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  1. EPIRB, SART & PLB update 2018

    i called the american distributor in february to ask about the VOR model they said they were unaware of plans to make that available as a retail product, and not to expect it anytime soon... do you know something different? but, from what i know, even that model is really not what is needed... what needs to be done is the AIS device needs to be integrated into the PFD.., so that we don't have to rely on installing it with the ribbon around the bladder to auto activate. the offshore PFD needs to be designed with the AIS as an integral part
  2. AIS on racing marks

    I looked into this several years ago, for a fairly big regatta USCG told me that I couldn't do it for marks that would be moved regularly - in our case, we wanted to set them every morning.., move them as the wind changed or the course changed.., and then take them back in when the racing was done for the day.., and do this for 5 days of racing they didn't like that... I think they were thinking the AIS was more applicable to a mark that might stay out all season.
  3. Kleen Breeze

    up above, you asked us what we wanted... i don't know what the others want.., but what i said i would like to see is a video from above, of one of the two-masted proas shunting... the view from above would give me a much better sense of what's going on than those other videos and, given that kleen breeze - the subject of this thread - has two masts.., it's not unreasonable to ask to see one of those in action i appreciate you don't have one now.., but it should be possible to get one, given a few weeks.... i probably wouldn't have said anything.., except that you asked...
  4. Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    of course they paid - it was certainly part of oracle's marketing program..., and there might have been other ways it got paid for too... maybe some things got paid for out of Oracle's R&D program... not that there is anything wrong with that... all the teams had corporate sponsors.., that was the whole point of the thing!
  5. Kleen Breeze

    you post the video... we'll be the judge of whether or not there is anything to see.
  6. Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    Oracle got the company name plastered all over everything for free?
  7. Wind transducers - tall vs short

    I have pretty much no experience with NKE - but if you have expedition, and can send numbers from expedition to the displays.., you can have expedition do the calibration/correction this model that we've been forced to work with for years - where a $7500 (or more) processor is required if you want any kind of "advanced" functionality.., is ridiculous.., but there are ways around it.., and i think better ways are coming...
  8. i guess i missed that part...
  9. Kleen Breeze

    i asked for something pretty specific up above... i wanted to see some sort of a video - preferably from a drone high above - of what happens when one of these 2 masted proas tacks or gybes. if i understand correctly, it is called "shunting"...
  10. Need Chartplotter Recommendation

    i didn't realize one could transfer GPX with a websocket connection to a plotter- that's great to know! i've really only used websocket to connect expedition to the processor
  11. Need Chartplotter Recommendation

    they change while racing
  12. Need Chartplotter Recommendation

    if that works - you have solved the problem!
  13. Gunboat 68

    from FB again - a model!
  14. i think that is true - to an extent... they like aluminum boats up where you are going..., and a lot of the local boats are pretty high-end boats - swan.., arcona.., x-yacht.., the dutch builders.., so they are used to nice boats there but that futuna is probably a bit overkill for your cruise- i would take it to greenland.., and then argentina and chile
  15. How are We Perceived?

    i do this when i have to not doing it put me in the hospital - because a truck tried to pass when it wasn't safe. my state has a law that says that a car passing must leave a minimum of 3ft when passing - most cars break that law every time they pass and.., it's legal - a cyclist is permitted to ride in the center of the lane when safety requires it. i agree that many cyclists ride like idiots and break laws.., i was guilty at one time.., but i am way more cautious now.., and am at least as law-abiding on the bike as behind the wheel.