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  1. chinabald

    Looking for a new Razor Brand?

    I think it was a thread I started when my son was a college freshman and he wanted a safety razor. That was 2011. I can’t find it here but it was a wealth of info.
  2. So his crime is just wearing the red hat, nothing else since he just stood there and the drummer come to him? Is that what you are saying?
  3. chinabald


    So I guess Ocasio is going to fanny pack the progressive agenda.
  4. chinabald

    Clarinet Anarchy

    My daughter played alto and soprano sax. Total of 7 years. That first few months were difficult. Stick with it, it gets better. As for the mouthpiece. Why not pay to fee dollars extra and buy the one made by the same people who made your clarinet? Matched set makes sense to me.
  5. chinabald

    Grilling 2018

    That's a bigggun, what did he weigh?
  6. chinabald


    Happy to hear she is safe.
  7. chinabald


    What if the second one couldn’t obtain a job in either economics or international relations and wound up bartending. Where does she fall on your meter. What is the scale for Cum Laude at BU? 3.3? 3.5? 3.7?
  8. chinabald

    Boxed Set of Watches

    She misheard. It’s the Timex that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
  9. chinabald


    Some of my best friends are bartenders. doesnt make them economic experts anymore then a degree from Boston does.
  10. chinabald


    It sounds like she understood the subject material well enough to get a job as a bartender.
  11. chinabald


    Not a broad brush. Just a similar comparison that showed her degree is as useful a shield as Trump’s.
  12. chinabald

    Boxed Set of Watches

    She snatched them. Then she stole them.
  13. chinabald


    Yes that’s the degree d’ranger brought up. His contention is a real degree from a real university means you can’t criticize. By comparing the two I showed that the left in fact doesn’t see it that way.
  14. chinabald


    So what your saying is that merely having the degree from a real school isnt as important as what you do once you are out of school? So what value is an economics degree (that d’ranger brought up) without ever working in a job that actually utilized that degree?