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  1. The local creatures seem to like them. Caught a bunch of rock fish this past weekend that had been feeding on those.
  2. You don't need to tap epoxy, it's a liquid! All you need to do is make sure it cures in the right shape. Thoroughly grease your fastener and deck hardware, mix up your epoxy and pour it into the hole, position the deck hardware in it's final resting place, dab some epoxy on the fasteners and push them into place, have a beer, have another beer, unscrew your fastener, degrease it and your deck hardware, countersink the hole, add caulk and tighten it all down. If the hole is not on a horizontal surface you can thicken the epoxy. If this all scares you test it with some scrap. Alternately you can partially fill the hole with epoxy, wait for it to cure, drill a pilot hole. Then grease everything up, pour in epoxy and screw it down (held in place by the pilot holes. This should be covered in chapter 7 of the West System manual.
  3. Welcome to boat ownership. The chainplates will not be the end of it. The annoying thing about boats is that there's always something that needs doing. The great thing is that there's always something that needs doing. Don't forget to punt the list and just go sailing! FWIW there's a forum specifically for asking fix-it questions, fix-it-anarchy. You'll get good advice here on CA from a very supportive crowd, feel free to keep doing it. But it's good etiquette to post these kinds of questions over there. And there are people over there who love to nerd out over fixing boats, maybe too much so ;)! You'll get great advice either way.
  4. I don't know what happened but Rock and Roll is in the yard. Maybe a coincidence.
  5. Problem is that "inopportune time" is when the head is full of stuff you don't want to deal with. Don't ask me how I know this! For me the time to swap out the pump is when you first get the "not happy" signal. If you want to save a few bucks, keep the old one as a working spare.
  6. FYI there's a tool called a "hose pick" that helps break hoses free of fittings. They can be very helpful in getting hoses loose. They come in many different angles, depending on the access you have to the hose.
  7. Last year I used the standard package for a three month cruise to Mexico, including a Baja bash, all using Iridium Go. Lots of things to dislike about the Iridium Go but PredictWind was awesome. I didn't really use the routing, I did that myself but I was really happy with the models. I found that it underpredicted heavy air by maybe 5 kts and overpredicted light air by a couple of knots. But for picking when/where to go it was fantastic. The software for mac was robust and really intuitive to use. FWIW on the Baja bash we didn't see a gust over 15 kts or a wave over 4'. We spent several days at anchor along the way when it was howling but when the model said "go" we went hard and got the hook down before the shit hit the fan.
  8. It seems like the gales are short-lived. If we have to leave a day late, or come back a day early it's no big deal. Check Sailflow a couple of days before departure. If strong NE winds are forecast, don't go. People have died. Usually NE conditions are associated with Santa Annas but they can also be generated by strong winter storms. This is a year of strong winter storms. But it's all forecast days in advance. Pay attention and you'll be fine.
  9. Once your application is completed they'll mail it to you and it should arrive in a couple of days. I would do it early in the 60 day window though. The web site to apply is a bit weird (hey it's Mexico what do you expect?). It might ask you to upload all kinds of nonsensical documents. I just repeatedly uploaded my documentation cert until it stopped asking me to upload things and presto it worked. Customs in Ensenada is a non-issue. Your marina will clear you in and out if you're only staying a couple of nights. If you plan to stay longer then you'll probably have to go through the check-out procedure. Your marina will help you with this. I recommend Cruiseport if you're going to do this. Keep whatever documents you have that show you checked out of Ensenada along with the TIP. If anyone wants to get a new TIP on your boat (say a new owner) then they'll need to cancel the existing TIP and they can't do that if they can't show that you checked out of the country. At least that's the law as of this year, who knows what it will be next year? Finally, you'll need a customs sticker to clear customs at the dock in San Diego. You can order this online. Now would be a good time to do that. If you don't have a sticker the customs guys will whine at you but probably drop it (don't ask me how I know that ).
  10. If you're in SoCal PBYC runs the Island series during the course of the summer. Three races around either Anacapa or Santa Cruz Islands. One of these, the Hardway around Santa Cruz can be fantastic. This year they're on 5/20, 7/8 and 8/19. It's pretty fun using an island as a turning mark and usually there's good wind in the channel. Probably the most fun race in that area is SB-King Harbor, also leaves Anacapa to port. More fun if you have a bigger/faster boat, the wind can shut down in the middle of the night leading to a drift-off. This year it's on 7/28. If you want to race to Mexico then N2E is the biggest and a lot of fun but it's very early in the calendar. If you'll need to leave Oregon in early April to get there which could be problematical.
  11. Non-US citizens can't register boats with the USCG, i.e. documented vessels. But they can register with the state which is probably just as good. I haven't returned from Cuba on a boat but things have changed in the past year or so. There are cruise ships doing it now, I doubt you'll have any problems.
  12. Just to clarify, he should register either with a state or document it with the Coast Guard, not both. If he's planning on getting financing then he might have to document it, speak to the lender well in advance. I don't know the relative advantage of a Florida registration over any other but I can imagine that there are tax implications. A 40+ ft cat could be into the $0.5m range and the taxes could be significant. He should speak to his accountant or find one who knows something about boats.
  13. Preferably in the Santa Barbara/Ventura area. Thanks in advance!
  14. Can you name a vendor or two? McMaster Carr sells all sizes and shapes of UHMW as well as 3M VHB tape and sheets.
  15. For future reference I found some at Ferre Mar in SJD Cabo. They're US prices but good quality and made in Canada, without the CARB "anti spill valves". I was quite surprised that they're hard to get here, tons of boats do the Baja bash every year, you'd think there would be plenty of fuel jugs available.