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  1. chinabald

    Damned Kids Won’t Grow Up

    Yeah, but in this case I would expect it would have been mentioned in the story, or acknowledged by the judge.
  2. chinabald

    Damned Kids Won’t Grow Up

    took the words right out of my mouth you reap what you sow.
  3. chinabald

    It’s the Economy Stupid

    Funny, a company who makes their money when people sell (or buy) stocks. Are encouraging people to sell (and buy) stocks. Who could see that coming?
  4. chinabald

    Stormy Weather For Stormy's Lawyer

    Yeah, but she was the one who Bill tried to payoff for her silence. Not Monica
  5. If that actually happened and his mother wasn't the one actually buying it. I'm pretty sure that was an illegal sale. Regardless of where you buy the gun. A seller can't sell a gun to someone he knows is not legally allowed to buy a gun, secondly I have taken my son, when he was 13, to a gun show. He couldn't get in without me walking in with him. And he couldn't handle any guns.
  6. chinabald

    Stormy Weather For Stormy's Lawyer

    People always do that. Confusing Monica Lewinsky for Paula Jones.
  7. chinabald

    Is football dying?

    Why? I think studies have shown it's not headers that cause problems in soccer it's the collisions. Besides if they ban headers one of my favorite sayings will be meaningless. "Life is like heading a soccer ball. To be more successful you need to keep your eyes open and your mouth closed"
  8. chinabald

    Is football dying?

    Our local HS football team is having trouble filling the spots. It's a small school only 500+ kids. But in the past 12 years have been to the state final game 3 times winning states twice. A couple of other times making it to the semi finals. So a successful program. Just 4 years ago there were 50 plus kids on varsity plus 30+ on JV and enough left over to have a freshman team. Now they struggle to get 40 kids at varsity level and barely enough to fill in the JV and freshman teams. But, I wonder if its injury risk, or a lack of participation in sports in general? Or the trend toward specialization in sports. The day of the 3 sport letter winner is going away.
  9. chinabald

    From wedding cakes to genital waxing

    Its confusing because the muslims have their own fundys, but I don't think thats who you are talking about. Her fundys are already pissed she drove a car to work.
  10. Mid term elections are coming up, be prepared to see Nancy Pelosi on every republican ad talking about why calling gangsters "animals" is bad. "The spark of divinity in all people" including MS13. Of course then the obvious question is when does that spark of divinity enter every person Nancy? At Conception, or birth?. This will be a talking point and the republicans are going to smack the democratic candidates with it at every turn. Remember the Republicans are deplorable but MS13 has the Spark of Divinity. You can't make this up, and we know because the Dems just tried.
  11. chinabald

    The rise in Teen depression and mental health

    Christmas time of my son's freshman year he said he taught at least 5 kids how to use the washing machines in the dorm laundry room. During his college years he taught dozens of other guys how to tie a tie. Kids had no idea. During the summer between freshman and sophomore year he asked his mom to teach him how to cook his favorite foods because he wasn't getting a meal plan and he wanted to eat better. Between my son and my daughter there has been zero laundry brought home for my wife to do. Sometimes they brought home laundry but it was to same money on the laundromat and they did it themselves once they got home. People think they are doing their kids a favor by taking care of everything for them. But what they are doing is hamstringing these kids once they are adults.
  12. chinabald

    The rise in Teen depression and mental health

    Bad choices just as much as high education costs. My kids both came home the summer after their freshman year and then stayed at school every summer after that. My son, rented a big house with 7 of his friends so he had rent to pay whether he was there or not, so he got a job he liked and stayed year round, my daughter came home the one summer and the next year she was in her internship/coop for the summer and is either in school or work every other semester so she won't be coming home. Besides, as she put it, we are to parenty. Education costs are high, no doubt. But when you hear about kids with huge debt and no way to pay that debt back. That's bad choices. You don't go to a private college and rack up huge tuition bills for a degree that doesn't have a decent career aligned with that degree. It makes no sense to me for someone to go to college for a musical theater degree, wind up in debt to the tune of $125,000, and then complain there are no jobs and you can't pay off your loans. And before anyone points out the few kids who wind up big stars, those kids are obvious to everyone by the end of the first semester of college. If you aren't one of those kids, you know it right away. And your voice coach asking you if you ever considered changing your major to prop design should have been a big clue. But why do so many kids live at home? Because their parents let them, in fact encourage them. Too many kids are not only not taught basic life skills at home, they are told that these skills are very difficult and mom/dad has to do them. These kids are made dependent on their parents by their parents. Of course back when I was young every family had 5-12 kids and the parents forced the kids to share in the house hold labor. By the time most of us were 18/20 years old, we couldn't wait to move out, not necessarily because of your parents but because of the other 4-11 little assholes we were forced to live with.
  13. You haven't posted a single "idea" just a blathering of opinion that you don't support. Just because you say it with passion doesn't make it right. Now again why is Trump wrong when he calls MS13 animals?
  14. His choice. Also means accept the consequences for those choices.
  15. Ok then give me the readers digest version. Why was Trump wrong in this specific case. And how are MS13 not animals? Remembering that there is more then one definition of animal. And then give me your ideas on what we should do with illegal immigrants who are members of a violent street gang, sanctuary or deport?