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  1. He kneeled. He was down. Then got up and punted.
  2. I'm sure the max bet is far greater then a penny. Probably more like $2. I know people who know this lady. She gambled in more then just this one casino including one in Canada
  3. That's what he said
  4. We get it the Chargers suck and you are pissed about it. But why are you punishing us with long ass cut and paste posts that really don't say anything of note
  5. Western Michigan University gave USC all they could handle. I am surprised that USC didn't drop in the polls after those weak wins.
  6. Unless you're name is Irma and you knocked these houses down. I don't see the issue. You are helping them achieve their goal of selling. That's not taking advantage.
  7. We definitely should have laws against 15 year olds carrying pistols and bringing them into schools. Also we should have laws against students bringing rifles into schools. We should also make it illegal to shoot other people. Finally if they want to solve the drug problem in schools they should make drugs illegal to sell and/or possess on school grounds.
  8. 1 you mentioned pools so I used that as my example 2 People had the right to own and bear arms long before Heller. In fact it was true for well over 200 years that US citizens owned guns. You seem to pretend like it all began with Heller, when in fact the Supreme Court has upheld the 2nd amendment for a long time prior to that particular ruling.
  9. Whats the societal benefit of owning a pool? I can provide dinner for my family with a shotgun, a pool is simply a drain on resources that sits in your backyard and silently waits for its next victim. Does the constitution mention my rights to have a pool, a car or a sidewalk?
  10. So are you vegan? Or one of the hypocrites they talk about in the article?
  11. I read that as he is afraid that would be the perception of others. Not necessarily that it is his.
  12. Hey. If you're looking for intellectual honesty then you need to question why you and others aren't more worked up about the number of early deaths due to all causes. Start with what causes the most and work your way down the list. The guns will still be there for you to demonize once you solve drownings and car accidents, slip and falls...
  13. Leading cause of death among toddlers is drowning. Obviously we need to outlaw boats, pools and have tougher regulations on bathtubs. I mean if you want to impact death rates you should start at the top.
  14. So counterfeit Colt 1911s?