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  1. This ^ The DMZ has always been permeable. Its intention is to slow not stop. I was in Camp Casey for a year. Where were you? what is the color of the boathouse at Camp Casey? ;-)
  2. I don't get this. You spend years on a custom design only to find out in the end that it will not be possible to build within your budget? Why not get some preliminary bids early in the process? Strange.
  3. Good price
  4. Bob, I guess if you have a 3D model of the hull (including thickness), it would be very easy to determine the cabin sole?
  5. We took a one year sabbatical out in our mid forties. We were both fed up with our jobs, had just sold a company and so we sailed off in Oct 2009. The timing was not the best, the one year sabbatical ended up being two years due to shitty economy in 2010 and fewer re-entry options. I would recommend it and I would not. Unforgettable experience but stressful re-entry. It is difficult to find one, let alone two professional jobs in the same location during a recession. We did however end up on our feet. The cost of living during cruising ended up being a small portion of the overall expense for us. The costly thing was loss of income, and basically living on savings for an additional year during re-entry. Was it worth it? Hell to the fuck yeah!