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  1. DTV dish cover/coating

    I never had a problem unless the show was coming down super heavy. But it was the snow in the air not the snow on the dish. Used DTV for 10 years in Michigan. I didn't know this was an issue.
  2. Book anarchy

    I get daily emails from Bookbub and Robinsreads that list daily deals on Amazon kindle including free ones. I pick up a couple of books a week.
  3. Next up, John Conyers

    You don't suppose he was the Historical Figure who tried to feel up Dingel's wife?
  4. SlaughterBots

    My daughter is working on a fire fighting robot. I should send her this so she knows where the real money is.
  5. Man gets eel stuck up his anus

    I have a bad eeling about this
  6. charles manson-dts

    I wouldn't blame the CA system for this one, it was the US Supreme Court.
  7. charles manson-dts

    It's about time
  8. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    You lead with insults and then motherfuckered me a couple of times and then continue with insults but no facts or lucid opinion. But I'm the one picking a fight? OK.
  9. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    Who is talking income? The topic is guns and crime. Murders still happen in the inner cities more then elsewhere. Deny it all you want and act like Mr Tough guy all you want, but I am pretty sure only one of us grew up in one of the Cities I mentioned earlier. And it's not you.
  10. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    What's the point that you are trying to make? That the inner cities are safe places to live? And what do you think my point is? Here is mine. Inner cities are still dangerous places to live.
  11. More Teachers Behaving Badly

    The boys don't brag about banging the ugly ones. And they don't ask them for nudes. So those don't get caught
  12. Man gets eel stuck up his anus

    Boy. What bad luck to fall on an eel while getting ready for a bath
  13. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    I thought I was speaking in terms you would appreciate. I inferred from your previous post that you only care about the shootings that happen between the whites. And that the murders by the MS13 and the crips don't matter as much. Since people typically murder within their own race it's easy to see that you devalue the victims of minority on minority violence.
  14. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    New Orleans, St Louis, Detroit, Flint, Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, Oakland, Atlanta, Philadelphia... murder in the US is down from the 80s but it is still high in many inner cities. This is a fact. You need a thesaurus of curse words. You use the same ones too often in the same posts.
  15. Malcolm Young DTS

    Under rated musician and band.