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    Cold Feet, But Not Sea Boots

    the problem with the dubarry boots (and i think with a lot of sailing gear) is that the Gore-Tex is subject to failure, Dubarry replaced my boots, which is great, but i'd rather they just stayed waterproof. i have had jackets and pants replaced by Musto and other manufacturers because of Gore-Tex delamination inside the "lifetime" of the garment.
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    well, i don't really go down there much, but i looked at my chart and it looks like that is an east cardinal mark near it i don't understand why cardinal marks are not used more frequently in the USA - in europe, they are all over the place .., some areas at least... they are so uncommon in these waters that one could be forgiven for not recognizing it in this case. i rarely see isolated danger marks either I think buoyage could be a lot better in the USA edit - now i'm not sure it's a cardinal mark
  3. us7070

    Offshore Internet (asking for a friend)

    And as the available bandwidth increases, cruise ships and airlines will buy all they can get, because they can re-sell it to passengers who are on the boat for a week.., or on the plane for a day, and are not that price sensitive. this could effectively put a floor under the pricing - sailors will always be competing with the air/cruise passengers. what would you pay to have high speed internet for the entire duration of your next 10hr flight? for the OP - the sat providers currently price "streaming" service differently than even very-high bandwidth / very high data limit plans - it costs a lot more
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    Regatta Page on NKE Multigraphic?

    I just saw those NKE displays on a boat - they are really nice!
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    Covering your new racing rf sail

    say you have an older racing sail, that you want to use for cruising. i guess one option is to have the sailmaker add whatever they put on cruising sails - it's often sunbrella, or something similar, right? is there any kind of sticky-back material that i can buy and apply myself?
  6. sounds like they're not that interested... Nick White regularly turns out new versions overnight for trivial requests like that one. I realize dealing with the app store adds a bit of time, but you won't convince me the inavx guy gives a damn...
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    Forward Cockpit

    i like the forward cockpit - but it is true that it isn't _always_ a dry place. newer designs are drier than older designs - due to better hull shapes one one of the GB's I sailed on, we did one-person watches offshore on deliveries- usually pretty depowered at night. the forward cockpit was a fantastic place to spend a watch - looking at the stars - totally safe even alone - all the sail controls right there - and with the chartplotters and AP just a step or two away.
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    Gunboat 80

    GLY owns some very cool brands picking up RM seems a bit of a gamble, but I'm guessing it didn't cost much. They are interesting boats - i was able to look one over (from the outside) a few days ago. It was on the hard at the yard where i wintered. it is a twin keel version. i finally saw it in the water and could see the cockpit and deck. They sort of have the same target use, but I'm sure at a fraction of the price, as the aluminum monohulls from GLY. The fit and finish is a bit workman-like, but i'm sure they get the job done, and it keeps the price reasonable.
  9. did u ever get any feedback from inavx on this or the project waypoint request?
  10. us7070

    Gunboat 80

    well, the design and build of the first 68 was always going to be a long time.., it is an amazing boat. but that was launched in early 2019, and now #3 in mid 2020 - so that's 3 boats in ~18 months. they are doing a great job in LGM, and the GB brand could not have landed in better hands than GLY. for sure, there is going to be more and more competition in this segment - ultra high-end high-performance cruising catamarans - but the shift to multihulls will only accelerate. i don't think there is anything better than the 68 out there now in that category. HH is building fast boats, but they are not at this level of refinement. other than that, there are a lot of designs - and a few have been built - but with GLY / GB on #4 now, I'm pretty sure they are getting it dialed in - where else would you go for a boat like this?
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    Gunboat 80

    cool - i'm sure it will be amazing... i'm guessing someone came along and said "the 68 is nice, but i need something bigger..."
  12. TWA 43-44deg in light to 36-37deg in medium wind and flat water, to over 40deg in more wind and waves. This is for Med Cup style boats The boats that were designed for the transpac are probably not as close winded
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    J/105 Hoisting

    I am told that some J/105's are hoisted with a single eye nut on a keel bolt does anyone here have first hand experience with this?
  14. us7070

    J/105 Hoisting

    In my original post, i wasn't so much asking if the 105 could be hoisted - i know they can... the thing i was trying to learn was whether they are all picking off a _single_ keel boat. Some boats pick off a bracket that spreads the load over two (or more) keel boats. The J/88, for example has a plate with a cross bar that goes under two keel bolts. All newer X-yachts - even the big ones - can be hoisted.., but they have a plate that spreads the load over two keel bolts. I have since learned that most 105's doing this are in fact using a single keel bolt.
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    Traveler control line

