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  1. New bit out on the Banque Populaire website yesterday (Google Translate): I'm not sure what to make of this, but it sounds like they made a change during construction to make the boat a full-foiler. I don't remember this boat project having that intent, before, but rather that it was going to be more like Macif. Now, even though they started the build after the new Gitana boat, it sounds like they will have the boat in the shop for longer, missing the TJV to optimise the boat for full-foiling. Am I wrong on any of that? http://www.voile.banquepopulaire.fr/news/une-technologie-de-pointe-au-service-du-maxi-solo-banque-populaire-ix/ https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=fr&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.voile.banquepopulaire.fr%2Fnews%2Fune-technologie-de-pointe-au-service-du-maxi-solo-banque-populaire-ix%2F&edit-text=&act=url
  2. Bumpity bump bump.
  3. Not the case. To me, the differences in technology and different philosophies that different programs employ are what are most fascinating. Joyon taking an older, very light boat and going relatively short-handed while at the same time Spindrift 2 tries to overpower the globe... Seeing a boat optimized for lighter air mid-Atlantic vs. a beast designed to crush the Southern Ocean. Skinny Wildoats or fat-assed Camanche or Speed/Virgin/Rambler/Loyal? We used to have similar differences in the VO, boats optimized for reaching, or downwind, or heavy air, or lighter air. Routing software is not going to force boats with such differences to follow eachother around the world unless the boats are OD. What we have seen is a sport that has always been a rich-sport, one where massive amounts of money get poured into it, and amazing designs try to be the cutting edge of what can be achieved, but now we have devolved to the point where there is a semi-socialist aura of being cheap and "fair". When has that been the recipe for excitement or drama?
  4. " There is nothing wrong with the VOR, it is your view of it that has changed "???? Bullshit. The VOR is what changed..... moving to OD was the change that sucked. It led to boring ass follow-the-leader with boats that have no advantages or disadvantages in a race that was entirely based on boats with differences exploited and see their drawbacks.
  5. Last time I checked, sponsors only sponsor when they believe people care. When "But it's cheap" is the best selling line, call me skeptical that this will be successful.
  6. Seriously. If a boat splashes in the water and no one is there, does it make a sound? I guess Volvo thinks it does, and that it is a good idea, so long as it is cheap and "sustainable".
  7. Not even close to OD (in IMOCA). Still wide variety of boats, some older boats that had been redone and were competitive with very different designs, new boats with significantly differing hulls & foils, etc.... made much more interesting. Substantial differences between the top 3 boats, and very interesting where they performed differently. After being an avid follower of the Volvo, I could not have cared less during the last one. The AC has gone WAY too far down the OD road. It is the heights of ignorance to ignore that the bottom line is impacted by BOTH cost AND income. They are disregarding income that is enhanced by design competition and big powerful dynamic/diverse boats in favor of little boats (small crews) and OD. Yawn. I will just focus on the Ultim (and even they were stupid with their effort to keep their constrain boat size.... kudos to Gitana to say screw them), where we see many boats recently built (Macif, Sodebo-rebuilt), under construction (Gitana & Banque Populaire), and in the design stage (Sodebo & Idec-I believe). Same can be said for IMOCA, lots of new boats designed and built over the past 10+ years. Their focus has NOT been on keeping costs down (that's a loser's mindset), but rather making the racing exciting and improving the ability to follow the racing.
  8. Why do I get the feeling they are screwing them all up more than making any of them better. The further away from OD the more interesting the racing is, the more value to the sponsors, even if it costs more. They can go out and have a feet race of existing Cal 49s for next to nothing, but how many people will want to watch? A hell of a lot of people used to care about the Volvo, and sponsors participated. How's that going for them lately? The AC.... getting less and less interesting, even though the boats are blazing fast. IMOCA is very arguably the most interesting and successful right now.... are they OD????
  9. At least they got the right war on the official website: https://www.thebridge2017.com/en/the-centennial-transat I wonder why Spindrift is not racing. Too bad the new Gitana & BP boats won't be ready for the race.
  10. Yeah, you kind of have to figure that, given Cammas' abilities and history. I bet he is having fun, though. My post was really meant to imply that it would be fun to see the guys that have been spinning their boats around the course relatively easily get on the France boat and see how they do on it. Got to wonder, with such a wild ride, if it has the most potential if it can be tamed.
  11. I would love to see the Spithill, Barker, or Outteridge crews take a spin in the France boat and see if it is the case that the controls are just not up to handle the power of the boat, or if circus performance is on Cammas and the trimmer. You would have to think with as good of a pro as Cammas is, he would be taming that boat better by now. Have to wonder if it is just that the beast can't be tamed with the systems they have.
  12. BP9 construction:
  13. Not really a story about boat development, but about a new player jumping into the game could lead to that: http://www.ultimboat.com/ultime-news-4
  14. .... currently using.....?
  15. How many times have you sailed "her"? I'm sure you have really advanced your skills with "her", by now, so we would all love to see your more current videos.