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  1. AlphaPuppy

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

  2. AlphaPuppy

    Airmar leeway measuring log/depth sensor

    Does anybody know what happened with this sensor? It is still not available so will it turn out to be vaporware as it has happened in the past?
  3. AlphaPuppy

    "Dis is Sayula"

    I run my own campaigns, 3 transpacs so far, Mexican as Ramon, but none with the same success as his single most aggressive entry on this race. Great respect for this achievement. Descanza en paz.Ramon.
  4. AlphaPuppy

    New imoca boats

    Between knocking off work, getting a workout in and dinner, Banque Populaire seems to have put the after burners on and now has a slim lead over PRB... Before I unglued myself from the screen the crappy tracker showed him in predicted lower winds when compared to competitors to the sout and low and behold when I come back the situation is now reversed. Maybe I need to start following this seriously in Expedition with downloaded GRIBS. This tracker sucks, I have to keep hitting "refersh" as it otherwise gets stuck and stops responding properly. At least in IE...
  5. AlphaPuppy

    Hydroptere abandoned - Available for $20,000

    This boat should be in a museum and not about to be dismantled and chain-sawed. That is really, really sad. Wish I had the money to save it and put it up in said museum. Where are the rich people supposed to dominate the sport? We need one of them to step up, buy this thing and donate it to a museum so it can be preserved for posterity. We'll all be gratefull eventually.