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  1. chinabald


    I had a 68 galaxy 500. It was my first car. It had a 289.
  2. chinabald


    No way. Jocal has a certain English as a second language thing going. Frankly I understand your posts better then some of Jocal’s
  3. chinabald

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Isn’t this the age range you have been clambering for?
  4. chinabald

    it was

  5. chinabald

    Porterville CA Loses Two

    Very sad
  6. Took us no time at all to domesticate this wild Labrador retriever
  7. chinabald

    Obama Tweets, Trump Freaks, The Press Fact-Checks

    Well since I have always said that Obama did a pretty good job with the economy considering where it was when he took office. What did you expect me to say here?
  8. chinabald

    "National Cleavage Day"

    That’s extra fine.
  9. chinabald

    The debate over assault weapons

    I’m wondering if I should clue you in or just wait for you to come to the conclusion on your own. Heck with it, that day will never come. Joe, no one is race baiting here. We are all Joe baiting. And it works every time.
  10. chinabald

    The debate over assault weapons

    Let’s play a game of Jocal or Bloomberg. Who said it ______________claimed that cops could use a “Xerox” description to identify suspected murderers because “95% of murders, murderers and murder victims fit one M.O. or this one, Bloomberg or Jocal? The immature, short-sighted desire for gunpower is amplified, and more volatile, among blacks. Even more deadly than among whites
  11. chinabald

    'Fell Off the Front'

    you can learn how to make French Toast. You can't learn what she has.
  12. chinabald

    Superbowl 2020

    Lynn swan played on a team with two (2) thousand yard rushers, he had guys draped all over him. Not the passing game of today. Watkins had what? 3 TDs this year and 700- yards? Pedestrian numbers. His TD totals for the year rank him where in his team? Dime a dozen indeed.
  13. chinabald

    Superbowl 2020

    I didn’t realize he averaged a whole 5 TDs a year.
  14. chinabald


    MSU mucked up the whole process and wound up over paying just to get someone to work there. Hopefully he works out. Had to more then double his salary, the Assistants salary budget and the strength and conditioning department. If he recruits as well as he negotiates State will be fine. 1 year of head coaching experience and his salary is higher then Dantonios was. Check out this article from Detroit Free Press: Michigan State football hires Mel Tucker as Mark Dantonio's replacement
  15. chinabald

    Superbowl 2020

    Dime a dozen