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  1. The boom rake keeps the gooseneck close to the mast foot which also allows the gnav to work efficiently. It also allows the helm plenty of room to get across the boat as well as keeping the outboard end of the boom far away from the water. Trust me, someone far brighter and more skilled than you designed the Musto and it has been tweeked over the years to improve it even more.
  2. Try putting a ratchet in place of the fairlead turning block.
  3. My 2c, a longer boat will have less rocker for the same beam, resulting in less of a hump to climb over when going from displacement to planing mode. I also do not believe that a Paper Jet will get close to a 29er, ever.
  4. Are the fasteners overtightened or is the sheet oversized for the cleat?
  5. From my experience, if the rudder is loaded too much and the tiller is pulled too far to weather, the flow becomes detached from the leeward side of the blade causing the helm to go completely neutral and a big hole in the water to to appear behind the boat, the solution is to play the main more, and if the helm gets too heavy keep changing the angle of attack on the rudder to keep the flow attached. When the rudder stalls out the only way to get the water reattached is to put the helm down, luff up slightly, ease the main and once everything is under control, bear off again. Too much vang on is often the cause of the problem.
  6. Why is the tack so far above the deck?
  7. Staff at the Cape Town factory were apparently told this morning that the plant was closing in the next two months. They were then given the rest of the day off.........
  8. Hope you haven't got cross pollination or you could end up with completely different fruit next time round.
  9. I think that is the nature of camber induced sails, they are always powered up, even if the wind is on the leeward side of the sail.
  10. It makes far more sense to have the finish below the start line so you don't have a bunch of starting boats on starboard beating through a fleet of finishing boats on a port reach........
  11. In our part of the world taxis never indicate, they do however often use their hazards which means almost anything, the most likely scenario is 'I am stopping right here in the fast lane to unload passengers'.
  12. Masers sailing should always be about having fun, and sailing should always be about having fun, enough said. No matter what rig is being used, simply being on the water and competing should be more important than anything else, this isn't Optimist sailing after all.
  13. Vang does load the leech, but in doing so it bends the mast which flattens the the sail which allows the leech to open up easier than a sail where all the leech tension is from mainsheet tension. This is very noticible in Lasers.
  14. My 2c, for a mid fleet sailor the radial rig is quicker upwind than the standard rig in over 18 knots, a bit slower on a reach and only marginally slower on a run. Obviously the higher the skill and fitness level is the more gains there are to be made using the standard rig, however over 25 knots the radial rig sailed by a sailor of equal ability will always be faster upwind than a standard rig sailed by a sailor of similar skills. The aim of this rule is simply to get more sailors competing together on a more or less level playing field, at masters level most competitors are there to enjoy the sailing and the social scene and beers afterwards.
  15. Thanks, interesting info.