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  1. I have sailed both the VX and Viper a good bit and they are both very fun boats. I agree with Peter that there were a few Vipers that were not made as well as others. Some of the older Bennett boats are as fast as anything on the race course, but I would recommend at least a Mark II because of the keel and rudder tower. For the last five years I have raced a Viper with my daughter and had a great time racing with her. She drives while the other two drink beer and pull strings. Sail them both and decide. One thing to consider is you have to work a lot harder to turtle a Viper, not saying it can't be done, Dave.
  2. Around the same time as the Gov’s regatta was getting started, a fellow by the name of Fred Latham began taking his San Juan 21 Mad Mama out to sail on New Years Day. The boat was so named as, much like Jack and the Bean Stalk, Fred went out to the store for bread and came home with a boat. Mama was not happy. As San Juans were actually manufactured in New Bern, there was a decent local fleet, and everyone joined Fred for a sail, which of course turned into a regatta. Some years the weather was so nasty it was a quick sail across the creek and then back in to warm up, but being in North Carolina some years saw spectacular sailing conditions and racing continued all day. This year was the 40th annual Fred Latham regatta, and until 3 years ago Fred had continued to go out every year, although in the last couple it was with a motor on the back of the boat and a couple of members helping him along. This year, Fred reached the conclusion that he would never sail again and donated his boats to the Junior Sailing Program. His original San Juan was in such a state of disrepair at this point that there was no saving it, but the transom has been painted and cleaned up and is now the Fred Latham Perpetual Trophy. His newer boat was still sound and was purchased by one of the Junior Sailor’s parents, who have started sailing the boat with their kids whenever the chance arises. This year I had the honor of awarding Fred Lifetime Membership in our club. The picture is of Fred and his wife when he came to the club to say farewell to his boats and receive a Lucite to commemorate his Lifetime Membership and contribution to sailing in our area.
  3. GMiller, you never learn do you? You probably don't remember the first time I met you, but it was after the infamous memorial day storm when you were sailing to O. Big squall, knock down, sails down, struck by lightning and the battery exploded.
  4. Damn, all I see are sailing ads. I guess I need to surf more porn or something.
  5. I agree the Allures were impressive boats. The production boats were all pretty much identical. The electric winches in front of the wheel would make traditional winches almost impossible to operate. I would seriously consider the Allures 399 for cruising.
  6. Forecast for my house in New Bern on Saturday, probably a bit underdone as it is still a long way out. Time to start getting ready.
  7. Darn, we are heading up there Sunday after the San Juan Eastern Nationals - I know you have one for sale - JP has it in her mind she wants to get a ginormous catamaran and go distance cruising.
  8. Best one ever on that boat, they lost a halyard and sent someone up the mast to get the halyard, while he was up there they ran aground. No problem mon, start the motor. The end of the halyard for the guy up the mast had fallen overboard and wrapped around the prop, so he couldn't get down and they had to send someone overboard to unwrap the prop. Owner now has a boat yard and is doing a great job with it.
  9. I raced on and against that boat, it wasn't the boats fault most of the time.
  10. Crewseeker or crewfinder
  11. When I put on a regatta and a class isn't formed till two days before the race, it is a piece of an old sail and a sharpie . . .
  12. I always try to get something useful for trophies, I was just talking to my wife this weekend trying figure out if there isn't something we could do with the stacks of plaques laying around the house. Some things I have done in the past: Monogrammed gym bags - you can get decent bags on amazon and take them to a local shop to have the regatta name, date and place embroidered on. If you can get a local sailmaker to make bags as a sponsor, that is even better. Dry bags, they have the new ocean to sea bags that are very nice. You can get them screen printed with the regatta info, but the printer will have to get special ink for printing on hypalon. Pictures of the boat in a nice frame, although that means handing out a certificate at the awards and mailing something later if you do it right Monogrammed soft cooler We have a regatta every year where the proceeds go to the Jr Sailing program. We get the kids in the program together at the local pottery shop and they make plates for the trophies, these are probably the most popular thing we have ever done. And this is always a good one
  13. Need to have someone out there tomorrow, looks like nuking conditions.
  14. For a while we had a bunch of dog haters on the board, but they never went so far as to ban dogs. It was a reaction to a bad dog giving all dogs a bad reputation. Punish the one instead of enforcing the rules kind of mentality.Things are better now. They have never been allowed in the clubhouse. We don't have a commercial kitchen, but dogs bring their humans up on the deck pretty regularly.