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  1. Boots

    As much as I like them.., I won't need to buy them as Dubarry just sent me a warranty replacement for my old boots!
  2. Phone throttling

    I don't know, but I doubt ATT is doing anything to affect your WIFI speed... one thing they do have is an option to throttle your data speed over their network, as you approach your data limit for the month. I think you have to opt _in_, and not out, of this feature, but i'm not 100% sure. The idea is to help you avoid overage charges, but i prefer to take the risk of paying a bit extra, rather than having slow data. Apple forums are full of threads by iphone owners complaining that something has happened to their WiFi speeds...
  3. Boots

    i finally got around to trying on the Lizard.., but they just didn't ft my feet well - the heel was really loose, and when i went down a size my toes were cramped. is there another lightweight breathable boot out there? i'm not aware of anything else in this category. also - wooba - you asked about a POB removing the boot. The recommendation is that you leave your boots on if you go overboard.
  4. Origin of VMG as terminology

    well., like a lot of things.., you can go back pretty much as far as you want.., probably to classical greek times... but really the first person to work with and describe the modern algebraic concepts of the vector inner product and vector projection was J Willard Gibbs - almost certainly the most under-rated scientist in the history of modern science. He was at Yale, and there was an old physics lab named after him, which they just tore down. the new replacement is not named for him, which i think is a shame. I felt really strongly that one of the two new residential colleges at yale should have been named after him.., but that didn't happen either. Gibbs is best known for work in thermodynamics, and he really deserves to be as well known as albert einstein.
  5. Origin of VMG as terminology

    just realized - i used 'CMG" where I meant to say "VMC"...
  6. Origin of VMG as terminology

    you, and anyone else, can use them however you want to however, there are conventions that you might want to follow, or at least be aware of.., it will help in communicating... so, in answer to your questions: 1) pretty much every instrument system and navigation program used in sailboat racing - B&G.., Expedition.., and so on, as well as pretty much every racing sailor 2) yes - it is sometimes expressed as a negative - in speech, nearly everyone drops the "negative".., but some instruments don't, it's often negative on computer output such as VPP results, and so on 3) yes - VMG on a beam reach is 0 we need terms for both velocity made good parallel to the wind.., and for velocity made good toward a destination. The convention in racing is to use VMG for the first, and CMG for the second. the important thing to understand is that mostly in WL racing, velocity made good toward a mark has almost no tactical value.., where as velocity made good wrt the wind direction is tremendously important.
  7. Humane options to Kill Raccoons "in a City"

    maybe it wasn't a .22... like i said - i don't know much about guns. i can recognize a .22 cartridge.., but i never loaded the gun myself. it didn't feel bigger than a .22 when i shot it. when i hit the raccoon, it got lifted off the ground and flew a bit.
  8. Humane options to Kill Raccoons "in a City"

    years ago i lived in a beach house in connecticut.., right on long island sound. we had a raccoon that would occasionally get in garbage, and was generally a pest - but it only came out at night. then it changed - it came out during the day, and seemed to be acting weirdly. i was worried it might have rabies, so i called the town animal control. the animal control guy came to my house, it was daytime.., the tide was out.., and the raccoon was wandering about on the large sandy area exposed by the low tide, looking for food. he agreed that it seemed to be acting weirdly, and said "i have to shoot it". the animal was maybe 50 yards out on the sand flat, and the guy started shooting a .22 rifle at the thing. I was pretty surprised - if you know the connecticut coast, you know it is pretty densely populated. anyway the guy was shooting away - missing every time. we could see the bullets hitting the sand, and the raccoon was oblivious. I asked if I could have a try.., and was shocked that he said yes. I killed the thing on my second shot. I have very little experience with guns and was never a good shot - so it was luck - but the animal control guy was pretty impressed. i was amazed that the town had a guy driving around with a gun.., who obviously had little knowledge of how to use one...
  9. Port-Starboard

    maybe i wasn't clear - my opinion is that WO definitely breaks RRS 13 "while tacking" i believe that C altered course because they thought that if they continued they would have a good chance of hitting WO, before WO completed their tack but.., to me, that's not the interesting aspect of the incident the interesting part, and one we don't know much about, is the decision making on WO - who actually made the call to not do a 720?.., was there anyone else on the afterguard who was entitled to voice an opinion? if so, did they? was there complete agreement with the decision? it's just a classic case of poor decision making... so much at stake.., lot's of experienced people.., and yet they got it completely wrong - how?
  10. Port-Starboard

    well, we can only assume that you are correct about what the afterguard thought - otherwise they would have done the 720... But i would guess that at least a few guys further forward on the boat were pretty sure they had fouled C. It kind of makes me wonder about the decision making process on the boat the video is about as clear as can be - C alters course to weather well before WO is closehauled and has completed their tack
  11. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    my guess is that the view from on WO was good enough.., and that at least a few of the WO crew knew right away that they weren't "100% in the clear" and that they had broken a rule.., and probably most of those that weren't sure they had broken a rule, knew that it was close enough that they would have a good chance of losing the protest.
  12. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    and the only reason there was 4 or 5m (if there really was) between the boats when WO completed their tack..., was because C altered course a few seconds _before_ WO completed their tack - _that_ is the essence of the RRS 13 violation found by the jury.
  13. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    including whoever wrote the Front Page article (Clean? isn't he a lawyer?) where it is incorrectly described as a "blatant port/starboard foul"
  14. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    there seem to be some who think the decision stated that RRS 10 and 13 were both broken in fact the decision says only that RRS 13 (While Tacking) was broken - the video is clear.., S alters course before P is on a close hauled course on starboard tack. It's fair to ask whether S needed to alter course.., but I think given the video.., it's reasonable for S to claim they did feel they needed to alter course. P was crazy to not realize that a jury would almost certainly agree with that. another misconception i have seen in this thread is that some believe S can not alter course - in fact, the only limitation on S is that she can not alter course in such a way that P does not have room to keep clear. So.., to all the comments about S making small course alterations up or down - it's irrelevant. To those who say that P should have withdrawn after seeing the video, and realizing they broke a rule.., i think there is no sportsmanship or fair sailing issue here - when the SI's specify the possibility of an alternate penalty to be decided by the jury, it's perfectly okay to wait and see what that penalty is. as far as the 1hr goes - anyone who thinks that the time penalty is supposed to reflect the time for a 720.., is just wrong. There is no guidance to this effect in the judges manual However usually, this situation doesn't arise... in my experience.., there are races where a boat can take either a 720.., or an alternate penalty which is usually specified in the SI's as a %.., and is not determined by the jury then there are races (usually distance races) where the option to do a 720 is explicitly removed, and the only possible penalty is a time penalty to be determined by the jury. this is because it's generally felt that a 720 is an insufficient penalty for a distance race.., and also because it's generally felt that disqualification is too great a penalty (for most offenses) in a distance race. so this race is unusual in having a period where both the 720 and an indeterminate time penalty are both possible
  15. Which foulies should I get?

    that's not been my experience with Gill - I basically got the brush-off by them recently over a spray top. on the other hand.., Musto just replaced an MPX salopette a few weeks ago for me MPX is good, but it's heavy.., i think of it more for ocean sailing, or cold weather sailing. Inshore, or round the cans in warmer weather, I have been happy with a new Zhik Aroshell salopette i recently bought. It fits me well too - it's a bit slimmer than other brands.