But making people jump through hurdles, well, most people just won't do it.
  9. This. The insanity of that stupid app and entire viewing set up, where you had to have substantial intention to make an effort to both buy and set up your viewing (if at home) drove people off to the next thing to watch, leaving the viewing to only the rabid fans of the sport, which are incredibly few in number, and even many of us simply had not interest in making the effort due to all of the other stuff competing for our time. With past ACs, I tuned in when ever I possibly could, including the ACWS events before they went behine paywall. But this last year I hardly watched a minute, even though I love the boats, was interested in the teams, and had the technical ability to set up my viewing if I wanted to. But I typically watch all of my sports on my schedule these days, rather than live, and they did not make it easy to do so. To get people watching an event like the AC you need to do the following: 1) Make it interesting - fascinating boats are huge, a good setting is huge, nationality helps, and good racing is big, and finally, good coverage...... OR did great on some of these, the boats were fascinating, setting was sometimes great, the racing was typically close and strategy was reasonable, and coverage was never better. Certainly could have helped with some form of modest nationality requirements, but they also screwed the pooch by going to Bermuda, destroying any national interest in the US (and pissing off a lot of people that are nationalistic about their "home team". 2) Make sure people know about it - OR did piss poor on this in both AC34 and AC35, with very little in the way of promotion relative to the investment they made in the boat development and coverage development. At least in AC34, hosting in SFO created its own promotion to a significant degree, but lost that in AC35. 3) Make sure people can easily tune in - again, OR sucked massively on this level, after initially doing better than ever before. In AC34, they pioneered YT live streaming and made it amazingly easy to tune in to their incredible coverage, and the finals were equally easy to watch But AC35 they went full-blown stupid and rendered the ACWS, LV, and AC all irrelevant to the viewing public, and any interest that had been created by the Come Back in AC34 was shot to hell.
  10. Stadium racing in SFO was great, it was great in Plymouth, it could have been great in Toulon, it could be in many ports in Brittany. It does need wind.
  11. Great fricking post. Oracle truly did do a shitty job of promoting the events, a shitty job of recognizing what was possible and what was not. Had they been smart, they would have looked at where sailing already has the most rabid fan base and see what they could do to attract them to tuning into the AC, that being France. They should have, in AC34, made sure that France had a good event to host, there, but instead they had an event in Portugal??? What the hell was that about? They should have actually advertised the ACWS and the AC in print and TV media, and worked to get people tuned into the YT coverage, rather than putting all their eggs into trying to make it a commercial TV success. They did a lot right when it came to the boats, to the amazing coverage and all the work Stan Honey did, but then..... yikes.
  12. Gabart, in a story about his pending RTW effort, discusses that they will be modifying Macif next year to try and deal with the new foilers (Gitana 17 & BPIX): GTrans: http://www.ultimboat.com/ultime-news-5
  13. Seriously? I am hardly the one who started using the term traditional .... that, or some other obvious synonym, has been the reasoning they are going away from the multi-hulls, including the puppet-master, 'er, CoR. I am not so hard against monohulls, and in fact would prefer a wide open monohull to a OD multi-hull, but I'm not a fan of some silly idea of going back to what people can relate to with a "monohull" when all of the physics are basically attempting to relate a mono to a multi. I also think the idea of a foiling mono is pretty absurd for this event, it is just never going to be as good as a multi, but with the drawbacks of a multi (or worse)... probably would have been better if they had just gone with a wide open monohull rule with max two apendages (including rudder), and make them go archimedean or planing, rather than trying to foil.
  14. Too damned funny, it lasted about an hour.