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  1. chinabald

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Don’t piss her off in bed. She has that king fu grip
  2. chinabald

    What's in your arsenal??

    BAC of .02 - .07 = State civil infraction, $100 fine, and 1-year CPL suspension. BAC of .08 - .09 = 93-day misdemeanor, $100 fine, and 3-year CPL suspension. BAC of .10 or more, or under the influence of alcoholic liquor or a controlled substance = 93-day misdemeanor, $100 fine, and CPL revocation. Drinking and carrying. These are Michigans laws on CPL holders.
  3. chinabald

    What's in your arsenal??

    It’s not a sock. His original persona was (Hastily) flicked and he was allowed back. But they were unable to restore his old account.
  4. chinabald

    Do you have a pet?

    Sad day today. We had to put our dog down. She was the biggest pain in the ass until she hit about 4 years old and then she became the perfect family dog. She was still pretty active up until recently. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.
  5. chinabald

    Whiskey Anarchy

    I’ve done the Gordon’s and beefeater blind taste test. No difference. Just half the price.
  6. chinabald

    What's in your arsenal??

    Youe talkeing too mee
  7. chinabald

    Mary Kay Letourneau. DTS

    Didn’t she go to prison? It did get ugly.
  8. chinabald

    What's in your arsenal??

    A quick google search shows that the slide moving forward with a firm mag change is quite common in Glocks. I know my ruger will do it if I slam it in. But a typical change it won’t.
  9. chinabald

    Sous-Vide Cooking

    Don’t you have a pot on a stove to watch
  10. chinabald

    Sous-Vide Cooking

    Did a tri tip sous vide today. Did it at 130 degrees for 4 and a half hours. Got the grill screaming hot and seared it about 1 minute per side. Perfect med rare. Tender and delish. Looked so good I forgot to take a pic.
  11. chinabald

    RIP... The Devil Went Down to Georgia

    I think Charlie Daniels would have appreciated the DTS title
  12. chinabald

    Gen Z and Covid19

    Just because the youngsters should HTFU doesn’t mean the oldsters can’t have some compassion for what they are going through. It can go both ways.
  13. chinabald

    Gen Z and Covid19

    6 months ago was one of the best job markets in years. My daughter At 23 just graduated with 2 engineering degrees, a bachelors in Electrical and a Masters in Biomedical, and is delivering food for door dash because no one is hiring. Sure she will eventually get the job she wants. But in the meantime, she is stuck. NPR isn’t always right.
  14. chinabald

    Sous-Vide Cooking

    The temp standard for pork Has gone down quite a bit. Slightly pink is the normal even in the US
  15. chinabald

    Sous-Vide Cooking

    How can you say anything about the quality of the food from different devices, if you haven't tried them? Sous Vide will never be confused with a time saving device, it takes me 10-12 minutes to cook a steak, with sous vide it takes 3 hours. Its a better steak from the sous vide, no doubt about it.