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    Gunboat 68

    remember - its primary job is to be a comfortable cruising boat...
  2. 60.3 A protest committee may(a)protest a boat, but not as a result of information arising from a request for redress or an invalid protest, or from a report from a person with a conflict of interest... the representative of BJ that transmitted the information to the RC is an interested party.... so that information can not form the basis for an RC protest
  3. I'm still wondering who they select to go in and argue the case...
  4. distance races almost always permit alternate penalties - DSQ is just too big a penalty for most infractions that's why there will not be a DSQ here note that for a tracker violation - the SI's require DSQ.., but this was not the tracker
  5. if the evidence is presented to the jury, and they accept that it is true.., then yes.
  6. it's just t hat in my experience.., in distance races DSQ is uncommon unless it's required, or there is clear evidence of a dleiberate attempt to cheat. there is usually wide latitude in selecting a penalty.., and some consideration is given to what's involved in doing the race. it's not like a 1hr round the cans race that's one of 10 in a regatta.., where the PC doesn't have options
  7. i do PC i have seen the same thing with the witness testimony i have come to believe that mostly people want to be honest - but they just see and experience things radically differently i think the lesson from the actual legal system, as well as experiments, is that eye witness testimony is very unreliable
  8. it's time to get your predictions in... here's mine: 30min on elapsed time