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  1. GauchoGreg

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    ^ Beautiful It will be interesting to see if the three big foilers (Gitana, BP, & Macif) will have the foil surface integrity issues sorted for the length of the RdR. Anyone hear anything about what the changes were for that on Gitana, and whether the different teams have similar philosophy for handling that issue?
  2. GauchoGreg

    shit show (front page)

    I didn't know it was possible to have such crappy video quality these days....
  3. GauchoGreg

    Front Page - scotw

    Well, you do publish it if you are a pubescent turd. As others said, most of us grow out of that crap by the time we are 14-15, and know it is just in poor taste, even for a site like this. It is nothing like a girl going out in a thong for a staged photo shoot. It is nothing like posting shots of models wearing nothing, or next to nothing, in a thread about girls. And it is not just about the girl, but about what it says about the jackass Ed and how those (such as young girls) see what some assholes think of them even when they pretend to care about women in the sport. But on the other hand, no one should probably let their young boy or girl see this site in the first place...
  4. GauchoGreg


    Again, you REALLY suck at reading comprehension. I did NOT like the AC50 (fun to watch race, but beyond that, meh). My perfect world, I would have much preferred much less of a One-Design set of rules, and instead have a pretty wide open box rule with no restrictions like they had on hull shapes, or even number of hulls, no restrictions on foil/rudder flaps, and no restrictions on sail/wing materials/shapes. I would have much preferred a larger boat (65-75'), and I would have much preferred rules that would have forced the design/construction to have to accept far wider windows of conditions (wider wind range and sea-state) so that the boats would have been more robust... I would call for boat platforms and sails/wings that are to be used in the actual racing to have to make an open water passage test (say with some kind of criteria like winds of more than 25knts, X' seas, and triangular course (with reaching and upwind/downwind, distance of 20 miles). Foils could be swapped out from the boat that made the test, but platform and main wings/sails would have to remain the same. This would weed out really far-out fragile designs. I believe such a boat might actually have ended up being less expensive, and would certainly allow for the highest-potential for innovation and trickle-down, as well as make it more fascinating as a design competition, and even allow for some lower-budget team to come up with some flyer from Left Field. So, given that ideal, the AC50 sucked. I believe ETNZ had a great opportunity to really come up with a fantastic boat that would have also attracted more competitors, had they not gone with this crazy concept (without anything remotely similar as a model), just to make the Italian Billionaire happy. I think they have a good philosophy of wanting the boat to be less of a flat-water sprinter, so I think a scaled up foiling cat or tri, without electrical or combustion power, removing the restrictions on flaps/controls, would have been awesome. So, no, I'm not pining for the AC50, I'm just calling BS logic and BSers when I see them.
  5. GauchoGreg


    You really are a monumental water-carrier for the current organizers.... for all the talk of Oracle Fan-Boys, no one holds a candle to you in your pom-pom-pumping and intellectual dishonestly. The AC, regardless of the boat, is still the top sailing race relative to public recognition and historic relevance... participating in the AC this time does not mean that the boat is the main draw, nor was it last time when ETNZ and Luna Rossa (before they pulled out) participated despite the boat.
  6. GauchoGreg

    Transpac 2019

    Great to see that the new owner of Merlin is bringing her back across the country to race the Transpac....
  7. GauchoGreg


    Yeah, like they are going to say "this is stupid, can someone give us some money" and "come watch us race these stupid boats". Of course they are going to be positive about the boats.
  8. GauchoGreg


    They (Imocas) do not foil other than for tiny moments. Further, they are not claiming to be the most advanced, cutting edge, fastest boats on the water, but rather a design-restricted RTW fleet race. The Ultims are what is deemed the fastest boats on the water for the same type of racing.
  9. GauchoGreg


    You really have no reading comprehension. I mean, like none at all. Yes, I'm not one critical of the number of teams (I am fine with four good teams), I'm critical of those who claimed there would be more (and tried to refute those of us that doubted it), and I'm critical of those who for years pumped criticism toward ORUSA for not taking a route that would have led to more teams. In my OP on this issue, I was simply pointing out that there would only be four teams.... I did not claim a failure on that basis. It is not that the richest teams wouldn't win, it is simply pointing out that there would have been more teams had they gone with the general design that would have been better proven (and could have outperformed the proposed AC75s without the requirement of a single hull). A 65'ish, more robustly built AC50ish boat, or (opening things up more) a foiling trimaran of similar size (say an around-the-cans version of BP/Gitana/Macif), would have been far less daunting than these crazy critters. The point of it being a "monohull" is that it was PURELY based on satisfying the vanity of an Italian billionaire rather than the option for best performance (and, yes, less risk .... physical and financial) with more reasonable cost (to allow teams with tighter budgets to compete). The demand of having a "monohull", but with similar performance, forced an unnecessary challenge and great uncertainty. By the way, the AC72 would not have been a "failure" had they raced in archimedean mode, or skimmed like the first models were showing.... they still would have been fast as hell and fun to watch, but certainly not as exciting, and the racing would not likely have been as close as we saw in SFO.
  10. GauchoGreg


    What's funny, is you are the type of guy that criticized ORUSA for going with a catamaran, the type of guy who used to pine for the days when boats could be related to by the average-sailor, but now you want to defend every consideration related to the most fricking crazy revolutionary concept ever considered for the AC, all while missing the point. If you had utilized any reading comprehension, you would recognize the point being made was not critical of doing something revolutionary, or expensive, the point was that doing so to this degree will limit the number of teams to want to, or be able to, play. Personally, I'm totally OK with going revolutionary and I'm totally OK with relatively few teams playing.... I'm just pointing out that there was no way this AC was going to have many teams the second they decided to go with this boat concept. Now, that being said, I continue to say this was a pretty silly manner of going extreme on the revolutionary angle... the reason being is the limitation of making the boat LOOK kind of like a monohull, rather than taking the cuffs off and just letting the designers come up with the best mouse trap with more open rules. If the best concept ended up looking like this design, then fine. But saying this is a monohull when it functions as a multi-hull, demanding that we take this route to gain the performance of a multi but at extreme cost and design/performance unknowns, well, that part has questionable logic.
  11. GauchoGreg


    This is kind of my point.... had this been in something where a model (say, a 65' version of the AC50) already existed, the probability would have been much higher. But jumping into the game with this boat is pretty sketchy unless money is seriously no object.
  12. GauchoGreg


    Having done something not even remotely like anything ever done before is not. And you, in your water-carrying-way, can't just admit I have a point... the boat picked is NOT one that would facilitate higher numbers of teams... and to be clear, I am not one who needs 10 teams (or even more than the 4 signed up).
  13. GauchoGreg


    With the crazy design and hosting in NZ (nothing against NZ other than the time zone), I just don't see it happening.... too much risk and too little reward. Had they gone with something less revolutionary, say a 65' version of the AC50, I'm guessing they would have landed at least three more teams that would have been more comfortable with the risk and could have better handled the expense.
  14. GauchoGreg


    So, four teams? Any legitimate chance, at this point, of any others?
  15. GauchoGreg

    Front Page - scotw

    Yeah, keep trying to convince yourself you aren't a most monumental douchey dick.... I'm sure the girl would love to have her crotch highlighted since it has cloth coverint a small area. As the girl posted above, no girl is going to dig this, and no girl is going to dig this e-rag pumping this shit on the FP.