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  1. i always figured that really skinny motorboats are only suitable for lakes, or other really calm waters. am i wrong about that? I've seen some pretty good sized seas on puget sound - maybe not so much between the islands, but still...
  2. I was with Chubb for my home and auto before the change, but wanted to save a bit, so i switched to Ace, but then Ace bought Chubb, so i was back with Chubb... The car claim i mentioned was after the change. Recently, I have shopped around.., but even if i went with geico for home/auto, I wouldn't save anything over Chubb, which surprised me. my boat policy is a completely separate chubb policy, and i don't think i am getting any savings with it because of my other policies. the price was reasonable. it's a little bit more than boat us geico quoted - maybe 5-10%, but reading the contracts, it seems a much better policy.
  3. supposedly... i have a simrad -not sure the model - but it has trouble doing that.., which is why i'm shopping for a new one.
  4. i'm insuring a boat with Chubb/Ace now - it's not as valuable or as old as yours, but they did not need a survey I had Ace for a different boat i sold about 5 years ago, but they did quite a bit of marine insurance - Gowrie agency put me in Ace for that boat, and they know the marine market pretty well. They are in CT and Newport, and probably elsewhere, so you might talk to them... Ace bought Chubb (at least i think that's what happened), and now I think the marine policies mostly have the Chubb name on them, and Chubb is what i ended up with for a boat i bought last spring. I never had a boat claim, but for what it's worth, i have car insurance with Chubb, and my daughter did substantial damage to her car. The body shop owner basically said "Oh, you have Chubb - don't worry everything is going to be fine - they won't give me any arguments over anything.., OEM parts will be covered.." I gathered that dealing with other insurance companies was frequently a headache for him.
  5. us7070


    nobody knows.., yet... and it will probably depend on the type of boat - for all we know the ORR VPP might overestimate their benefit on a light boat and underestimate it on a heavy boat - making them more worthwhile on heavy boats. i just don't see that there is a good reason for trying to rate them - it's not as if they are rating the factors that they try to rate now perfectly..., how about getting the current boats rated better before adding complexity?
  6. us7070


    maybe spinnaker poles are probably too long.., and if the rating hit depends on the length, you don't want length to be far past the point of diminishing returns and, lots of boats don't have spin poles another issue is where to mount them on boats not designed for them - most masts aren't built for that side load.., no matter where you mount them, it's not going to be just a simple matter of bolting a piece of hardware. wherever they go some reinforcement will be needed.
  7. us7070


    so, would you say the same about an outboard lead? Don't bother on a displacement boat? I wouldn't. This is just an out board lead.., a little further out. it helps on any boat. besides cost and complexity, the main issue is the ability of the rule -ORR - to rate them fairly on the different boats - i have little faith that they can. nevertheless.., if you are doing a bermuda race, which uses an ORR composite course rating, the rating will be based on only using them for a portion of the race.., so if you get a race where you use them the whole race.., then it will probably pay to have them. If you get a race where you never use then, you will probably wish you rated without them. anyway, i think there is no good reason for ORR to permit them - it's something for which the potential gain is enough to win a race.., but not enough to justify the cost and complexity in terms of added fun. 95% of the boats that race under ORR are either cruising boats or some kind or racer/cruiser - to foist this on them is just wrong
  8. so, if i understand correctly, the pelagic will steer to compass course without connecting to anything but are most people hooking them up so they will steer to wind? how good is it for that?
  9. us7070


    i think most reaching struts aren't long enough to be outriggers - at least those that i have used have been too short to be outriggers
  10. us7070

    Performance logging/polar comparison

    i've been thinking of getting their windows polar software - Polar Manager.., but by the time you get the other programs you need to use with it, it becomes kind of expensive
  11. us7070

    Expedition marine software, the network

    yes VNC is a widely used networking protocol - both RealVNC and Splashtop use the same VNC protocol. There are others... RDP is a networking protocol developed by Microsoft. It is built into Windows - at least the Pro versions.., e.g. Win 10 Pro. I forget whether the home versions include RDP. It accomplishes more or less the same thing as VNC.., but with slight differences that can either be annoying or great, depending on how you look at it. Some people report that RDP is less laggy than VNC when operating the laptop remotely.That has been my experience. but as i think i said above, i have largely quit using any remote desktop applications for expedition. I mostly find it is sufficient to just get the expedition numbers to my phone or ipad, and that can easily be done without any kind of remote desktop.
  12. us7070

    Performance logging/polar comparison

    it's easy to collect data - evaluating it, and then using it, is where the difficulty lies... Expedition makes it easier to decide which data to use, and which not to use - you are basically looking for BSP at values of TWA and TWS, but you don't want to select data after, say, the TWS has just changed, or after the heading has changed, because the boat will not be at equilibrium. Expedition's Stripchart makes it easy to plot all the data channels and computed numbers - like % of current polars - so you can easily see where are the best intervals to select your data points. It also averages the data over whatever interval you select - i might choose an interval of 5-10 seconds or more because of the scatter. There is a lot of bad/unusable data that you want to filter out Then there is the problem of TWS not being at the value of the polar curve you are editing - given all the unusable data.., how much usable data are you going to find where the TWS is _exactly_ , say, 12kts? probably none.., in my experience... So, when your 5 second interval turns out to have an average TWS of 12.4kts.., expedition interpolates that to a TWS of 12kts before plotting it on or near your 12kt polar curve, and now you can edit the 12kt curve. I'm not saying you can't do anything without expedition - just that it will be hard
  13. us7070

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    well if you use the price in jsam's post.., the base boat without VAT is just under $120K US at today's exchange. we don't know what factory options are needed, or included in Rando's $250K quote, but you could probably ship it to the east coast US for under $15K
  14. us7070

    Ice on Radar

    Does ice display on modern (non-magnetron) radars? I imagine that at some point, a small piece of ice will be too low to the water surface.., and it's not going to be of that much use... i'd be interested in any experience with this edit- well, i meant to put this in CA.., but i guess i can't delete it..
  15. right - does anyone think they talk about sailboats with this much affection on motorboat forums?