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  1. AlphaPuppy

    Pontos Winch

    Well that sucks, I've been pretty happy with mine and think it's a great product. The question now is how do I stock up on replacement parts...
  2. AlphaPuppy

    Beveled block below winch?

    I easily made mine with the required bevel by using 404 thickened epoxy with a little bit of white pigment and then pouring it in a teflon pie mold of appropriate circumference and sticking it on the sloped surface. Then fill mold with epoxy and when cured you will have an nice beveled block that you can glue in place. If the boat is on the dock and rolling then just measure the angle and shim the pie mold appropriately in terra firma.
  3. AlphaPuppy

    Airmar leeway measuring log/depth sensor

    Does anybody know what happened with this sensor? It is still not available so will it turn out to be vaporware as it has happened in the past?
  4. AlphaPuppy

    2017 California Offshore Race Week

    Bummed I'm missing Spin Cup for the first time in 10 years. Was supposedly doing it on a friend's SC50 and when that fell through last minutish did not have enough time to get the crew logistics in place to do it in my boat :-( Reminded me of why I usually do my own thing on my own boat...
  5. AlphaPuppy

    Add a cover to a single braid eye splice

    I'm not sure if I understand exactly what you want but if I want to have cover anywhere but in the eye loop and use a brummel I do something similar to what is shown here: or here:
  6. AlphaPuppy

    30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    A "turbo" 1D35 with a sprit. There are a couple in the great lakes with the mod.-
  7. AlphaPuppy

    Tracking device or software

    Garmin InReach
  8. AlphaPuppy

    Salsa or Regatta Braid - New Mainsheet

    If you want to splice it into an endless loop with a consistent diameter throughout then I'd give a try to the Marlow Furler 50 line in either 8mm or 10mm depending on your preference.
  9. AlphaPuppy

    Infiniti 46 Maverick

    A long thread already exists about this boat, please refer to: It will be easier for others to find relevant info about the boat if we keep it contained in a single thread.
  10. AlphaPuppy

    Moving expensive small boats around

    This whole thread is stupid. It is true that a few high budget programs can afford to cover costs for everything and everybody be it local or traveling at 100% for either amateurs or pros and that is great and all good for the owner and his lucky crew, but that is not the reality for most racing boats anywhere. The reality is that while your average boat owner already pays for insurance, slip, running and sail costs for his boat, he mostly covers sandwiches and a few drinks for the normal yearly races and that loyal crew will help with some boat work when they can. For extremely expensive things like say a Transpac, crew will be typically asked to chip-in to help make the program possible. What IS killing yacht racing is the expectation that every owner is a rich fuck that can cover the cost of everything including your ugly corner ho's. If you want to see more success across all kinds of racing then don't be such a cheap fuck and either offer to pay for part of the cost of a regatta or if you are broke then offer your time to defray the costs. If all crew did that, many more boats would be available. The problem is that the expectation has been created that all sailboat (read 'yacht') owners are rich and that therefore for some reason they should carry the costs of everything...
  11. AlphaPuppy

    iridium go?

    I've used the IridiumGo on a couple of races to Hawaii, given the slow speeds it takes a lot of patience and time. It sort of works and the unlimited data plans are certainly cheap but it is temperamental and requires a good external antenna setup. In the end, given the hassles and dropped connections I decided I don't like it. I loaned it to a friend for the PacCup and when he gave it back to me he told me the crew had nicknamed it the IridiumNO! Your mileage might vary
  12. AlphaPuppy

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Hi Herman, I made ALC 5% faster than AT while on port for the text part of the time prediction I posted. Expedition doesn't support assymetric polars so I had to split the route into starboard/port sections and then sum up the two. The picture I posted however is simpler with ALC being 105% faster throughout. My other experiments just looked too messy.
  13. AlphaPuppy

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    It's almost time for the crucial tack towards SDO. Latest optimal routes for the leaders using GFS/ECMWF/TideTech GRIBs has ALC tacking sometime between 12:00-15:00UTC and AT tacking sometime later between 16:00-18:00UTC. Sadly for AT latest predictions have him finisht 6-7:30 hours adrift of ALC. Also ran routings for the GFS/ECMWF ensemble predictions but no model has AT overhauling ALC before the finish barring some damage or other calamity to ALC which I don't wish for him given the masterful way he has sailed this race. Attaching picture of route and stats showing ALC getting to his tack point at 12:00 per the ECMWF model
  14. AlphaPuppy

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Sorry guys for going radio silent on ya all, but been busy with work and Holiday preparations. Thanks to all that diligently keep posting news from every possible source and so make it easier to keep up with this race. Gutted for Meilhat/SMA! Did people not predict it would be the foilers who wouldn't make it around the course? And yet, here we have all competitive non-foilers out of the picture and only a hybrid (JB's Master Cock) left at the head of the fleet to compete with the new foilers. What a race! So much more interesting than the previous VOR. Anyway, back to this race, will try to post something a bit more informative soon with my usual stats, but yes, as Herman says, AT has finally gotten a bit of a break on the weather as things look pretty complicated for ALC to CH and then for a bit after that up to the Falkland Islands. Not that great for AT either but comparatively speaking... I've run routing on the GFS, GFS ensemble and ECMWF past CH and to the latitude of the Falkland Islands and it looks like AT will be anywhere from 1d to 1d-16h behing ALC by the time they get to the Falklands. But the situation is definitely very complicated and fluid for ALC after CH with no good options so a potential opportunity for AT to catch up quite a bit. Reminds me of the VOR a couple of editions ago, where Telefonica put in for a bit of a pit stop in Tierra del Fuego and almost caught poor Kenny on Puma farther up the course even after being close to two(?) days behind... Somebody more diligent than me I'm sure can dig up the actual stats but it was a matter of minutes for Puma even though Telefonica was WAY behind... Still, while wishing no ill will or damages to ALC, which has been sailing a hell of a race, I must admit, I'm still, in my heart of hearts, rooting for AT, so a bit of an equalizer from the weather gods would not feel too unfair to me...
  15. AlphaPuppy

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    I found where I picked up that he lost his backstay: Maybe this is some translation issue but it looks like both backstays are in place. I think he meant that because the boat was essentially folding in half, the forestay/backstay tension was pulling the boat apart and so both backstay/forestay were going limp which means essentially no support for the mast in the fore/aft axis.