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  1. Crossbow fl 2017

    Totally impractical like all HWSNBM’s crap. How do you come alongside with that?. Still waiting for that photo of DL foiling..........
  2. Laser 2 experts

    The jib haliard is critical, it controls the rig tension, the forestay you talk about is a lazy forestay, it simply hold the rig up when the sails are lowered, to get the haliard tight get someone to pull forwards on the lazy forestay about a metre above the deck, this should allow you to get the end of the jib haliard onto the tooth rack. I seem to remember a lock for the jid haliard about 20cm below the hounds, maybe the tooth rack is for the main.
  3. Always good to hear from the builder!
  4. Boat Trailer Tyre Pressure ?

    What is up with the max speed rating? I often hit 170 to 180 km/hr with a trailer when overtaking.
  5. Boat Trailer Tyre Pressure ?

    I normally run my trailer at between 1.5 and 1.8 bar depending on the load weight and the length of the trip, too hard and the trailer can be prone to bouncing around too much on bumpy roads. Generally the longer the trip the harder the pressure will be, normally there is also more stuff in the boat like spare sails and foils as well.
  6. What would a Laser cost if the exorbitant mark ups were removed? The hull is mainly CSM, the deck core is cheap low density rubbish, the Spars cost about $8 per kg, the sails are cheap as chips etc etc.
  7. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Too little leech tension also makes stable foiling hard.
  8. Actually, the Western Cape is in South Africa, but I wouldn’t expect many Mericans to know that, I however expected more from a Canadian.....
  9. Cape Town over Christmas

    It’s summer here, most of us have a meal with family and friends often based around a braai outside. Personally I prefer a cold meal and a sail on the 25th....followed by a few beers and some good local wine. Which game park are you going to?
  10. Foiling Moth Setup

    It is definitely doable, but depends completely how sorted the boat is and what sail you have, in my limited experience some sails were a nightmare to rig while others went on the rig relatively easily. It took me about 20 minutes to rig my Bladerider from scratch, sometimes a bit less if I really made an effort.
  11. Arm Fatigue

    Another cause is using sheets that are too thin and a skinny tiller extension, 8 mm is probably perfect for a high load sheet providing, as mentioned above , it has the right texture. Tiller extensions are obviously a matter of personal preference, I prefer something in the 25 to 28 mm od range, with a rough enough surface so you don’t have to grip it too hard, this gives your mainsheet hand a rest every time you tack.
  12. Dinghy New Guy Strong Wind Tacking Problems

    In big breeze the truck is to come out of the tack slightly low with the boat heeled slightly to weather and the main eased so the boat does not want to luff up. Only sheet in once you have sufficient speed so there is enough flow over the rudder to stop the boat ending up in irons.
  13. Speed wrinkles?

    All about luff tension, in certain conditions it pays to have the fullness a bit further back in the sail, this gives a finer entry and a tighter leech all else being equal, sufficient luff tension to get rid of the wrinkles can start opening the leech slightly earlier than is required, causing a loss of height and power.
  14. Single handed trapeze dinghy design evolution

    The boom rake keeps the gooseneck close to the mast foot which also allows the gnav to work efficiently. It also allows the helm plenty of room to get across the boat as well as keeping the outboard end of the boom far away from the water. Trust me, someone far brighter and more skilled than you designed the Musto and it has been tweeked over the years to improve it even more.