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  1. Good Anchorages in the channel Islands

    There's a great guide to all of the anchorages on Captain Dan's site. He has a bunch of videos, charts, the works. Many of the anchorages on the front side of S. Cruz require two anchors on summer weekends. Anchoring with two hooks can be challenging if you don't know what you're doing. Particularly if the wind comes up on the beam. Either practice it in good weather before you get there or stick to the anchorages with lots of room. My favorite anchorages are Coches and Forney's on S. Cruz and Becher's on S. Rosa. Anchoring isn't "difficult" but there are an infinite number of ways to screw it up. It wouldn't hurt to take along an experienced sailor on your first trip. Let out more scope than you think you need and set the hook well. Make sure you think through the permutations of what could go wrong and what you're going to do about it when the shit hits at 3 a.m. Get a free anchor alarm app for your phone. You'll have a great time, the channel islands are magical. P.S. If you want some fresh food, fish squid strips on a double dropper loop in 100' off of any of the points and you should be able to load up on rockfish or lingcod. Stay out of the MPAs.
  2. Continuous dock line?

    Add a pop-up cleat or even just a padeye somewhere amidships. If you've got control of the middle of the boat and lots of fenders on the far side you'll be fine. Or do what this guy does, he seems to have his shit together.
  3. best 2018 Handheld?

    WM brand used to be decent quality at a reasonable price, kind of like Kirkland at Costco. Unfortunately the quality of WM brand has gone to shit. I won't bring WM branded products onto my boat. Occasionally I break this rule out of necessity and I have had cause to regret it every single time.
  4. Fast "safe" boat....

    Voyager, You've been registered on this web site for 19 hours and you've managed to piss off and offend just about everybody. Holy shit dude, do you generally have this effect on people? As for your sailing ambitions. You're way out of your depth and asking completely the wrong questions. I'm sure that there are people here who could gently encourage you in the right direction. Unfortunately at this point you're already in their ignore lists so you're not going to get the help you need.
  5. Santa Cruz to Vallejo in January?

    I've done it multiple times, it's no problem for a well found T30. But if you have a date picked out ("the 20th") you're asking for trouble. I can't stress enough how important it is for you to be patient. Check the wind, check the waves, check the tides. This part of the world is dangerous in the winter, it goes through cycles. Wait for your weather window and then go. It can be the difference between a lovely outing on flat seas and someone dying. Don't cut the corner coming into SF Bay, go out to the #2 buoy. The south bar has claimed the lives of many unwary sailors. HMB to Vallejo is a long day this time of year. If you have the time do it over three days. Stops at HMB and either Richardson Bay or Ayala Cove. All great places to visit. Check the state of the entrance to SC Harbor before you leave. It shoals in the winter. Someone I know almost lost his boat there last year.
  6. Tougher dodger snap

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm going to try the stainless snaps because they should use the same holes. If that fails then I'll try one of the other ideas.
  7. Tougher dodger snap

    There's a snap at the corner of my dodger that's under a lot of strain. It's bent over and is going to pull out or break. Any suggestions on a tougher type of snap or other ideas? Thanks
  8. Weather Helm

    Work the traveler harder, it should be moving with each puff. At the top end of the wind range you can carry a big bubble in the luff of the main, just keep the battens flying. If you're doing that and still putting a rail under water then reef. It's faster to sail flat and reefed. Also hike your 69 year old fat ass a little harder ;).
  9. Trophy Vendors - Any Recommendations?

    Can the pewter and the silver, the best trophy I've ever seen is a pair of great quality sunglasses. Give out trophies that people would actually like to have. Throw in a little plaque if people feel like they need something to remind them how great they are.
  10. Replacing standing rigging w/ boat in water

    You can always unstep the mast with the boat in the water. Tie up next to a dock with a crane, or bring in a mobile crane. Any decent rigger or boatyard can do it. If you want to do it yourself then at the very least pay a rigger for an hour or two of his time to talk you through the process. The sketchiest part is restepping the mast. You may want to have a rigger on hand to supervise that. The nice thing about doing it this way is that you can get all the rigging made at the same time so you minimize downtime. Also you can take care of those mast chores that you've been deferring all these years. Like straightening out the windex, replacing the wire to that light that doesn't work etc.
  11. Micron CSC - is it really this bad?

    My boat came with Micron CSC. It's terrible. Develops a thick coat of slime in two weeks and ablates off of the leading edges where we hit kelp. So I have the worst of both worlds. Don't even think of taking this stuff to the tropics. The boat sat in a marina in Cabo for about four weeks. The south facing side of the hull grew 3' long weeds. Took a diver an hour to scrape it clean. Luckily that only cost me 20 bucks. I'd love to replace this paint but that would require removing all of it. You don't really want to paint an incompatible paint over it. On my last haulout I was quoted $2k+ just for removal. If anyone knows a yard in SoCal that will strip this shit off of a 36' boat for less than $2k I'd love to know about it. I decided to stick with the CSC on my last bottom job but I'm going to let the divers basically remove it one cleaning at a time. When the paint is mostly gone then I'll take it in and get it stripped down. FWIW my diver recommends Trinidad.
  12. J/29 Shopping

    Contact Condor he campaigned one for many years.
  13. Irma

    AIS traffic off of S. Florida
  14. How wrong am I to use this sail?

    The sail is fine, actually perfect for what you want to do with it. Who cares if it doesn't point like a 3Di blade? You're not racing, foot off 10 degrees. Since you sail in the Bay you should be prepared to reef the main when you go out. If necessary you can get an extra-deep reef added to your existing mainsail for not too much $$$. When it gets breezy reef down or crank in whatever controls you have on your main (halyard, cunningham, outhaul, backstay etc.). Be prepared to dump the traveler in gusts. Don't overthink it, you'll be fine, go have fun.