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  1. Game for Our Lives

    I didn't click the link. So this is based 100% on the limited info otherwise provided. Am I led to believe that a computer/video game will help reduce violence in society and it's brought to me by the same people who tell me that video games don't make society more violent.
  2. India: ‘Cow vigilantes’

    Maybe you were steered toward that
  3. India: ‘Cow vigilantes’

    Herd Mentality
  4. How will some people know if they agree or not.
  5. Breaking news in Australai.....

    Nope. just trying to gain knowledge. We have gun laws here, but they are inconsistently enforced. And it is my opinion that if they were enforced consistently, as yours, we wouldn't have half the problems we have with gun violence.
  6. Breaking news in Australai.....

    Yes, you seem upset that I am asking. Why? I'm just trying to get an understanding.
  7. Breaking news in Australai.....

    So toss out the word "right", what would happen to someone who has violated a gun law in Australia, would their ability to own a gun be affected?
  8. Texas serial bomber

    Well it nice to see you posting from facts instead of speculation. Still don't know his motive do you?
  9. Breaking news in Australai.....

    If someone breaks a gun law in Australia. Is he/she prosecuted? Are they allowed to plea down the charges? What happens to their rights to own a gun after?
  10. Breaking news in Australai.....

    This just in from America Zero Americans gave a rip about what happened in Australia today. No one noticed because this is a daily occurrence. Many Australians celebrated in the usual way by flooding the internet with opinions on how US citizens should be governed. Once their shifts at the beaver plucking factories are over Canadians are expected to once again voice their opinion No snakes were injured in this opinion piece.
  11. Texas serial bomber

    Really. Show me one post I have made that comes even close to Religion of hate. You can't because I don't talk that sort of crap. You want to race bait and play race cards you should at least know who you are talking to.
  12. Cohen Packs heat

    Yeah, you see I have one of those limited senses of humor, I only get the jokes that are funny, ironic or clever. Ones that make zero sense tend to fly right by.
  13. Read this whole article. You will find some support for what you say. And you will also find some very specific statements that support what I say. https://medium.com/@QSE/when-you-say-i-would-never-date-a-trans-person-its-transphobic-here-s-why-aa6fdcf59aca