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  1. I saw several Ling-Bo RIB's in use as chase/coach boats at a regatta this summer as well as during the Olympics. Anybody have any info on them? I have been to the site but they are not responsive. I can't find a US dealer. All info appreciated
  2. cwgarr

    J-105 Question

    What is the difference between 105's that are pre or post SCRIMP? It appears that the pre SCRIMP boats are more desirable- why? I know (or think I know) what the SCRIMP process was- basically a resin infusion process right? Please enlighten me Thanks
  3. I want to throw myself on the tender mercies of the group and make a request for some opinions. I am a reasonably experienced sailor, done offshore, one design, owned a melges 24 for a while, and am an experienced technician and rigger. I am not by any measure anything other than an experienced club racer. SO; Having sold my J-24, I am now looking for the next boat. There are other one design options in my area, small M24 fleet, large Cal 20 fleet (Yawn), dying J24 fleet and some Martins and Merits and a building 105 fleet. The M24 does not appeal because I want something I can take offshore. I do want something that will allow me to scare myself a little in a breeze and that will reliably plane in 12-15. I accept that I will have to race PHRF and dont really care about the pickle dish count, I just want to go fast, have a boat under 35 feet and one that I can trailer. I also want a boat that in decent conditions has a reasonable chance to finish first B F B. What I want is some reflections on a particular boat, specifically a Melges 32. I have only sailed on one twice, both times at the Annapolis Boat Show around the time they first came out. The boat has a scary rep and I am unsure if I would be biting off more than I can handle. I am sure I could sail it in medium stuff, but the big breeze is where the fun is at and I just wonder if it is too much for a determinably amateur crew. SO: Whattaya think. Let me have it all. Thanks in advance.
  4. cwgarr

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Well- it is pretty and will be well-built BUT come on guys- take 2000# out of it, offer a proper tiller cockpit setup and I might be interested but as it is, just another displacement hull trying to get out of the hole NO THANKS. Just what I need, spend 300K and watch M32's sail through my lee. I don't sleep on boats that don't offer room service. Get on the course, flay the competition and get to the shower/bar./restaurant/bed first.