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  1. If you're going to put full battens in the mizzen and use it for a riding sail, it might be worth discussing with your sailmaker how to keep them quiet - I've found that with full batten mains in light air the noise of the battens popping back and forth in a swell keeps me up all night. For use while sailing would think the full battens would be great, but as a riding sail think there may be a lot to be said for a super flat cut battenless sail to keep it quiet.
  2. My thought was snagged under a rock and some aggressive throttle-jockeying in reverse trying to free it, but don't really know - owner said he didn't notice anything weird about the recovery and didn't even notice the bent tip until his 6 year old son told him "Daddy, the anchor's bent" - weather was pretty calm (< 10kts wind) that weekend too, so think it can't have been waves, but maybe - do you think if the tip got snagged under a rock and the current reversed 180 degrees it could have done something like that?
  3. Just to add a note of anchor interest - the owner of our boat managed to bend a #125 galvanized Mantus last week - He has no idea how he did it but can be a bit clueless at times. Mantus was great with customer service - sent them a photo and called them and they had a new fluke in the mail to us the same day at no cost. This may back up Panope's comments about the relative weakness of the Mantus design vs. some of the others, but we are really impressed with how Mantus handled it.
  4. Oh, you're right - didn't see the Islander 30 label over there on the sidebar. My bad. Just read the "sailboat for sale. sails are in great condition. 3 cylinder diesel engine, runs great, low hours. birthed in alameda. interior is in great condition. comes with tv, depth gauge, stereo, cb, life jackets barbeque, extra sails, sleeps 6 ready to sail."
  5. 30' Sailboat - $9400 The boat actually looks OK from the pics, but you'd think for $9400 the owner would at least know what kind of boat he's selling... https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/6165756907.html
  6. BBQ propane tanks are normally 20 lbs
  7. Easypoxy red is weird - used to run a boat painted with black easypoxy topsides and red easypoxy trim on deck, and white easypoxy cabin side - the black hull paint lasted just fine year to year, we ended up repainting it yearly from dock damage and rust but not the easypoxy's fault. Same with the white - worked just fine. The red was really hard to use - took a long time to cure, stayed soft, and faded quickly.
  8. I was going to add the same thing - while it's not super fast and easy, particularly if there's any interior to be replaced, doing proper repairs to a metal hull is pretty straightforward. I'm not a welder but have been running a 70' steel sloop for the last 5 years and have had to get about 8 spots replated over that time due to corrosion. The prep time is a lot longer than the actual welding - getting the areas cut out with the correct minimum corner radiuses and minimum distances from bulkheads/existing welds takes a bit to do right, but once it's all prepped and the plate fitted actually sticking the steel into the hull is fast. Then comes the painting (and for us) fairing, but you'd probably have to do similar to blend in a nice repair job on glass as well.
  9. If your Monitor is more than about 2? years old then there is a new design for the turning blocks down there intended to cure this problem. Worked for me. good to know - this was about 5 years ago now so probably the old design. that redesign is a definite vote in favor of a monitor if we end up replacing the cape horn on the new boat.
  10. I've been using 795 as well and had great results on both acrylic and polycarbonate.
  11. Fram had metal sheathing along the waterline to avoid the "getting sawn up by ice" issue
  12. Reason it was done on the boat I was on was that the solenoid was in a location very exposed to elements (propane locker had a grating lid and 4" drains in the bottom which doubled as primary cockpit drains) so suspect that there were occasional solenoid failures as well. Like the idea of the bypass wire though.
  13. Think it's definitely a good idea - propane sniffers are notorious for issuing false alarms, when they get moist or get exposed to other fumes (using acetone nearby?). One boat that I've sailed on actually has a bypass hard-plumbed into the line with a shutoff valve on it, so if there is a sniffer or power failure you can just open the valve to bypass the non-functional solenoid. Suspect that this isn't allowed per regulations, but is much more practical than being stuck in the middle of the ocean without the ability to get gas out of the bottles.
  14. I think that was the Cape of Good Hope, not Cape Horn.... Yeah, I think he's been pretty clear that he's NOT going to take the Moore around Cape Horn...
  15. The short answer is that there probably is no "safe" hull length. People have rounded Cape Horn and sailed in the southern ocean on all sorts of boats of all sorts of sizes. I would recommend reading through Adlard Coles' "Heavy Weather Sailing," particularly the chapter about resistance to breaking wave strikes and the relationship between LOA and wave size for capsizes. Anecdotally, I would say 70' LOA is pretty safe, 60' LOA is decent, but depending on hull type and ability to sail actively in storm conditions you have the potential for issues, once you get down below 50' LOA it's pretty likely if you spend any length of time at sea in that part of the world you'll get knocked down, which isn't the end of the world. I sailed around Cape Horn (downwind) in 20012 as part of a circumnavigation in a 36'er - I wouldn't have wanted to go much smaller than that, and as it was I got pretty lucky with weather throughout the trip, and got knocked down 3 times over the course of my time in the souther Ocean, once with the rig well under water - was probably pretty close to the AVS of the boat. It's also important to take into consideration the extra strength and lack of forgiveness of mistakes that a bigger boat brings, as the gear and loads get exponentially bigger with length. That being said, there are some crazy french guys who have sailed beach cats around Cape Horn (from the shelter of the channels) and any number of small craft have been down there in both directions, from a Contessa 32 ("cape horn to starboard", John Kretschmer (sp?)), a 25' Vertue ("My Old Man and the Sea") to name just a few. I think there was a crazy italian or french guy who took a heavily modified Mini around the world in the southern ocean as well.