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  1. The shipping quotes i got all included insurance above my existing insurance for damage during shipping. There may be horror stories out there.., but I haven't heard any... probably thousands of yachts a year are transported on large ships.., and most are probably fine. of course, you could get unlucky.., but that could happen with a delivery too.
  2. us7070

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    but you should still carry a replacement... how do you replace the board in place up the mast? they are like 5 or 6ft above the masthead... anyway - i'm the navigator.., so that's not my job!
  3. us7070

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    I hope you are not replacing the entire MHU every time it fails... a lot of boats carry an extra board, or two..,
  4. if i recall.., i think i found that sevenstar had the most options for schedules, and ports at both ends. I've seen sevenstar ships in newport. my brother had his boat shipped with dockwise and was pretty happy - but we had to get the boat from newport to ft lauderdale for an eastbound trip to the med. there is also DYT.. i think i've seen them in newport too
  5. the logistics of the westbound delivery UK to New England are tough enough that you really have to have a good reason for having the boat sailed either you want to do the trip yourself - as i said it can be a lot of fun - but, you say you don't want to do it... the other good reason would be to have the boat in the caribbean for the winter - a delivery crew could have the boat in say antigua by christmas. basically the issues for a delivery are this: you need to be on the way to the canaries pretty soon - December is kind of late for UK-Las Palmas the delivery across could be any time until late spring. if you waited that long you might do canaries - bermuda - newport, but then maybe you would haul the boat in the canaries for the winter - unless you want to cruise there. alternatively, the crew could leave las palmas right away for the caribbean.., but if you aren't using the boat there, you'd probably want to haul it til it's time to leave for newport in the spring. i'd probably rather haul in the canaries and have the boat brought across in the spring. shipping is way easier
  6. in case it wasn't clear - that quote is for having it shipped.
  7. i got a quote for a 40ft boat 2 years ago - USD 17-20K.., depending 60ft would be 2 or 3X you can have a detailed quote in a few hours monday morning.
  8. the most direct route is pretty much upwind... have you looked at the Jimmy Cornell book? he has brief discussions of most of the possible routes, and you will get an idea of what a delivery captain will be thinking... also - look at the pilot charts. If the boat is in the UK now, and you want it in Newport next spring.., and are thinking of having it sailed there.., preparations should probably be underway now or soon. Shipping it would be way simpler.., depending on schedule/availability/port of loading
  9. us7070

    HPDO- Why cancelled?

    there have been J/70's...
  10. westbound? usual westbound route is to Canaries.., to Caribbean.., to New England.., so a lot of miles. You can certainly cut miles off - at the risk of motoring a lot.., and/or maybe less comfortable conditions The main reason to sail it over is because you want to sail it over- not to save money. It's a fun trip, with the right boat and the right crew, but it's a big time commitment.
  11. us7070

    HPDO- Why cancelled?

    well that's sad - AYC hosts a lot of regattas, but that was the best one.
  12. us7070

    Mustang Meris?

    I'm looking at it instead of the MPX I have MPX salopettes, and I like them, but the fit is a bit short and big for me... Musto just gave me a new salopette on warranty, so I wouldn't mind supporting them. But the fit of the MPX jacket works worse for me than the ft of the salopette. The arms were annoyingly short for me when i tried it on at the store. I tried on some of the more expensive line of Mustang gear, and I think it fit a bit better than the Musto, so I'm kind of hoping the Meris line will fit the same.
  13. us7070

    Mustang Meris?

    has anyone here tried the Mustang Meris foul weather gear? It's a lower-priced line. the Meris jacket is $575 vs ~$1000 for their best jacket
  14. us7070

    Vineyard Race 2018

    That Kattack tracker is worse than useless for this race boats displayed next to each other can have 5 hours or more difference in the last report time. either track it with trackers that work outside cell range.., or don't bother.
  15. us7070

    Front Page - scotw

    This is not even a difficult question... you just don't publish a photo of a woman, like that photo, without asking her first.., and if she is a minor, you don't publish it no matter what she says...