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  1. us7070

    New SWAN 48 and sweet dreams

    The new Swan 54 I have sailed on has mid-boom sheeting to a point over the comanionway. This is probably the best solution for a large-ish cruising boat on which there is no plan for a traveler - although that setup can have a short traveler. if, on a cruising boat, you are not going to put a full-width traveler in the cockpit, i think it probably makes sense to forgo end-boom sheeting. without the traveler, you don't get much more control than a good mid-boom system.., and not only is the sheet in the way, it can be dangerous when it sweeps across a cockpit. obviously, the boom needs to be built for mid boom sheeting I feel like on this boat, they didn't want anything disrupting the clean line forward.., but - away from the boat show - there will be a dodger that never goes away, and you won't even see the companionway sheeting.
  2. us7070

    New SWAN 48 and sweet dreams

    well, i've never seen anything like that on any of the Swans i've sailed on. I have a feeling that is a specific owner request.., not a stock feature it's pretty ugly, and i am not sure it would withstand an uncontrolled gybe without some damage. however, it might offer some protection from the main sheet to a crew member in the cockpit
  3. us7070

    New SWAN 48 and sweet dreams

    i've sailed quite a lot on the 53, and the newer 54 - this one is an even newer design, but has a lot in common with the ones i have sailed on. They are very comfortable cruising boats that work well offshore. the build level is quite high, giving a lot of confidence in bad weather. they are not meant for racing; they are heavy.., have cruising keels, winches are wrong.., no traveler, and so on.
  4. us7070

    Harken Bolt-Down Fairlead at End of Sprit

    it's not totally clear what's going on with that... looks like an eye splice around the ring - from what i see, you are not supposed to have tight necks on rings like that, but i guess if you oversize the line it will be okay. but i can't tell what's happening with the rest of it. in any case, i have two holes, not one central hole
  5. us7070

    Harken Bolt-Down Fairlead at End of Sprit

    i just looked - that's the breaking strength.., not a safe working load
  6. us7070

    Harken Bolt-Down Fairlead at End of Sprit

    that's not the problem - i just prefer to have no moving parts. The block gets in the way of one of the mooring lines, and having a fixed ring, or a fairlead will be cleaner than a big block - spring, or no spring.
  7. us7070

    Harken Bolt-Down Fairlead at End of Sprit

    i thought about that, but the U bolt might be too small, and I wasn't sure how I would secure the ring i will look for a picture of a european 109 to see how they do it.
  8. us7070

    Harken Bolt-Down Fairlead at End of Sprit

    I would make a Delrin piece that is flat on top, and curved on the bottom, to match the sprit. I thought about a ring.., but I would prefer to have nothing flopping around up there.
  9. I want to simplify the setup at the end of an extendable sprit on a 30ft boat. It currently has a large U bolt with a Harken 57mm Carbo Block I am thinking of taking the U bolt off, and just putting a 12mm Harken Fairlead there in its place. They make a bigger one, but the working load of this one exceeds that of the 57mm block, and the hole should be big enough for the stripped line i will use. are these commonly used for this application? is there any reason it won't work?
  10. us7070

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    When i was a kid, i lived for several years in the Netherlands - in Den Haag. The Savannah came into Rotterdam, and we had a school field trip to tour the boat and see the reactors - i was probably about 8. it was an amazing experience.
  11. us7070

    Deck Cleats and mooring lines

    I probably wouldn't use one of those as a permanent attachment for a boat that lives on a mooring - they look chafe prone.., and even might have a possibility of failing - maybe a manufacturing defect in where you can't see. That one in particular only has two fasteners - the better deck cleats have four fasteners. a plain old horn cleat is pretty reliable I know that plenty of big boats use the Nomen folding cleats for moorings - but they look a lot better than that cleat. They also cost a lot...
  12. us7070

    Deck Cleats and mooring lines

    i think that could work - as long as you got a really strong fiber padeye - i have seen some really nice ones on the gunboats.., and i'm sure they are on other big boats too. the only problem i have with it is that often my wife is picking up the mooring.., and getting the eye splice over a horn cleat is pretty simple, and can be done in a second or two... if it is windy and there is any load on the mooring line, she will not like fiddling with a soft shackle while holding the mooring line under load... yes, i have a motor.., but in this case i think easy is better
  13. us7070

    AIS receiver info anyone?

    this one is only US $55 - with a splitter
  14. us7070

    Small Handheld DSC VHF

    I am looking for a small handheld VHF with DSC capability. I am not looking for an emergency or MOB type of device - I am looking for something you can actually talk on. The smallest I have found, are: Standard Horizon HX890 - 2.6" X 5.4" X 1.5" and Icom M93D - 2.3" X 5.7" X 1.5" The Standard Horizon feels a bit less bulky to me when I hold it. Any others I should be looking at?
  15. us7070

    Vineyard Race SI amendment #1

    but that relates to what has already transpired. is it necessarily the case that, having once held an invalid hearing, the committee can never again consider the case? i haven't seen anything that says that