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  1. Dylan, which motor/battery are you reviewing? The 530WH battery or the 900Wh+ one? Bull City, Thanks for the link - will dig through that post tomorrow. My biggest concern (I think) is ability to run all day without issues - we're going to be doing some trips next spring where the 3.4m airfloor boat will need to be shuttling scuba tanks back and forth between the big boat and another tender on a dive site all day long, potentially up to 1 mile round trips. We've got plenty of charging capability to recharge batteries, but would be nice to be able to only buy 2 batteries and not have to worry about things like software glitches freezing the motor. We've done this with the 9.9hp gas motor, and trying to decide if we can expect to be able to function (albeit perhaps slower when returning empty) with an electric. The 9.9HP mercury is a bit of a bastard - not very reliable, always clogging the idle jet (no matter about filtration etc) so am trying to decide which set of headaches is better.
  2. Does anyone have experience with relatively new Torqueedo outboards? We're thinking about getting one to replace the 9.9HP Mercury 4-stroke (which has its own set of issues) on our Achilles 3.4m air-floor inflatable. I know there were a lot of teething problems with the Torqueedos, particularly around waterproof-ness/marinization - I had some friends who bought one in 2011 and replaced it 6 months later with a gas 4-stroke. Has battery life / range / performance improved significantly? I know we won't be able to plane with one, but will we be able to push the dinghy with 5 adults in it into 20kts of wind? How many batteries would we need to shuttle back and forth to shore all day at a reasonable pace? -Eric
  3. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Why create another simplified J-24 when the IC-24 already exists? The IC-24 is a fun boat to bonk around in, and the only real drawback to them is the small jib (in light air) but going to a single jib on a eX-24 would have the same effect.
  4. Gunboat 68

    Are those sinks in the heads in the renderings actually planned? That style (the bowl sitting on a counter) seems to be popular recently but in real life think they kind of suck - hard to clean around the base, awkward to use, more prone to someone ripping the sink off the counter?
  5. Boots

    I've got a pair of Muck boots for cold weather sailing - they've got extra insulated soles and are high, almost to my knees - very nice. Work well sailing down to sub-freezing temperatures. Only problem I've found is that they are slippery - and the soles are stiff - much stiffer than dubarrys, so crawling around/squatting is hard to do. The sloppiness is fine on agressive non-skid, but can be not nice on areas of smooth gelcoat etc. Haven't found anything else that's as warm in cold weather sailing for as little money, and pretty comfortable as well.
  6. That style works really well - the only real issues with it are 1) they are vulnerable when docking/rafting to other boats, even if rotated 2 ) if you take a breaking wave across the boat or get knocked down they are very vulnerable as well - not a real concern for most sailing, but if you're crossing oceans at moderate to high latitudes this is a real risk, with the added side effect that your stern pulpit/stanchions get all buggered in as well.
  7. Aluminum bottom RIBs

    like with a wire wheel or a sander? Don't know for sure, but would think that if you're building these boats they would make sure to do the prep right.
  8. Antifouling for Aluminum boats

    We've used International Trilux 33 on our aluminum hulled boat with no issues for the last 3 years.
  9. Crew commentary from the Clipper race

    Diane Reid is still around - she skippers Volvo 60s for Spartan Ocean Racing, ran an all-women's circumnavigation of the UK this summer on Pangaea Exploration's Challenge 72, and as far as I know has a fairly busy sailing schedule for the next year or so. http://www.onegirlsoceanchallenge.com
  10. There have been a few anchorages where I wish we had had a centerboard, but so far from France-Caribbean-Newfoundland-Maine-Greenland-Iceland-Ireland-UK haven't really had any issues with it. I work on a boat that draws 3.3m so having "only" 2m draft feels pretty luxurious when we get to go play. Another design you might want to check out is Seal - a 56' built by Hamish & Kate Laird who used to work on Pelagic as a charter boat for Alaska. https://www.expeditionsail.com Ed Joy designed her and will sell you a set of study plans for her - think that a near sistership was just launched in south Africa as well. https://www.edjoydesign.com/Seal.html?/Seal1.html
  11. My bad - take back what I say about them then.
  12. Here're are a few pictures of the Pouvreau 42 we have, Fleur Australe. From what we understand there were 8-10 of these boats built but the rest were centerboarders, this one was a semi-custom version with a fixed keel and the doghouse. I've come across one 38'er also designed by Vaton and built by the same yard but that's it - haven't met any other sister ships. I suspect that the Futuna with the carbon rig is mainly because it was a no-expenses spared custom boat and a carbon rig is slightly faster/sexier than an aluminum one, not for any significant difference it made in stability to the boat - a 54' will have enough displacement that it should be able to safely carry a centerboard regardless of rig material - look at Skip Novak's original Pelagic, built in steel, for example.
  13. I hadn't come across the Futuna before seeing your post. I've come across a few one-offs that aim for the same target, and there are of course the Ovnis. Another option might be some of the older Garcia's - have seen a few Garcia Passoa 47s that looked pretty good - don't know much about them and haven't managed to get aboard one, but they will come in much cheaper than any Boreal, Garcia Adventure, or the Futuna, which could leave some room in the budget for refitting. My wife and I ended up purchasing an older (1985) semi-custom 42' Pouvreau with a fixed keel that has been serving us well for the past three years - the boat was just about spot on and at that size/displacement we're happier having a ballast keel for AVS, especially on a used boat without design documentation. The boat has ended up being pretty perfect - there have a been a few anchorages so far where it would have been nice to be able to get shallower, but at 2m draft think it's a fairly good compromise between simple/shoal draft/performance/stability. Good luck in your search - one thing to keep in mind with the Bestevaer's as well is that they are very much a semi-custom boat - there's a user on the forums "Seaworthy Lass" who's building a new Bestevaer and is tailoring it very much away from the fancy paint, teak decks, and cushy interior and towards a bomb-proof bare-aluminum world cruiser. She's posted photos from the build here and it looks like it's going to be a sweet boat. That being said, building new is going to be a lot more expensive than buying used no matter what way you cut it and I suspect a new Bestevaer would not be cheap.
  14. I've seen both the Boreal 44 and the Garcia Adventure 45 in person and can't say I'm sold on the looks of either. I think that the Boreal is probably a better boat for this type of thing than the Garcia - better tankage, simpler systems on spec, non-swept spreaders, and I've heard very positive things about the Boreal's handling under sail. An acquaintance sailed aboard the first Adventure 45 when Jimmy Cornell attempted the NW passage and had a number of criticisms of that boat in particular - mostly due to it being first edition and systems not being refined, but my take away was that if you can stomach the aesthetics of either the Boreal is a significantly better boat.