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  1. Newport - Bermuda 2018

    NOR posted http://bermudarace.com/entry/official-notice-board/ multihulls have to be longer than 58ft - it's almost as if they picked that number to leave out the GB55's.., which are 57ft...
  2. NYYC One Design

    the NYYC web page about this boat mentions "corinthian" sailing a few times so i guess one question is: what limits will be placed on group 3 sailors? these boats won't have boat captains like the 42's did i assume they will allow some group 3, but the owners will probably need some "regular" guys too
  3. Vineyard Race 2017

    forecast looks ok now...
  4. CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    some people like being involved with a "project".., but lose interest a bit once it is completed. my guess, is that his time is occupied with new projects that interest him more than being on a sailboat
  5. Race tracking

    you are doing it wrong i have done thousands of ocean miles with iridium handsets - the first time i used an iridium handset for data was in 2003. this includes many bermuda races, a few transatlantics, numerous new england - caribbean trips, lot's of cruising out side of cell range. and so on the iridium handsets worked very well.., day or night, and i was typically downloading weather (both gribs and graphics) several times a day - files many times the size of the YB tracking files. i am not saying i never dropped a connection - sure, it happens.., usually i connected again immediately, i also was always careful to use a program that restarted the interrupted download where it left off. and yes - sometimes the constellation geometry is not great for your location - but i don't think i ever waited more than half an hour in 15 years of use... there are lot's of threads on iridium best practices.., but the main thing is to have a _good_ external antenna - not the magnetic hockey puck.
  6. Another How Could it Happen

    also - nobody is forcing them to go fast _all_ the time... seems pretty straight forward - they shouldn't go so fast that can't avoid hitting other ships
  7. Race tracking

    even the least expensive and slowest satellite connection can easily download YB position files they are _tiny_ text files the iridium handset or Go - both of which are only 2.4kb/sec have no problem getting these files in the bermuda race _every_ boat is required to have this capability the advantage that the "big dollar" programs have is that it's more convenient to download the files with one of the various "broadband" units (fleet broadband, for example) than with the hand set. with FBB, initiating the connection is easier than with the Go or the handset, and you can actually just leave it connected - FBB is billed by the MB, whereas the handsets are by the minute. The Go has some good data plans, but i don't think you would ever just leave it connected. I find that more and more boats are going with FBB now - you can even rent them. it would be quite expensive for YB to do as you suggest - the YB tracker is an Iridium device. the position data from each boat is uploaded by SMS (a "text" message). On the iridium network, SMS messages are practically free. The SMS character limit is more than enough to upload one boat's position. For them to send the fleet position reports down to the device would exceed the SMS limit, and would have to be a data call. this is a lot more expensive. Data calls can suffer from signal quality issues too, so it might have to be attempted more than once. SMS usually go though fine. so my objections to the tracking are not related to whether everyone has equal access - rather they are the things i mentioned in my post above. Delaying the tracking is the best solution.
  8. It seems crazy, and arrogant, that most US Navy ships don't broadcast AIS in peace time when transiting busy shipping zones. They should be directed to turn on their AIS, when it doesn't compromise their immediate mission that way even if the sailors on the destroyers aren't competent enough to avoid collisions.., the merchant sailors can do it
  9. AIS to iPad or other tablet

    things may have changed.., but the last test of radar reflectors that i saw said they were nearly worthless
  10. My newest project

    i sailed the boat off a mooring - so i guess that was easier. still, i liked not having to even think about a motor
  11. Exp/B&G: Relative Bearing to Mark

    i have not had that problem - i have used 0 and 1 with H5000 and it worked fine i will be on the boat in a few days and will check again
  12. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    there is no "sailing giving itself an image".., it's just a bunch of people doing what they want to do if you are complaining about the media coverage - too much coverage given to big boats, and not enough to more affordable boats, that's very different than complaining about the existence of the big, unaffordable, boats i kind of agree - but with a slight difference - i think that generally there is too much emphasis on the latest one-off, and the results of races with one-offs compared with the emphasis given to OD racing - although this is changing a bit one-offs tend on average to be bigger.., but racing under rating rules is mostly a joke. at least the J Class boats are racing level - or i think they are...
  13. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    i "grasp" it... i just don't have a problem with it. i have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the russian guy's ugly sailboat - he can build 10 of them for all i care the more he spreads the wealth the better and to your larger "issue" - the unequal distribution of wealth.., firstly, building and sailing these boats lessens the uneven distribution, but i don't care about the distribution anyway. my general belief is that most schemes to make rich people poorer.., will, in the long run, make everyone else poorer too. i'd prefer not to get any poorer
  14. My newest project

    are you sure you need an outboard? i had a 34ft daysailer for many years with no engine - never had a problem..., never wished i had a motor..
  15. NYYC One Design

    there's nothing wrong with a little speculation - nobody is forcing you to read it if it keeps us entertained - what is it to you? sure - we coud be completely wrong.., we probably are.., so what?