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  1. Irma

    I couldn't get a licensed electrician to even talk about a circuit like that, even with an interlock; nothing but a transfer switch.
  2. Irma

    Not being an electrician, I'm just a little curious about this. Of the 102 deaths attributed to Sandy, 49 were drownings, 19 people falling down stairs in the dark, 9 from CO poisoning, several electrocuted by stepping on downed power wires, but none by generators (so far as I could tell). So take your typical Honda 2000, which is ungrounded by design. If you connect it via a transfer switch, the house ground applies. If you also ground the generator, then you have a problem with two grounds, and the GFIs will malfunction. If you connect it by extension cords, then the ground and neutral are floating, and could be more or less than the ground. But so long as you don't ground the generator, there isn't a complete circuit and there shouldn't be a shock hazard, yes? If you do ground the generator, then you need a GFI at the generator because of the residual ground current from a faulty appliance. Not talking about backfeeding the house.
  3. Irma

    I follow CO poisoning, and the accidents--what the ERs refer to as Sunday warriors- with chain saws, falling off ladders, and other products of what I think of as Frenchie's theory of boat maintenance (the application of excessive force through inappropriate tools by people who don't know what they are doing). I just didn't follow the residual current/earth leakage comment.
  4. Irma

    Please explain.
  5. Irma

    It was frame 240 of the GFS model, not the Euro.
  6. Irma

    If you follow it out a frame or two it is off Sandy Hook.
  7. Irma

    The 11am looks to be ever so lightly moved back to the east. Marcos Island looks to be underwater. But am I right that the storm surge affecting Fort Myers and the St Pete peninsula will be developing after the eye passes? Until then, pushing water west and south, but only then pushing water south and east, so that unlike the east coast, the west coast will be less affected? Bad news, it looks to be cat 3 until it closes in on the I10 corridor. From the 5 am I thought it would be below TS by then.
  8. Irma

    But in this case, drag is what gives it its velocity in the direction of the wind, yes?
  9. Irma

    Mandatory evacuation for Zone A in Pinellas County. Limited access to the coastal areas starting tomorrow morning. http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/pinellas-county-orders-mandatory-evacuations-for-mobile-home-residents/2336597
  10. Irma

    Ian Farrier said that was the best thing to do with one of his trimarans. Also, wide-knitted tramps as more closely knitted ones can trap a lot of air. But I think two other things might be going on. One is that none of these boats could weathervane into the wind. The other is that the wedding cake on these cruising cats can make an effective wing: a little upturn and a lot of lift. I've watched cats and tris on moorings in winds in the upper 60s, and they would lie quietly into the wind when the monos were bucking like crazy. But that is only 1/10th of the wind force at work here.
  11. Irma

    Short lengths of nylon subjected to repeated shockloading, like hobbyhorsing, heat up, melt, and break cleanly. Sad to see wrecked boats with short lengths of bridle hanging from the bow, sheared about 2 feet down. Even tied to something solid won't prevent that.

    Don't know much about how Florida is organized, but if this is in Coral Gables why are you dealing with Miami? Coral gables has two lease payment plans up for approval on the 29th from tenants that are in arrears due Miracle Mile consruction. Also look at the purchase contract--there may be some recourse to the founder. EDIT. Ah, this is a county thing.
  13. double down

    Twizzle (twistle) variation on a solent rig.