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  1. hdra

    PTFE Rod instead of Torlon Balls?

    Is this the case with most ball bearing systems? We've got a Facnor Facslide mainsail luff track system that we just replaced the balls on, but there's no mention in the manual of how many balls per car. The previous owners had already changed balls so we just replicated what they'd done, but it was the maximum number of balls that fitted into the car.
  2. If you like the look of Friendship Rose (schooner in your picture) you could probably just chatter them out of Bequia; although I think they mostly do day charters. Jambalaya is Carriacou built schooner that does crewed charters in the Caribbean as well, and is a bit more reasonably sized - think she’s something like 55’? Are you looking for a bareboat?
  3. hdra

    flex couple tranny to prop shaft

    We've got an Evolution Marine flex-coupling - seems to be holding up OK under a lot of abuse. Just replaced the rubber after about 6 years and 5000 hours because it was starting to go. http://www.evolutionmarine.com
  4. hdra

    Narrow nosed SS rivet gun?

    I've occasionally stacked tiny washers on the rivet between the gun and the head to gain clearance when riveting into small holes - works pretty well
  5. We actually have a shaft generator on our boat - I suspect it is not nearly as efficient as it could be. It's an alternator that's belted to the drive shaft, and we have a fixed 3-blade prop. Haven't sailed the boat in light air without the fixed prop, so don't know how about the performance difference. It's hard to get appropriate tension on as it's a very skinny belt and the pulley on the alternator is very small. There's no way to clutch the belt in and out, so we only use it passage making when we're not planning on motoring, as motoring at above 3 kts seems to make the belt start to slip and then it heats up and explodes, so we mostly leave the belt off when we're sailing coastal. It will put out a max of about 8A @ 12V while doing over 7kts, but has a pretty steep ramp up - under about 5.5kts it is basically useless. On cloudy passages when the solar isn't keeping up with the autopilot we'll normally leave the shaft alternator on for 6-8 hours a day and it seems to cover our needs, unless it's light air sailing without good sun, at which point we end up having to motor just to charge to keep up with the pilot, as the wind vane struggles to drive in light air. I probably wouldn't install the same system on the boat, but as we've already got it it's a nice charging adjunct offshore.
  6. Are you the "Islander"?
  7. hdra

    Which Wind Generator

    We have a pair of airBreeze turbines that are about 6 years old - no issues so far. We really appreciate the fact that they self-regulate, so that if windspeed is over 45kts apparent they will brake themselves to avoid damage, as well as braking when the batteries are fully charged. They seem to interact well with our solar system - not sure what the charge controller setup is as it was installed by previous captain. They are a bit noisy at low wind speeds at the nose cones / fairings don't fit super tight on the front of the turbines, so at low wind speeds clack/rattle a bit, but once the wind speed is over about 10-12 knots the noise isn't noticeable. As with most things wind-generator, we find there is a very steep cut in as wind speed increases - they just start to be useful around 15kts of apparent windspeed, but then ramp up very quickly so that at over 20 kts of windspeed they are putting out 10-12A @24V each. We have electrical disconnect switches installed so that we can "brake" the turbines by flicking a switch - this makes it much safer to stop them. Once the brakes are on, you can stop them by hand and tie them down, which we occasionally need to do when enthusiastic fishermen are on board, to eliminate the noise while filming/recording audio in the stern, or polishing stainless.
  8. hdra

    Dynaform changing tuning numbers?

    You should listen to all these people who actually sail J/24s rather than me : )
  9. hdra

    Dynaform changing tuning numbers?

    Do you mean Dyform / Compacted wire rigging? I don't know details on the J24, but in general deform is heavier, but stronger and has less stretch than normal 1x19. Differences in tune would probably depend on whether the wire is sized smaller than the normal 1x19 on a J24 (but equivalent strength/stretch) or if it is same diameter, and hence higher strength / lower stretch.
  10. hdra

    Mutihull a mono?

    It's a bad idea - you'll end up with something worse than either a mono or a normal multi. But if you do do it, take lots of pictures and share so we can see how it goes.
  11. There's no picture, but if you're in Europe TBS nonskid is fairly common as well - AFAIK it's what a lot of larger boats use, ie. Clipper, old Global Challenge, etc.
  12. hdra

    Oahu Dockage for a big boat?

    Cool, Thanks - will look into it. Really appreciate it.
  13. hdra

    Oahu Dockage for a big boat?

    Any idea who we'd need to talk to about that spot?
  14. hdra

    Oahu Dockage for a big boat?

    hehe - hoping to avoid anything having to do with Ms. Appel : )
  15. Any Hawaiian Anarchists hanging about? We're looking to find dockage for the 72' sailboat we run on Oahu for about two weeks in April and two weeks in June. We're going to be prepping for a research trip to the Phoenix Islands in May and then an all women's trip back to Vancouver in July. Last time we were in Hawaii (about 5 years ago) we stayed in Kewalo Basin, but apparently it is undergoing renovations and when we spoke with them last month they weren't sure if they'd have any space available in April (or even be done with work yet). The other big restriction is that we have an 11' draft. Does anyone have any suggestions or contacts for where we could put a boat of this size, ideally without paying $3.50/ft/night in Ko Olina?