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  1. us7070

    Hanse 540e

    isn't BJ's HR 53 in the price range of a Hanse 54e? it's already in NZ...
  2. us7070

    Hanse 540e

    I've done the atlantic part of that voyage three times - i know it reasonably well. A Hanse, if it were like the one i sailed.., would not be my choice - but I know they complete it successfully quite often, and i'm not aware of any unsuccessful attempts So, I am not saying it would be unsafe - just that in my experience the boats have significant differences from boats that are designed and built with good ocean sailing characteristics as the the primary goal.
  3. us7070

    Hanse 540e

    i only suggested it because it's a 50ft production boat that is built to a pretty high standard generally,..., and is probably in the same price range as a Hanse 540 - the 540 being a much newer boat The X-50 more of a performance-oriented design than most cruisers would probably want. X-50 is an older model - the newer X-Yachts XC 50 is a more of a heavy displacement cruising boat - not as performance oriented.., higher volume.., bigger tankage,.. but still retaining the high level of build quality that one wants in an offshore boat. it's a whole different budget level than the X-50 Problems i had with the Hanse I sailed: I thought the general build quality and the fit and finish was not great.., hardware was undersized for ocean sailing (winches, clutches, furler...), Below, there were inadequate handholds, inadequate fiddles, very slippery cabin sole, berths not great for sleeping at sea... Things I would wonder about: how good is the keel attachment.., how robust is the steering - things like that X-yachts has a a very well engineered keel attachment - all their older boats, and the current cruising designs have a large steel grid in the boat to which the keel attaches - it's not going to fall off. The current XP line uses a carbon grid you can see it in this article i looked at the hanse website but didn't see anything about the keel attachment sysetm
  4. us7070

    Hanse 540e

    While the boat will probably get to NZ.., i doubt you would find many people who would say it's an ideal boat for the voyage you have planned. It sounds like you don't have much experience with ocean sailing While they do cross oceans.., the Hanse audience comprises people who want a live-aboard yacht that is capable of coastal cruising.., and want to get a lot of living space for the money. there is a trade-off between features that make a boat a comfortable marina liveaboard boat, and the features that make a boat a good solid safe ocean going boat. Hanse yachts are more on the liveaboard end of the spectrum. I've sailed a newish Hanse on the ocean - only a few hundred miles - but having sailed many thousands of miles on some great ocean sailing yachts.., the Hanse just was not a good boat for it. People do sail them across oceans - it just wouldn't be my choice. I probably would not do the voyage you are contemplating on a Hanse There are plenty of production boats that I would do it on - If you need 50ft plus, you would be looking at a second hand boat if you wanted to be in the price range of a Hanse - maybe you are looking at second hand anyway A second hand X-Yachts X-50, for example, would be better suited for a voyage like that - I would certainly do the trip on a properly equipped and well maintained X-50
  5. us7070

    New foulies?

    my experience is that it stops working because it delaminates.., not because i don't take care of it. as i posted in another thread, i have had gore tex foul weather gear replaced under warranty by 4 about different manufacturers, because of delamination.: Musto, Kokatat, Dubarry, and Zhik. The Zhik might have been their own laminate.., but the others were gore tex. Kokatat replaced my drysuit twice! HenriLLoyd was the one that refused to do anything about a delaminated jacket.
  6. us7070

    Cold Feet, But Not Sea Boots

    the problem with the dubarry boots (and i think with a lot of sailing gear) is that the Gore-Tex is subject to failure, Dubarry replaced my boots, which is great, but i'd rather they just stayed waterproof. i have had jackets and pants replaced by Musto and other manufacturers because of Gore-Tex delamination inside the "lifetime" of the garment.
  7. us7070


    well, i don't really go down there much, but i looked at my chart and it looks like that is an east cardinal mark near it i don't understand why cardinal marks are not used more frequently in the USA - in europe, they are all over the place .., some areas at least... they are so uncommon in these waters that one could be forgiven for not recognizing it in this case. i rarely see isolated danger marks either I think buoyage could be a lot better in the USA edit - now i'm not sure it's a cardinal mark
  8. us7070

    Offshore Internet (asking for a friend)

    And as the available bandwidth increases, cruise ships and airlines will buy all they can get, because they can re-sell it to passengers who are on the boat for a week.., or on the plane for a day, and are not that price sensitive. this could effectively put a floor under the pricing - sailors will always be competing with the air/cruise passengers. what would you pay to have high speed internet for the entire duration of your next 10hr flight? for the OP - the sat providers currently price "streaming" service differently than even very-high bandwidth / very high data limit plans - it costs a lot more
  9. us7070

    Regatta Page on NKE Multigraphic?

    I just saw those NKE displays on a boat - they are really nice!
  10. us7070

    Covering your new racing rf sail

    say you have an older racing sail, that you want to use for cruising. i guess one option is to have the sailmaker add whatever they put on cruising sails - it's often sunbrella, or something similar, right? is there any kind of sticky-back material that i can buy and apply myself?
  11. sounds like they're not that interested... Nick White regularly turns out new versions overnight for trivial requests like that one. I realize dealing with the app store adds a bit of time, but you won't convince me the inavx guy gives a damn...
  12. us7070

    Forward Cockpit

    i like the forward cockpit - but it is true that it isn't _always_ a dry place. newer designs are drier than older designs - due to better hull shapes one one of the GB's I sailed on, we did one-person watches offshore on deliveries- usually pretty depowered at night. the forward cockpit was a fantastic place to spend a watch - looking at the stars - totally safe even alone - all the sail controls right there - and with the chartplotters and AP just a step or two away.
  13. us7070

    Gunboat 80

    GLY owns some very cool brands picking up RM seems a bit of a gamble, but I'm guessing it didn't cost much. They are interesting boats - i was able to look one over (from the outside) a few days ago. It was on the hard at the yard where i wintered. it is a twin keel version. i finally saw it in the water and could see the cockpit and deck. They sort of have the same target use, but I'm sure at a fraction of the price, as the aluminum monohulls from GLY. The fit and finish is a bit workman-like, but i'm sure they get the job done, and it keeps the price reasonable.
  14. did u ever get any feedback from inavx on this or the project waypoint request?
  15. us7070

    Gunboat 80

    well, the design and build of the first 68 was always going to be a long time.., it is an amazing boat. but that was launched in early 2019, and now #3 in mid 2020 - so that's 3 boats in ~18 months. they are doing a great job in LGM, and the GB brand could not have landed in better hands than GLY. for sure, there is going to be more and more competition in this segment - ultra high-end high-performance cruising catamarans - but the shift to multihulls will only accelerate. i don't think there is anything better than the 68 out there now in that category. HH is building fast boats, but they are not at this level of refinement. other than that, there are a lot of designs - and a few have been built - but with GLY / GB on #4 now, I'm pretty sure they are getting it dialed in - where else would you go for a boat like this?