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  1. Major Tom

    who gonna get it?

    I think the supplier of the royalty sticker will make more money than the sailmaker.........
  2. Major Tom


    I suppose they have members all round the globe.....
  3. Major Tom

    Federer v Nadal in Cape Town

    This is all in aid of the Roger Federer Foundation, great to see sportsman, and women, putting their efforts into improving lives of those less privileged. What is impressive is that Roger started the foundation when he was 22!. His South African connection is that his mother is from Pretoria, close to Johannesburg.
  4. Major Tom

    Federer v Nadal in Cape Town

    If any of you are interested, the doubles match is about to start, Roger and Bill Gates v Rafa and Trevor Noah. there is live streaming available and I believe it is also being broadcast on ESPN. Enjoy
  5. Major Tom

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    What kind of women are we talking about here, the ones with tats and who probably smoke?
  6. Major Tom

    Sailing Centre Designs / Best Practices ?

    If you have a big enough area of level ground you could put 2 containers parallel to each other and about 6 metres apart. Build a flat roof between the 2 containers and keep your boats under there, 1 container becomes boat equipment storage and workshop, the other becomes changing room/ clubhouse. if the roof structure can overhang the outer and front sides of the containers you will keep them cool in summer and be able to have the doors open when it is raining. good luck.
  7. Major Tom

    Laser 4.7

    4.7 is not a great kids boat, it is way to heavy for most of it’s target age group. Great marketing from the days when Laser actually meant something has resulted in large fleets in Europe , in fact I am sure that were even larger 10 or more years ago, I took teams to Hourtin France and Barrington Rhode Island and recall there being almost 300 boats in France.
  8. Major Tom

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    Taken during the nationals today, Helm Kai Leslie, photo by Tracy Collingridge. Probably doing 17 knots on a beam reach, 25 to 28 knots of breeze. Venue Hermanus
  9. Major Tom

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    As far apart as you can get them, the aim is that you are pulling the end of the boom sideways and not down, so as close to the gunwhale as possible
  10. Major Tom

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    I fit through there easily, I am 1.82m and 82kg, average Sonnet crew is a lot smaller. It’s all about choreography. Many boats have the consol further aft, this however starts limiting the tiller extension length which makes it harder to get weight foreword in light conditions. I cannot think of one good reason the have the mainsheet cleat on the boom,, no Sonnets even have a mainsheet cleat, if there is an additional purchase between the bridle and the end of the boom there is one ratchet block on the consol. With no purchase thee is an additional ratchet on the boom directly above the consol, this is turned off until the wind exceeds about 15 knots depending on personal preference.
  11. Major Tom

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    Looks like a Phantom
  12. Major Tom

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    The boom has also been raised 100mm in the last couple of years, and the centreboard has been lengthened, it is now protrudes a maximum of825mm below the keelson, your boat is probably 35 years old.
  13. Major Tom

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    Current Sonnets have a consol over the casing so the main is in front of you. A bit more string than your boat!
  14. Major Tom

    Best mainsheet ratchet min 50mm

    Loved the Harken 019, lasted forever, the Ronstan used to eat my moth mainsheet after a few hours, had to use a dyneema outer covered sheet to make it last. Currently using the Harken 57mm carbo ratchets, great blocks, have had a few failures over the last few years though.