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  1. Bucket List

    Wow. As much as I loved abusing you over how crappy your ideas are I'm kind of sad this thing didn't work out for you. All the best with future endeavours.
  2. That's interesting as my 28ft racing tri has float rudders which are awesome reaching in heavy breeze but I'm not sure they are actually faster overall especially in windward leeward racing. I canted the rig slightly to Port on the fixed lashings for a long port tack coastal race 10 months ago and only just bothered centering it as no noticeable difference tack to tack. The sister ship to my boat has a full canting rig setup and doesn't use it, the gains aren't usually enough to loose 20 seconds in a tack and miss a shift. On the other hand my old tri with little floats the canting rig was a lot quicker, so I think it depends on the boat and courses raced as to the best optimisation. In any case racing not many people would argue that keeping it as light and simple as possible is generally the fastest unless you race with the same crew every week to make the most of the sail wardrobe, car positions, canting- rotating rig, Gib and main Cunningham, inhauler, outhauler peeling from mast head kite to screeched to fractional kite to number 2 putting a reef in adjusting the centre boards tweaking the batten tension choosing light or heavy air main, cleaning the bottom each race etc plus just getting around the course on the favoured side while avoiding cruise ships and keel boats....
  3. Have you raced against a Seacart 30? If so did you beat it and what conditions was it? If not what is your relative rating currently? From my experience in that size boat the canting rig works well but only in limited conditions. in the light airs you'll just go slower, as mentioned it's extra weight and no speed gain until you are fully powered up. The loads increase because the maximum righting moment increases.
  4. On what points of sail and what breeze are you trying to improve? What is your competition? I am finding after a lot of trial and error on my tri the biggest improvements are removing weight and keeping it simple so with 3 crew we are concentrating on boat speed and tactics not fiddling around with stuff. A bigger Genoa also helped a lot in 7 to 14 knots of breeze. I actually removed the code zero for short harbour courses and just use one gennaker
  5. Australian 8.5 "box boat"

    There are 2 registered on OMR, presumably they are different boats but I guess one could have sold and been renamed and re-measured...
  6. Australian 8.5 "box boat"

    Hi Keith, I'm from the Nzmyc and the box boat was built outside the design parameters of our 8.5 rules which was a bit controversial at the time. I had forgotten all about it until browsing OMR and seeing it's rating higher than some seriously quick boats sparked my interest. Couldn't find any recent information so hopefully someone knows something about it.
  7. The website and face book pages appear to have disappeared for the box boat. The old thread on here is locked. Does anyone have any news about this boat, specifically does it have any regatta or club series results I can look at? The Omr appears to be 1.15, would I be right in thinking it couldn't sail close to that number?
  8. Libertist 850 - new tri by Erik Lerouge

    It has the same layout and similar design to my 8.5m Trimaran (old photos from the build and recent interior pic). The only thing I would change is the companion way- it's a ALU framed foredeck style hatch which isn't too easy to get in and out of but I did it for capsize safety and ease of construction. The back of the cabin is vertical which maximises space inside and out but I would be interested to see your cockpit solution. I started building the other seat inside but will leave it for a few years - trying to save weight as I do more racing than cruising at the moment.
  9. Grainger Raider 302

    The Raider would be faster than a F31r in most conditions. It really depends on which Farrier as the difference an optimised light one and crusey one is huge. Dragon would be faster than the Raider in certain conditions - I think it would be an interesting match up. I have raced against Dragon and also on board Farriers of various sizes and the Grainger that was in the Auckland fleet.
  10. Team NZ

    You did the right thing hiding those photos regardless of what they did or didn't show
  11. Odd Weather/Lee Helm

    if that's true and you can prove it I will pay full retail price for your boat, as is, where is. However it's impossible so my money is safe. A common mistake for a novice boating is to confuse true and apparent wind and anyone who isn't a novice now realises you are confused. It also makes your other claims (like the weather and Lee helm) that I previously believed- now not believed unfortunately as I was finding your comments on both threads very interesting
  12. Odd Weather/Lee Helm

    Okay so it's 18 knots 2 sail reaching - that makes more sense.
  13. Odd Weather/Lee Helm

    Yep I don't think asking for some evidence to back up bogus claims is unreasonable... Last time I was steering an Orma 60 upwind we were doing 18 knots but it wasn't either easy or comfortable so to claim a 5m Tri is faster is laughable
  14. Finally...

    This is the comment referred to in the other thread
  15. Odd Weather/Lee Helm

    I also read that claim and assumed he made an honest mistake. Without proof I do not believe a boat that size will tack upwind at that speed. Your performance figures are more realistic