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  1. chinabald

    I Happen To Agree With Her About AMAZON

    I think Bezo can afford to have a house pretty much anywhere he wants. Him dropping 100 mill on a house would take 1/2 days worth of his net worth growth. Or like one of his warehouse employees dropping $50 on a dinner.
  2. chinabald

    This Non-Violent Stuff Will Get You Killed

    I read through the post in question. From your protests I assumed you were saying that your words were twisted or somehow sound different in light of the question or conversation that spawned them. I looked to see if there was a retraction or explanation, I ensured that the quote in question wasn’t a citation you used of someone else’s words... I found it was flat out Commentary from you in response to other’s statement(s). It’s a bare ass racist comment Joe and then you doubled down with a “the brothers” later. Your being frustrated doesn’t change the facts. In fact people tend to revert to their true personality while under stress or frustration. You may hide your racism, you may even abhor that part of you. But good intentions don’t change what you said and what those words mean. Accept your words for what they are, apologize and retract them. It will go a lot better then then your standard comment of “race baiting”. Which BTW to quote Inigo Montoya “you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”
  3. chinabald

    NRA gets It's medicine

    Well Detroit in the mid 70s was a city in transition. Around 1975 gangs started to become a bigger problem, between 75 and 85 my neighborhood went from one you felt safe(ish) walking through to one you didn’t want to walk beyond your own block. Gangs were selling drugs and causing problems for people especially after dark. The gangs were probably more a result of a lot of other social issues. But they were the most visible and tangible result.
  4. chinabald

    This Non-Violent Stuff Will Get You Killed

    Why? Do we not we want a black man’s experience to cloud up the conversation a bunch of white guys are having about blacks and guns? The advert part was a small paragraph at the end of that essay. Which by the way also shows how much it takes to buy a gun in Detroit. It’s not as easy as the left will make it out to be. But please go right ahead and discount my African American friend’s experience. I’m sure Joe will be around in a minute and tell us how he should think.
  5. chinabald

    NRA gets It's medicine

    With as much respect as possible. Fuck you. I’m no racebaiter, you just dont like being called on your racism. The food in the inner city smells bad? WTF does that mean?
  6. chinabald

    This Non-Violent Stuff Will Get You Killed
  7. chinabald

    NRA gets It's medicine

    Funny how I’ve never pulled out a gun and fired off 4 shots during a confrontation. but if it makes you feel better you just go ahead and transfer your guilt to others What you call racebaiting is other people asking you to explain your racist words. Racial bitterness? I’m bitter that my neighborhood was ruined by streetgangs the same people you appeased with free cigarettes and then your hasty retreat from the city. My wife makes good choices, my contribution to her safety is advice and keeping my eyes open for risk. How or why you failed to protect your wife is your issue to deal with, not mine to explain
  8. chinabald

    NRA gets It's medicine

    Because you are a hypocrite about other people's use of self defense, you call it vigilantism. But when its your wife, its justified. Plus I don't recall anyone here mentioning your wife's face. BTW my wife's face is great, I protect her by not letting bad people get near us.
  9. chinabald

    Is It A Coincidence?

    somewhere in the terms and conditions you agreed to let facebook mine your email for friend suggestions.
  10. chinabald

    NRA gets It's medicine

    WTF are you talking about? My wife's face?
  11. chinabald

    the good guy with a gun

    Terrible outcome. What will the response be when the guy lying on the ground is charged with murder but the cop isn’t?
  12. chinabald

    NRA gets It's medicine

    1 the NRA is a non profit organization 2 the NRA recommends its members buy insurance. And even sold it. In fact there was quite the brouhaha on here last year about that. 3 The NRA does not manufacture anything.
  13. chinabald

    NRA gets It's medicine

    Quick quiz. Who has fired a gun (4 times) during a confrontation? Jocal or Tom?
  14. chinabald

    NRA gets It's medicine

    So what is it that the NRA does that makes them liable for your levy?
  15. chinabald

    In San Diego with family- what to do?

    When you visit San Diego you should do what everyone else does. Get a hold of a realtor and look at some houses.