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    I cap on State and Local tax deductions fair?

    Fortunately. You have the right to move to Alabama. I know you aren’t a left leaner, but these are chickens coming home to roost. You live and vote in an area where your money has no value to your politicians. Should have left years ago The wealthy are paying more. Unfortunately as always the middle class gets caught up in it because the middle class doesnt Realize that they are the “wealthy”.
  2. chinabald

    I cap on State and Local tax deductions fair?

    3 times average. Congrats you are Wealthy and as the left demands you are paying more in taxes AKA your fair share.
  3. chinabald

    I cap on State and Local tax deductions fair?

    Someone who is paying more then 10k in property tax must be wealthy. So the left should be happy they are forced to pay more in income tax. Isn’t that what they have been asking for?
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    My New Favorite Shows

    Want to be mad at the TV? Watch abducted in plain sight on Netflix. It’s 1.5 hours. Several Jaw Dropping moments. Guaranteed to make you feel like a better parent.
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    9th Life running on empty

    OH boy.
  6. Hammer throw is taken. Otherwise... how about dickus
  7. chinabald

    MAGA troglodytes behaving badly

    The cops subpoenaed the call log from his cell provider. Apparently they got a lot of useful info from the calls that were redacted on the list Smollett provided Staged, as many here speculated / feared. I hope the police charge everyone who was envolved in this massive waste of resources.
  8. “Don’t go bacon my heart” her boyfriend exclaimed
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    Donald Trump is the last step to the landing.

    If you’ve paid attention. That’s Wofs type. He likes them a bit crazy. If she threw a phone in that video she would be perfect.
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    That one looks good too. As it turns out I’m in charge of the dinner menu next week so this will be on the list. Along with snaggys suggestion.
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    I will be trying this one soon.
  12. chinabald

    My New Favorite Shows

    I enjoyed it. If you have read the books it’s a good portrayal. The TV Bosch is set in a more current timeframe so he isn’t a Vietnam vet and he is a bit bigger. But overall it’s a decent representation of the man. If you haven’t read the books it might be even better as you won’t spend time wondering why they changed the timeframe and some other details.
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    Omar Goes There: The Genocide Interrogatory

    Did you read the article you posted. AOC is not in it.
  14. chinabald

    Baby its cold outside

    I don’t mind the cold, there is something soothing about a windless sub zero day. I don’t mind the snow, it’s no problem if your road commish knows what they are doing and you give them the time to do it. But I’m pretty tired of the ice. Today we are having the third freezing rain in the last 2 weeks. That shit is nasty.
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    John Dingell: My last words for America

    I think it’s bad in the Detroit area where for a long time half the politicians were qualified by having the same last name as some other politician.
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    Man strangles attacking mountain lion

    Dr James Murray. Its been a while since I read the book, I don't know if he was mad when he started but that project would take a sane man and drive him, to be polite, less sane. I do remember that J.R.R. Tolkien was a contributor.
  17. chinabald

    Man strangles attacking mountain lion

    Which book? The one I read or one of the 20 books that make up the OED?
  18. chinabald

    Man strangles attacking mountain lion

    I read a book about the production of the first edition of the OED. The book was as much about the man who was in charge of it, as well as the task of producing the books. More interesting then I thought it would be, given the dry topic.
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    Darwin strikes again

    I’ve been the passenger in cars driven by teens. The blindfold might be handy.
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    Is this a racist comment?

    Are you child baiting me?
  21. chinabald

    Is this a racist comment?

    That’s not race baiting. That’s him saying Random should clean his own house before he comments on the condition of someone else’s home.
  22. chinabald

    Is this a racist comment?

    Every time you post on this thread and bring your own words back up to the top of the thread list, you are race baiting yourself. At least its race baiting by your apparent definition that pointing out jocal505's racist comments is race baiting.
  23. chinabald

    Bezos vs Pecker

    Yes they do. Edit: just saw that Sean beat me to this