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  1. us7070

    E-nav on the cheap

    my iphone app is inavx i haven't looked at navionics in many years, but i didn't like it so much when i did. i might look at it again though... one of the things that i miss in inavx is a project waypoint function does navionics have a project waypoint function?
  2. it would be more accurate to say that the ISO standard wasn't intended for boats like yours, rather than that it didn't apply... i guess the question is: is there a better standard out there for multihulls.., say one intended for racing multuhulls?
  3. what sort of modifications did they have to make?
  4. the primary "required safety device" in today's races is really the EPIRB.., not the sat phone.
  5. it's not adequate for ocean sailing - at least by the standards of most offshore sailors
  6. you said they did the same things except for the voice call - that was incorrect. I think most offshore sailors would say that not having the ability to get good weather forecasts might be a safety issue but like i said - i'm not arguing that a phone should be required - if you don't want to bring one that's fine with me.
  7. not really... the Iridium handset will also make an internet connection that, while slow, is perfectly adequate for downloading all the weather files (gribs, surface analyses and forecasts, text forecasts) you need for Bermuda Race, Transat.., and so on. It does "real" email too.
  8. The InReach is capable of SMS - a text message - not email..., so it's 160 characters InReach does have some sort of SMS to email gateway, that works both ways, but you are not really sending, or receiving an email.., it's still SMS, and i think each message sent that way still has the character limit. additionally, while the recipient may view the message in an email client, to respond they are directed to a website with a form. It's a bit of a pain in the ass on both ends for anything complicated. I have been onboard (mid-atlantic) when an Iridium handset was used to communicate with a doctor for a potentially serious infection. being able to have a conversation with the doctor was pretty useful. InReach uses the Iridium network, and it is true that SMS messages don't require as god a connection as a voice call.., but as has been discussed here many times, most problems with Iridium voice and data calls are due to some sort of poor installation or operator error. With a properly installed external antenna, connections at sea are pretty good. Nevertheless, I think this is an area where OA's could think about letting each boat decide what is best for them.
  9. us7070

    Beginner gear

    I'm a beginner most kite companies have a model in the lineup that is aimed at beginners. It's okay to get something that is beginner-intermediate too. go to the websites and read the descriptions. generally speaking.., bigger kites are easier to fly (they fly slower) than small kites, so in the bigger sizes it's okay to go more intermediate than with smaller kites. I wanted the latest in safety and release technology, so i bought used kites and bars that are current models - they were sold as used/leftovers.., but were basically new. i actually think none of my gear was ever used. some people will buy a quiver of kites/bars at the beginning of the season, but never get around to using one or two of them. I ended up getting Ozone Catalyst V1 kites - they seem to be pretty high quality, but the problem is that it is not a high-volume brand, so it's a bit harder to find good used gear than with, say, Cabrinha, which is huge in the USA. I think the safety features on the newest models of all the big brands are pretty good as far as lifespan - i think it's a lot like sails, spinnakers in particular. look at and feel the material - how crispy is it? you can get a sense of how used it is. look for stitching that is coming undone, wear spots, patches, UV damage, and so on. it's harder to inspect the bladders but that is a common failure mode. They can be patched or replaced though. with the bars, the main issue is the lines - which can be replaced, but it's expensive to do so. i would take the lessons before buying anything
  10. us7070

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    your selective quoting of my post omitted the part where I said i _didn't_ support making them required...
  11. us7070

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    The seminars help provide the knowledge you need to take care of yourself there is no "self-responsibility" without knowledge. Like i said above - i've done 10's of thousands of ocean miles - most of it was pretty uneventful - and i still managed to learn things in the seminars. I certainly never righted a life raft except in the seminars... I'm not saying t hat I support making them required.., just that, while they could be better, they are useful
  12. us7070

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    which gong got hit?
  13. us7070

    SUV anarchy

    and no deals on interest rate if you want to finance if you lease, they have a pretty low money factor, residual was 63% which is okay, fees are competitive - maybe even low. main thing with Volvo is you can't transfer the lease - you are pretty much stuck with it. BMW supposedly makes lease transfer easy.
  14. us7070

    SUV anarchy

    i looked at the XC40 over the weekend - i liked it.., and my wife liked it even more. i think it's better than the X1 or the Q3. Not sure it's worth $10k more than a CX-5 though basically $43K-44K with what she wants. the inventory is low, and they hardly have any of the higher-end trim levels, which is okay, because i don't think we need one of them. everything she wants is available as an option/package in the base model. they did not really offer much in the way of discounts off msrp - $500 off, plus a $1000 "loyalty" credit ($500 for a lease) - i own another volvo. it could be that anyone can get that loyalty credit. i'm sure that by the end of the summer, there will be normal discounting on this car, but we need something now, and this will probably be it. the other thing is that it seems that you might have to find a dealer with the car you want, as they are not doing much swapping of these cars between dealers right now.
  15. us7070

    SUV anarchy

    i'm going to look at the new volvo XC 40 over the weekend my wife needs a car and she thinks that it might work for her. I think it's about the same size as the CX-5, but probably a bit more expensive.