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  1. us7070

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    they probably need to get to work in the morning... cornell's problems were partly due to the ideological component of the mission - he couldn't choose a propane cooker. there are a lot of things you can cut back on at sea, but nobody wants to forego hot meals at sea i wonder what % of use at sea was cooker and microwave..
  2. us7070

    Team NYYC

    watch the sterncam feed - you can hear everything...
  3. us7070

    Team NYYC

    If you look at the decision making: -they were on port at the top of the beat -the wind was hard left.., so the primary concern was to be on starboard as early as possible on the run, after rounding the mark -two choices; left mark, tack, bear away.., or , right mark, bear away, gybe - both get you on starboard -with the wind hard left, the right mark is actually the favored mark, from a geometry perspective - it's further down wind - for most of the beat the pressure had been stronger on the left, so they were thinking left mark to stay in the pressure overrides any small geometric advantage to the right mark. - but - by the time they got up close, when the decision had to be made, there was _plenty_ of wind across the course, and had they gone to the right mark, they would have had plenty of power to gybe and get back to the left. - with TH head down, and DB not looking around, i don't think they even realized how well the breeze had filled across the course and that right mark had become an acceptable choice.
  4. us7070

    Prada Cup

    I agree with this two of the options for the losing boat to pass are gone -getting leverage and a shift - if close behind, positioning to be on their wind.., or to be on their wind after the gybe - with these boats, the boat ahead always has clear air. when ken read said in the races yesterday that he was surprised INEOS was letting the other boat get so much leverage.., it was hardly any leverage at all. wider courses would make the leading boat's decision making harder it seems like now, the main chance for a pass is if the lead boat screws up a tack or something
  5. us7070

    Prada Cup

    so how are people in the usa going to watch this? can i use a vpn, or do i have to pay nbc $175? if i can use a vpn, where should i watch it - what country, what network? i'm sure this has been covered somewhere.., so sorry, but i couldn't find it
  6. us7070

    Coolboats to admire

    that's an IOD
  7. us7070

    Harken Grip Tape

    also - how thick is the tape?
  8. us7070

    Harken Grip Tape

    is it designed to be re-used? They say it's easily removed, so i was wondering if it will work if you move it to a new spot. or, does it lose its stickiness?
  9. us7070

    Sailing Instuments - What to display where?

    you are sailing at AWA 38 (on port) and AWS of 21 at a heading of 230M in a few minutes you will round a mark, and your heading to the next mark is 260M What sail do you plug in? even if you have a AWA/AWS sail chart - you won't easily know what your AWA and AWS will be on that next leg -both depend on your boat speed.., which depends on AWA/AWS... Expedition can calculate it from your polars.., but it's not trivial - you can't do it in your head. If I have TWD and TWS, and the heading of the next leg, it's easy to know what the next leg TWA/TWS will be - i can do it in my head in a second - and using my TWA/TWS sail chart, I can make sure the right sail is plugged in. This saves me from looking like an idiot - calling for a sail change 30 seconds after we round the mark... there is also the question of evaluating whether or not we even want to sail the rhumb line on the next leg - maybe if I sail a bit lower I can be in a much faster sail - but how much lower? again - I want to evaluate this before we get to the mark - it's trivial to know how many degrees lower I need to go to use that sail if I have TWA/TWS and a TWA/TWS sail chart. If everything is AWA/AWS it's hard to impossible.
  10. us7070

    Charter a Melges 15...why the hell not?

    what is the price of the melges 15?
  11. us7070


    Expedition does have the ability to receive data from Tacktick, and to send custom channels to Tacktick displays. The receiving is going to be straight forward.., but not having used expedition with tacktick, i am not sure how well the sending will work The thing is, it's going to be a NMEA 0183 connection, so you are limited to numbers for which there are NMEA 0183 sentences, plus whatever custom sentences tackitick has enabled I have Tacktick on my boat - but i have never connected expedition to it - i just daysail..., nevertheless, i did just get the T122 interface, and might as well give it a try in the spring here is the section of the expedition manual that deals with Tacktick:
  12. us7070

    Tethers - Quick Release or Not?

    Bermuda Race inspectors (at least some of them) have not had a problem with home-built tethers that met the requirements at each end - the double action clip, and a quick release.
  13. us7070

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    saw this on facebook -$55k for a 34ft aluminum boat with hydraulic lifting keel. Looks like a home-build.., but quite nice looks like a great deal to me...
  14. us7070

    Tethers - Quick Release or Not?

    It should be left to the individual to balance the risk of being dragged, versus the risk of accidental release. I returned a tether because the quick release just seemed too loose. The replacement was the same brand, but required a bit more force to open the quick release. I kind of doubt that in a real near-drowning situation someone is going to be able to cut the tether with one of those blades.., but certainly those tethers are not going to release accidentally at the chest attachment.
  15. us7070

    Annometer wind angle correction

    it still would be helpful to know for what value you are observing the different angles tack to tack With Triton you can calibrate for an offset instrument.., but that's it. even if you get that correct.., it will not in general yield constant TWD from tack to tack it might give you relatively constant TWA from tack to tack.., but it will likely be too fat or too narrow an angle - so the same.., but wrong by a few degrees this is a limitation of not having the other calibrations that are available in H5000 - and even then it's hard to get it right and keep it right