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  1. Major Tom

    Self Christmas Present For Your Dinghy??

    Sold my personal boat yesterday, it was collected today, looks like I need to build a new one in the new year.
  2. Major Tom


    Dear Santa I’ve been good all year. Most of the time. Once in a while. Never mind, I’ll buy my own stuff.
  3. Major Tom


    Without your luggage.
  4. Major Tom

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    That sail looks like it has been rolled up tight with a vertical fold in it.
  5. Major Tom

    Where do teaspoons go? longitudinal study.

    an add from back home featuring missing socks, quite entertaining.
  6. Major Tom

    Sunset pictures

    My last Monday evening in Grenada before I head back to Africa next weekend, taken 90 minutes ago.
  7. Major Tom

    Dash Cams ?

  8. Major Tom

    Sunset pictures

    Sunset from the jetty at my digs in Grenada West Indies this evening
  9. Major Tom

    Why does my mast do this?

    I think you will get better results if you have your entire mast retempered, do you have any aluminium extruders in your vicinity? All the rigs I taper I take to the extruders after welding and they re age the sections in the same oven along with other extrusions being tempered to a T6 hardness.
  10. Major Tom

    Sunset pictures

    The one day of the year the sun lines up with a small dip in the mountain and the end of my jetty.
  11. Where I live, the locals could fit a 40ft Aluminium mast into a shopping trolley in 15 minutes using nothing but a hammer and a blunt hacksaw,...............
  12. Major Tom

    What is it?

    Was going to say the same thing, a decent underwater shape let down by the hull being too heavy and a rig that didn’t really work well, the wishbone boom and sheeting system were not great if I remember the last time I saw one actually sailing.
  13. Major Tom

    Why does my mast do this?

    Looks like the mast has been tapered down the front edge, this will cause the track to open up if it is done before tempering, best solution is to gently panelbeat it closed..
  14. Major Tom

    Fireball build part deux.

    Basic maths here, the load on the headboard is exactly the same, however each part of the haliard from the headboard to the top of the mast is carrying half the load, as is the part running from the sheave at the head of the mast down to the exit at the bottom......... The whole aim is to reduce compression and this halves the compression from the main haliard, the best option is to use a haliard lock at the top of the mast but most if them are external, which is additional windage, or require quite a bit of fore and aft space inside the rig close to the head, which is ok on a carbon Finn mast but not ok on a tapered aluminium Fireball mast with the taper down the front of the rig taking away a lot of internal space in the rig needed to fit the internal lock due not much space from the inside edge of the sail track to the inside of the taper weld.
  15. Major Tom

    Building A Bridge