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  1. alifish

    Outboard Bracket for J/29

    Love the Garlick mounts!
  2. alifish

    Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    " he mast is indeed very basic. nice, but basic. given that these things rate 96-126 around the country, and that the best one anywhere is in seattle and is, from reliable accounts, no faster than a well sailed j 29 masthead, and that we were no faster than a santana 30/30 gp or a j-27, i'd say the rating isn't close. we'll know more after a couple of bay buoy races this weekend. it's not a bitch, it's simply getting the numbers right. as of now, they don't appear to be. " I used to sail in Seattle against a SC33 in my MHOB J/29, I kicked their ass in every condition. Can't remember the name of the boat but it was golden-yellow!
  3. alifish

    Hull Flex on Trailer

    So what reasoning makes any of think any other Mac hull is any better?
  4. alifish

    strict class

    are you kidding me five races on a one design jib and the leech hooked 5". The local north rep said it was designed in, when I said it wasn't that way when we first used it, then the comment changed to designed to have the 5" hook eventually...yeah sure! Those guys are so full of shit!
  5. alifish

    Pole back! From the FP...

    All the 4KSB are cool, so are the glitzzy rides.
  6. alifish

    UV degradation to West

    Probably the best answer I could expect, or get
  7. alifish

    UV degradation to West

    Which book do you prefer? I'd think the possible cause of the blisters was the boat sitting in relatively warm Pacific Northwest river water for over 28 years! the blisters were only through to the top of the 1st layer of glass, they barely got through the Gelcoat. By "going hard and fast to finish" I assume you mean finishing the bottom job, complete through fairing??. No distractions....I assume you have held a 8" mud hog over your head for hours on end, my only distraction has been the ability to hold one of these monsters for more than an hour at a time?
  8. alifish

    UV degradation to West

    So I've been fairing or re-fairing a boat after a blister job! How long can a boat sit with just fairing in West system epoxy? It's out in direct sunlight, what are the symptoms of problems? This round has taken a whole lot longer than I thought it would, story of my life!
  9. Those guys are wizards, bought some replacement stanchions for my deck mounted J/29 rigs
  10. alifish


    1983 J/29, Hand Laid, 3/4" balsa core. Yeah 33 years old! Was inside the boat and noticed a crack on underside of foredeck, bout 3-4" to the side of forward hatch 5-7" long fore/aft. Opened it up from underneath maybe the entire length and bout 3" wide just to see what was in in there and core was black, coming out in chunk & crumbles. The foredeck hatch has spider cracks in forward corners radiating outward to maybe 2-3", stopping at nonskid pattern. When tap sounding with what I had at boat (at that time) it seemed there was different tones maybe 5-7' in all directions of the crack previously mentioned along side the hatch, and looking around I see softness at hardware attachments - fair leads outboard of forward edge of hatch, which are about 2-3" from forward edge of initial crack found. I've had repairs at every stanchion base, but I don't know exactly what was done to repair them. Next is taking all the stanchion bases, hatch, bow pulpit, forward dock cleat in the middle of foredeck area off. Obviously still looking for issues, know there will be more:)
  11. alifish


    The fiberlay company does have balsa core and they aren't asking a lot for it. If you saw the balsa that's coming out of this deck area you wouldn't use it again. If I do balsa again I'll go with a couple layers of 3/8". There is some Kevlar honeycomb at these guys place: There are stress cracks around the deck hatch and water has gotten into the balsa, when I started taking some of the hardware off it didn't seem to be very well sealed to keep out any moisture.
  12. alifish

    Smoother, Lighter, Faster

    Got it, nothing structural in my project...YET! Thanks for the advice on dull finishes, I'll try some both ways. I'm going to give vacuum bagging a try, have a few other projects down the line. Want a wood look with the wood totally enclosed in glass/resin so I'll wrap it around
  13. alifish

    Horizontal Sliding outboard mount

    A friend used to have a Laurie Davidson 1/4 tonner, they had a motor on a sliding T track system. Tracks went to the end of the cockpit the motor just hung over the back. Worked perfectly EXCEPT when in reverse which the motor didn't have so no biggie. Once they switched to a new slip..which was back in. They centered the boat in front of the slip, spun the motor around for reverse everything was fine until the guy on motor duty revved up the small outboard. It slid right off the tracks and into the water, with the guy holding on to it. His hat was still floating in the exact spot it went under
  14. alifish

    Smoother, Lighter, Faster

    Was inside my 1983 J/29 and almost every corner of the under bunk areas (straight 3/8" plywood) has a little rot in every outboard corner, which in turn has rotted out the bottom of the vernier on the aft of the bulkhead The vertical walls holding the berth upright had 5/16 plywood with a vernier over it and was rotten in the lower corners, looks like the vernier sucked the water that might have on the floor and left it in the ply?? The Vernier was the only thing holding the ply in place it's all out! now just where to find 1/8" door skins (ala Dennis Choate) that aren't already on a door. There's a cabinet shop next door to my wife's business..hopefully, then give a shot at some vacuum bagging the panels together with a glass wrap around the edges and over the facing vernier...water will never get into there again! Anybody know how to make any resin I put over the exterior facing to be dull, rather than shinny? Shinny is OK but it would just get scuffed from feet or sail bags hitting it. I'll take look at my West Systems book...could always give it a light sanding with maybe 400?
  15. alifish


    Anyone ever used this product for replacement in specifically a J Boat deck core?