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  1. chinabald

    Mail Jumpers

    I give these puns my stamp of approval.
  2. chinabald

    Tyson v Jones Jr. Sept 12 Bout

    The fact that everyone is talking about the Paul v Robertson fight tells me all I need to know about the Tyson fight.
  3. chinabald

    NFL 2020

    Lions finally fire QuinTricia
  4. chinabald

    Tyson v Jones Jr. Sept 12 Bout

    They seem to think it’s a means to a payday.
  5. chinabald

    Tyson v Jones Jr. Sept 12 Bout

    The rules for this fight make it not a fight. No knockout punches, no judges=no scoring= no winner declares, 8 2 minute rounds, any cuts and the fight is over.
  6. chinabald

    Mail Jumpers

    What a card
  7. chinabald

    NFL 2020

    I think surgery and rehab for this sort of injury has gotten better in the 50 years since Gale Sayers blew out his knee.
  8. chinabald

    Mail Jumpers

    They aren’t looking for kids who like to be stationary, that’s for sure.
  9. chinabald

    happy turkey day to those that celebrate

    Cut the bird in half. Did one side on the grill and the other in the oven. Both turned out good, but probably not worth the trouble of the grill.
  10. chinabald

    Thanksgiving meats

    I’m cutting a turkey in half. Smoking half and oven roasting the other half. Just the wife and I this year so we are experimenting.
  11. chinabald

    NFL 2020

    In the glory years of the 50s
  12. chinabald

    RIP Austin1972 1972-2020

    So sad. Seemed like a nice guy. Lots of knowledge about a variety of things. Far to young.
  13. chinabald

    More of how China is taking over the world

    Am not
  14. chinabald

    College Football 2020

    I didn’t see the game. But from the sounds of it, could Trevor Lawrence have made a difference? His back up had a great game.
  15. chinabald

    Vacuum Cleaner recommendation

    Shark is a good brand. Half the cost of a dyson but has similar ratings.