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  1. hdra

    Abort Mission: Marquesas to Los Angeles

    finding dockage in Hawaii can be a pain in the ass, particularly on a longer / deeper boat. There aren't many marinas, and those that are are pretty full, and it seems like the state run ones, while cheap, are badly managed. Ko'Olina on Oahu is expensive, way out of the way, and sometimes a bit slow to respond and wants lots of paperwork, but may be the only place that will accept a reservation. If you're on a smaller boat you can often just bet on showing up, especially in Oahu, as either Alawai or Kewalo often have space - the dock master at Kewalo has always been very helpful, but limited by construction and being very full. Alawai (at least the last time we were there) was pretty unfriendly and badly managed, but was cheap. Ke'ehi lagoon (the moorings at least) has a reputation as being high crime - the kind of place you don't want to leave your boat unattended, locked or unlocked. I"m sure that locals can give you better info than this, but as a repeat visitor to Oahu we find it to be one of the more frustrating places to tie up. Don't know about COVID, but pre-COVID be prepared for agriculture inspections too - we have been forced to pay something like $60 a bag to dispose of garbage before being allowed to clear - have heard that things in Hilo are a lot more chill, but again calling ahead to the CBP office and Ag people can at least give you forewarning. Agree with the other posters on timing - the next few weeks is about as late as I'd like to be leaving Hawaii for the west coast to make sure I didn't have to worry about early season hurricanes wandering through. A lot of people doing the trip as a delivery will load up on fuel and motor through the high, especially bound for LA, otherwise a sailing route takes you a lot further north (up to BC/Washington) then back down the west coast.
  2. hdra

    Insurance for old boats

    We have our 1983 boat insured with an agreed value policy through Blue Water Yacht Insurance in Jupiter, FL - we were able to get a policy that covered us for double handed ocean crossings and anywhere in the world (including arctic & antarctic) as long as nav limits are declared in advance. We were being underwritten through Lloyds, but after Irma & Maria they jacked up premiums and deductibles, so we are now underwritten by Selecta. No claims so far. 5% deductible and 2.5% premium.
  3. hdra

    Warps reels

    bags that are taller than they are wide work too - take a look at throwing rope bags, just scaled up. If you sew a wire around the opening with a carabiner or two to clip to the lifelines it will hold it open for re-stuffing as you reel it in. Do the whole thing or at least the bottom out of mesh, and when they're dry you can stuff them in a locker. Not quite as fancy as rolling up a spool, but honestly if shorthanded think it's just as easy, and keeps clutter out of the cockpit. I think Beth and Evans @estarzinger may have wrote about doing it this way as well on either their website (which I think is no longer online) or in their book for a 48'er, but can't quite remember anymore.
  4. hdra

    How cold should the refrigerator get?

    What El Boracho said - overcharging and undercharging can lead to not getting cold enough, and how to determine the right amount of charge varies depending on the unit. Find the manual for it and see what it says to do. If you expose the interior of the system to atmosphere (like replacing a valve) you will probably need to put a vacuum pump on it and evacuate it before recharging. If it's charged correctly you should be able to get the cold plate / evaporator to frost up. We've had mixed results with fridge techs - some have been great and willing to read the documentation on the system and actually fixed problems, some have just tried to cram more refrigerant into one without any real thought. Finding either a fridge guy familiar with your system / model or the manual or ideally both is a must.
  5. https://www.libertyfleet.com ?
  6. hdra

    What a d*ck (FP)

    Is that the same schooner that was sitting on the dock at Pendennis a few years ago having been foreclosed on by the bank? Looks like it's in the same place but facing the other direction...
  7. hdra

    San Diego simplified

    Don't know how big your boat is, but the harbor police guest docks won't let you stay for less than 3 days, and think they may also have max length of 65', and the free anchorage by the coastguard base has (I think) a 65' max length. Either way, call the Harbor Police and ask in advance - they are not known for being friendly to people who just show up.
  8. hdra

    name that harbour

    No - Dana just has a single headland, not the three stacked like that.
  9. hdra

    First Effective Treatment Imminent

    Trading in Mesoblast was suspended today.... more evidence of ye olde Pump 'n Dump?
  10. hdra

    Cost Of Finishes

    Unfortunately it is also orange
  11. I suspect that LeoV is right - the golden age of cruising in Europe for us North Americans is over. Get your paperwork pants on!
  12. The only times we came up against it we were in the Canaries waiting to cross back to the Caribbean when the 90 days was up. Both of the years which we did it we just ignored the whole situation - borders in the EU were pretty non-existant, there wasn't any hard proof of our entrance date into the EU, and no one in the Canaries seemed concerned about it when we arrive or when we cleared out to head to the Caribbean. I would suspect that things may be a lot stricter in the future - there was already talk of us US citizens needing to get an ESTA-type visa waiver to travel to Europe, and with Coronavirus causing such pullbacks on open borders I would be thinking about it pretty seriously if we were to go to Europe again. At the time, we considered going to a non-Schengen country like the UK to pause our day count, and I know some people do similar things in the med sailing across to Morocco, but we found that with the routes we sailed it was a total non-issue.
  13. That hard dodger almost looks like a Dick Zaal design, but the sheer line doesn't. hmmm...
  14. hdra

    Small bends in wire standing rigging

    Hard to tell from the photos, but I would be nervous about bend in the first picture - doe they straighten out under tension? have the strands splayed at all at the bends?
  15. The little spout just pulls out - pretty easy to pour from : )