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  1. chinabald

    Whacking The Children

    Detroit Public Schools for K-8 the paddle was used, I can personally attest to its use pretty much every year from 4th-8th. 9th grade I was in Catholic HS and there were no paddles, but I can attest to a teacher hauling off and punching a kid in the mouth for some transgression. Not me. Then back to DPS for 10-12th and by then the teachers were too afraid of the kids to hit them. Detroit HS kids might hit back.
  2. So what are your thoughts on hammers?
  3. Even the Bills own players quit at halftime.
  4. Joe Blow citizen with no priors does the same thing. Gets bail 99% of the time
  5. chinabald

    "National Cleavage Day"

    She could put my eyes out with those things.
  6. chinabald

    Another rich guy dumps Trump publicly

    Not surprised he has switched parties. He has made his riches supporting boobs all along. It’s time he gave a little back.
  7. chinabald

    American Democracy Is in Crisis

    No one applies or requests membership at Augusta. If you’re worthy of a membership, they’ll let you know.
  8. I thought you meant posters here where none of that has happened yet. As far as I’m concerned the guy could have been cooking meth and it wouldn’t make what happened a “good” shooting I still think Zimmerman should be in prison.
  9. I don’t think I missed the point. Sol said “our faithful” and I read that to mean posters here. She doesn’t exemplify any “culture” if everything is as reported she fucked up and should be punished for her mistake
  10. Who is casting doubt on the victim here? I admit I haven’t read every sentence posted but I haven’t seen anyone come out and say she was justified. Except for Ed who is just being a dickhead and trying to stir someone up.
  11. chinabald

    Oz Music thread

    ACDC Sorta.
  12. They still needed a judge to sign the warrant right? I’m curious as to what was on the warrant request (or whatever it’s called). So is it possible they were searching for evidence that disproves her story? If they were having an affair and she shot him because he was ending it, wouldn’t there be possible evidence there that showed she didn’t just walk in. Its all very strange, it could be a massive fuck up but it feels to me like there is more to the story
  13. chinabald

    Exploding houses in Andover Mass

    Was the neighbor named Cleveland?