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  1. chinabald

    Jussie Smollett

    Defend him. Defend the use of the word. Self righteousness racist fuck.
  2. chinabald

    Looking for a video clip - girl dancing

    That video is the anti FTG. The charm of the FTG video is it is spontaneous and cute. Not over produced in a failed attempt to be sexy.
  3. chinabald

    American Cruelty

    But. He has twitter followers. So he must be right. Isn’t that so Bob?
  4. chinabald

    MAGA troglodytes behaving badly

    It could be the people they associate with.
  5. chinabald

    MAGA troglodytes behaving badly

    It’s just you
  6. chinabald

    I cap on State and Local tax deductions fair?

    Fortunately. You have the right to move to Alabama. I know you aren’t a left leaner, but these are chickens coming home to roost. You live and vote in an area where your money has no value to your politicians. Should have left years ago The wealthy are paying more. Unfortunately as always the middle class gets caught up in it because the middle class doesnt Realize that they are the “wealthy”.
  7. chinabald

    I cap on State and Local tax deductions fair?

    3 times average. Congrats you are Wealthy and as the left demands you are paying more in taxes AKA your fair share.
  8. chinabald

    I cap on State and Local tax deductions fair?

    Someone who is paying more then 10k in property tax must be wealthy. So the left should be happy they are forced to pay more in income tax. Isn’t that what they have been asking for?
  9. chinabald

    My New Favorite Shows

    Want to be mad at the TV? Watch abducted in plain sight on Netflix. It’s 1.5 hours. Several Jaw Dropping moments. Guaranteed to make you feel like a better parent.
  10. chinabald

    9th Life running on empty

    OH boy.
  11. Hammer throw is taken. Otherwise... how about dickus
  12. chinabald

    MAGA troglodytes behaving badly

    The cops subpoenaed the call log from his cell provider. Apparently they got a lot of useful info from the calls that were redacted on the list Smollett provided Staged, as many here speculated / feared. I hope the police charge everyone who was envolved in this massive waste of resources.
  13. “Don’t go bacon my heart” her boyfriend exclaimed
  14. chinabald

    Donald Trump is the last step to the landing.

    If you’ve paid attention. That’s Wofs type. He likes them a bit crazy. If she threw a phone in that video she would be perfect.