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  1. cwgarr

    J-105 Question

    What is the difference between 105's that are pre or post SCRIMP? It appears that the pre SCRIMP boats are more desirable- why? I know (or think I know) what the SCRIMP process was- basically a resin infusion process right? Please enlighten me Thanks
  2. cwgarr

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Well- it is pretty and will be well-built BUT come on guys- take 2000# out of it, offer a proper tiller cockpit setup and I might be interested but as it is, just another displacement hull trying to get out of the hole NO THANKS. Just what I need, spend 300K and watch M32's sail through my lee. I don't sleep on boats that don't offer room service. Get on the course, flay the competition and get to the shower/bar./restaurant/bed first.