    I just used FSE Dinghy Control Line - 6mm- on a boat with a ~275ft^2 main it has a dyneema core.., runs pretty well.., but might be a bit small in the hand for strong winds - I haven't used it yet in any kind of strong wind, but i am guessing i will need gloves. 6mm is the biggest they make for that product i might swap it out for the jib car control, if the piece i got is long enough BTW - i also used the McLube One Drop on my traveler bearings - seems much better, but the real test will come when i get out in some breeze.
  16. us7070

    diy cooler?

    i was thinking of getting of these - supposedly the zippers aren't that great though
  17. us7070

    B&G Vulcan Reviews?

    i think the Zeus scrolls, or pans faster than the vulcan, and redraws faster than the vulcan. the vulcan isn't actually slow, but if you are used to the Zeus, you might notice it
  18. us7070

    How do I remove bowsprit cap?

    does your bobstay go through a hole in the end piece so that it can be taken up by shockcord inside?
  19. us7070

    Spin Pole Ring Height?

    I need to add a ring to an aluminum mast The boat has a sprit and asym, so I will only use the ring for poling out a jib in weeknight non-spin racing. I don't want a track How do I know how high to put the ring - is there some rule of thumb? the jib is non-overlapping I was thinking; put it at the height of the jib clew when the jib is out as far outboard as it will go, and still attach to the pole - so the pole would be horizontal any thoughts? I figure it's probably not super critical - but I don't want to have to move it and end up with extra holes in the mast.
  20. NOAA Chart 12364, for example in inavx, i can view heading/waypoint up.., or chart up what i want is true north up
  21. A friend is in the administration at a university they are trying to figure out whether to have students on campus and what to do in the dorms. they have a list of (potential) rules to be followed by students in the dorms... my opinion: either open.., or don't.., whatever .., but forget about the rules.., people say, 18-22 are not going to follow any "distancing" rules in the dorms. i don't see Jr. sailing being much more successful in enforcing distancing rules if you feel you need to have rules in place for appearance sake.., then fine - have them. If you think the rules are really important, and that a situation in which they are not followed closely would be a big problem.., then probably better to not run the program in the first place.
  22. us7070

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    those races can, on average have decent wind..., but it's not uncommon that in the middle of the night, or early in the morning, there is a few hour period of almost no wind. This can happen all over new england of course, i have seen afternoons with no wind too.. but in those very light wind parts of the race, big moves can be made by connecting little puffs - a boat that can react to them has a definite advantage - it might mean the difference between making or missing a tidal gate.., or sometimes you might have a situation where breeze is dying west to east.., and you are headed east - a boat that gets just a little bit ahead will always have better breeze - the rich get richer scenario. it all just emphasizes the long-term advantage of a boat that performs okay in a wide range of conditions.
  23. us7070

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    The thing is that in the USA (East Coast at least).., IRC is all but dead - most regattas and distance races have dropped it completely, or are now offering dual scoring with another rule - usually ORC I Think though it is not clear where we will end up in the USA - ORC in the short run.., but after that, who knows. with respect to the 1030 and the 3300, I have seen them both out sailing, and they each look great. The 1030 seems pretty IRC focused.., the 3300 i guess is less so... Either way, in the US market, it's probably not a good time to bring a new rule-specific design to market. the 99 seems pretty non-specific with respect to rating rules. Another thing, is that distance races in the north east (US) typically have a wide variety of conditions - upwind, down wind, reaching.. light breeze, heavy breeze.., no breeze - all in the same race sometimes. I have anchored in distance races here... I've seen them be all upwind.., and all downwind - anything is possible. One thing I have seen many times in these races is that a boat's performance in 2-4kts of wind can be of great importance. Anyway, the area I am talking about is probably the global epicenter of J Boat ownership I think for this area, in today's rating environment, you probably want a boat that can compete in a wide variety of wind conditions, and under a variety or rating rules. I don't know which of these three boats fits that niche best - they all look great.., and I wouldn't dismiss the 99 yet.
  24. us7070

    Harken Jib Lead

    I'm thinking of installing the Harken jib lead to help prevent overrides I assume I want them directly in-line with the jib car and the point on the winch where the sheet first makes contact - right? how far in front of the winch should they go?
  25. us7070

    Harken Jib Lead

    thanks - as you say.., 8deg is what i saw in some harken manuals. i am not sure of my exact model, it's harken, but not a current winch.., so i will check when i get on the boat. i basically was never getting overrides - until a crowded mark rounding a few days ago...