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  1. DriverEd


    There have been four FEMA trucks on the on ramp to the beltline from Wake Forrest Rd for about two months now. I guess they were thinking ahead? We are fornicated in Eastern NC.
  2. DriverEd

    Broken 36.7 mast bits needed.

    Check with Echo, he dropped a mast in Charleston.
  3. Steam Flyer hates the San Juan 21, but it is really straight forward to rig and a decent little boat. One person can do it by themselves in 30 minutes. Cockpit might get a little cramped for a family of four, but they can sail in just about any condition and with the swing keel and pop up rudder, when you run aground in Biscayne Bay you won't have a problem Small cabin, for going to the bathroom, or the cockpit drain is at the front of the cockpit so your wife can sit in the companionway with her bum hanging out and pee and the boys can pee in the drain all day. You can pick up a decent San Juan for $2,000.
  4. Jordan Lake/CSC is your closest bet as mentioned above, they have lasers, thistles, flying scotts, sunfish and a couple of 5o5s. Kerr Lake is nice and not too far off. Just like everywhere in the US, sailing is struggling in the area. New Bern is closer than Oriental and has better racing, but it is mostly larger PHRF boats and a fleet of San Juan 21s and Ensigns. They used to build San Juans in New Bern, so it is sort of like a VW in Germany, one in every garage. Oriental has a small fleet of Sunfish. Wrightsville Beach, about 2 hours east, has a decent fleet of lasers and Lightnings, but sailing is limited unless you are in the ocean. Hampton Yacht Club is a little over 3 hours away. Pick where you will live based on where you work, not where you sail. There won't really be any Wednesday night stuff, so the commute to the office is more important.
  5. DriverEd

    Viper 640 for sale

    Yep, Sarah is getting ready to go to grad school and I can't get Furna to sail any more.
  6. DriverEd

    Viper 640 for sale

    108 is a very solid and well prepared boat! Located in NC.
  7. Go look for island unloading scenes on youtube for some interesting cargo landings. They unload cars from boats that don't look a whole lot better than the Hawaiian. It can be done. Not that it's a great (or even sane) idea. I still think it will start to tear itself apart when it hits waves, but maybe I'm wrong and it will live to actually encounter big waves and storm conditions. Those side doors look like they have two storm modes: Closed up tight, with no way to get up on the roof and do sailorly things with the rig, or open, with a stairwell up and a giant hole in the side of the boat. I'm in this camp, well maybe sorta. I further think his bigger problem will be acutally hitting Hawaii! As he and merry band of misfits drift downwind in the trades, rig blown down weeks ago, batteries long since dead rendering the gps useless, He'll have to rely on his trusty celestial skills to figure out where the hell they are. Then if they get any kind of fix on where they are, trying to figure out where Hawaii is, and how to drift there. That's gonna be the challenge! Nah, just follow the planes.
  8. Dang, I should learn to proof my stuff, March 23.

  9. Welcome to being 47. You are my people. Happy Birthday!