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  1. GauchoGreg


    I have to say, ignoring the advent of "ugly", I do have to admit that this AC is better than the last one relative to giving us more fun stuff to look at. I still think the requirement to have "mono-hulls" was stupid, as these are anything but monohulls, but I love the freedom they gave the designers with this rule relative to going in wildly different directions relative to the hull. Everyone kept saying that the hull shape is not that important because the foils are all that matter, but man, we are seeing vastly different hull designs, indicating that it does matter. I wish the AC45 rule had similar freedom to go in different directions relative to the platform.... those boats were pretty boring to look at, with little difference other than livery.
  2. GauchoGreg

    IMOCA Foilers and vision

    I've always thought a great option would be to allow a small auto-controlled kite that is not considered part of the maximum sail area that could be led out high and to the front of the boats with cameras that would allow for viewing forward for avoidance of objects, and to view back at the boat to allow monitoring of the vessel and for publicity shots. Makes a hell of a lot more sense than flying drones.
  3. GauchoGreg

    Team NZ

    DV. Where is this conjecture from?
  4. GauchoGreg

    Best Offshore Boat Ever?

    This is absolutely the case, and I don't see how it is close. Fastest around crewed multiple times, with quite a few years between. Single and Crewed dominance. One-time holder of 24-hour record.
  5. GauchoGreg

    Sodebo Ultim 3

    ^^ Seems pretty careful not to show what is below the central hull.
  6. GauchoGreg

    Transpac 2019

    Merlin having a great race, leading all the sleds.
  7. GauchoGreg

    Transpac 2019

    Appears as though Merlin's trip south (and maybe the boat improvements) may be paying off. More than a 2-knot speed advantage over TaxiDancer, and jumping from 5th or 6th to 3rd DTF in Div2, and now only 5miles behind TaxiDancer.
  8. GauchoGreg

    Transpac 2019

    The best in the business, Adrienne Callahan, is routing Merlin south of the other Div2 players, holding a speed advantage. It will be interesting to see if that play pays off. It will be an interesting race between her and TaxiDancer.
  9. GauchoGreg

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Awesome, thanks. DL was right, it sounds. Have to wonder if the lack of that foil helped them win that last low-wind race, given less drag.
  10. GauchoGreg

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    yl75, Could you give a bit of translation of the important part... I don't want to try to trust my own limited French or the stupid Googletrans..... could not tell if they were talking about rudder foils, or dagger foil, or if their leaving the dagger foil off was a long-term choice, or simply a preliminary option. Thanks.
  11. GauchoGreg

    truth to power?

    And since the race winner is rewarded with steak knives and pocket change, I think people should shut up and let the organizers have fun running the race without doucebags from thousands of miles away trying to pump controversy.
  12. GauchoGreg

    truth to power?

    The organizers knew what kind of boat the entrants were to use, and if they allowed them to race, then screw all this non-troversy.
  13. GauchoGreg

    truth to power?

    Exactly... and probably one of the reasons the organizers are considering taking a hiatus from the event... it has gotten too big (too much attention rather than a get together of adventure racers)... to the point that douchebags like the Ed start trying to drum up rule controversy bullshit rather than just having fun with the race. The irony that the Ed, who celebrates anarchy, gets caught up in bullshit rule drama in a race like the R2AK. Thank you, organizers, for putting together this cool race... I love that you made a simple rule and do not have a big payday... that is enough to keep competitors from trying to do a bunch of crap to try and win it outside of the concept... ignore this crap and let's keep having fun with it.
  14. GauchoGreg

    Fastnet 2019

    Only two Ultim... Sodebo 3 and Macif... unfortunately no Gitana or Actual Leader.
  15. GauchoGreg

    Transpac 2019

    Growing up watching her go in and out of the harbor, love what you have done with her.