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  1. chinabald

    Leaky barcodes

    HTFU, its the standard greeting around here. Now about those tits? Your's, or your mothers will satisfy the price of admission here.
  2. chinabald

    Leaky barcodes

    Maybe you should STFU and show us your tits.
  3. chinabald

    Conservatives will reject democracy

    Don’t forget super delegates. Oh sorry wrong team how can you have both attacking the free press and owning the media on the same list?
  4. chinabald

    Ambassador McFaul wanted by Putin The Senate unanimously voted to reject Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to put American diplomats up for questioning by Russian authorities
  5. chinabald

    Grilling 2018

    Almost there
  6. chinabald

    Is it time to return to paper votes?

    Yes the court decided and then several full on re counts all agreed Bush won. Still Florida used a paper ballot.
  7. chinabald

    Grilling 2018

    Putting a whole turkey breast on the Weber today. Never tried it before. Looks easy enough.
  8. chinabald

    Irrational fears in a business context

    The trick is, start early. Just in case.
  9. chinabald

    gotta love architects and contractors

    Antique store might have it.
  10. chinabald

    Recycling? Worthless.

    So if curbside recycling goes away. What happens to all those plastic bins they gave us? Landfill?
  11. chinabald

    Is it time to return to paper votes?

    You guys realize that the Florida election that you are referring to was done with ballots made of paper. You might want to define what it is you are talking about a little better. I can't remember the last time I voted with something other then paper. Maybe the second Reagan election we might have still used machines with levers to cast your votes.
  12. chinabald

    Is it time to return to paper votes?

    Old ladies? Have you tried telling them that? They are surprisingly spry when you try that one on them.
  13. chinabald

    Are there any conservatives anymore?

    You will the find that for however long the definition of liberal and conservative is on a moving scale and what is acceptable and what is not depends on who said it. Look at the left prior to and post Bill Clinton, having sex with someone other then your spouse was bad. During his term, its between a man and his wife (and his 20 year old intern). Opposite with the Right, fucking a porn star is bad. Unless its your guy, in which case he paid the whore why is she bitching? You know what else is different, moderates. You can't find a fiscal conservative with liberal social views anymore. They are out there but they are so tired of their views being ripped by both sides they tend to shut up. Can't tell you how many times I have agreed with someone who was expecting me to disagree and they have argued with me about the point I was agreeing with them. Its all knee jerk politics.
  14. chinabald

    Irrational fears in a business context

    Actually you can disclose at any time, what you can't do is disclose it after being fired and say, "they never accomadated..." Now that said, once disclosed the employer still has the right to say that there are no "reasonable" accomadations for this job. But they better be right. Had a guy once disclosed an issue with his arm, and then he claimed we forced him to do a job where you need 2 arms to work. We knew he could do the work with one arm because a guy with only one arm had done that work for 20 years. Needless to say when it wound up in court and our witness with only one arm explained how we had hired him even though he only had the one arm and provided him with employment for over 20 years doing this exact job... Well the judge ruled in our favor.
  15. chinabald

    Irrational fears in a business context

    Sad thing is, once it became apparent it became an ADA issue. Can you make a reasonable accommodation for this person's disability? In other words find this kid another job in your company and start looking for someone to take his old spot.