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  1. Major Tom

    Puffy Conditions

    All excellent recommendations, I would add only one thing, make sure that when the main is fully sheeted in your mainsheet hand is close to your chin so you can dump easily without having to let the sheet run through your hands, this lets you get the main back in after the gust as fast as possible.
  2. Major Tom

    Songs About Sailing

  3. Major Tom

    SUV anarchy

    Probably the best choice you could have made, hopefully you will have years of trouble free motoring ahead.
  4. Major Tom

    Sailing the enterprise single handed

    Make sure your board is a snug fit in the case, there is often an adjustable friction tube at the top of the board, if it floats up on a run in a bit of breeze there is a good chance you will roll over to weather, also make sure you have enough Vang on downwind to keep the leech under control.
  5. Whenever I am coaching kids I tell them that being on starboard puts you in the position to decide whether you ask the port boat to cross or tack, not simply to yell ‘starboard’ as that takes all your positional advantage away, the theory being that you give the port boat 2 options instead of only 1. Often ducking half a boat length to allow a port boat through only results in a quarter of a length net loss with the increase of speed during the duck, far better than being lee bowed and forced to tack off your preferred tack. I would hope that the game is played with sufficient integrity so that both parties understand the onus’s on them during the cross.
  6. Major Tom

    New sails

    I assume that this design sail is working in really light conditions where the extra roach low down on the sail helps generate early weather helm which makes it easier to feel if the boat is in the groove, however, if the breeze is up there is going to be some horrible hinging at the front of the lower batten as the leach tries to fall off to lee, not going to look pretty at all, especially if the main is travelled down with a lot of sheet tension and a bit of back winding from the headsail.
  7. Julian, what I left out of my original statement is that the Laser hull is a single skin CSM construction. The deck is a cored construction using a very low density foam with CSM as the tension fabric on the underside of the core. The first 29er I built, no 530 I think, is still winning regattas in Cape Town, it must be more than 16 years old, it is however a full cored boat with a minimum laminate thickness of 300g woven glass. From what I remember working at Rondar 23 years ago, the Taser was also completely cored. The Australian lasers seem to be better built than those from other builders, probably due to using a better quality resin and spending a bit more time on the build process. However, over time any thin single skin Laser laminate is going to get soft, especially in areas under the gunnels, around the centreboard trunk, mast step and the flat areas of the hull under the cockpit area. regards MT
  8. The problem with Laser hulls is twofold, one us they are made with chopped strand, and secondly the are made with polyester resin. As the hull ages the styrene slowly disappears from the laminate making it more brittle and prone to cracking. If you are going to be sailing on flat water then the old boat will be great if it has not been over stressed. A heavily used and abused new boat will probably have more mast step and centreboard case wear, more scratches on the hull and potentially more cracking under the gunnels from standing on the bottom of the boat during a capsize. Obviosly without actually seeing the 2 boats in question it is hard to make a 100% accurate decision, try and find the local equivalent of Gouv to look at the boats for you.
  9. Major Tom

    F1 2018...

    Hopefully all you NA followers were able to watch the race live, bit of a procession but total domination by the leader. Also only 1 safety car for a first lap incident, very unusual for Montreal. The championship is wide open again!
  10. Major Tom

    laser carbon tiller fix

    A bit of Stainless plate, the exact width of the inside of the rudder head , screwed or glued to the underside of the tiller at at the most foreward bearing point should solve the problem, make sure that the top of the cheeks of the stock aren’t tapered or rounded due to wear or corrosion fron contact with the carbon. You might have to partially recess the ss plate in the underside of the tiller, make sure you are not sanding into laminate, should only be epoxy fairing added to the tiller to get a snug fit in the stock
  11. Major Tom

    SUV anarchy

    My wife was keen on the XV, think it is the same as the cross trek, but the boot was very small, persuaded her to buy a WRX , which she absolutely loved, then when I bought a diesel Forester she swapped cars with me, win win! All are manual transmission, in SA automatics were always seen as old people’s cars or cars for people who can’t drive. So everyone from my generation learned to drive stick shift, I really don’t know what I am going to replace the WRX with if they do away with all manual boxes.
  12. Major Tom

    SUV anarchy

    Have the previous model Forester, no problems at all, although it is a Japanese Import and a diesel, wife loves it due to the improved vis over a normal car, and its footprint isn’t actually any bigger than an Impreza, so easy to park and drive in traffic.
  13. Major Tom

    Should you round the gate on a knock or a lift?

    Considering that this was the OPs first post, any chance that this is simply a sock as it is one of the most illogical and stupid first posts I have seen in a long time? Or am I misssing something?
  14. Major Tom

    Happy Birthday Stevie

  15. Major Tom

    Chiles vs Hancock on what is an "Open Boat"

    The reality is that no one here, or WC himself, have ever achieved what Ant did. And at such a young age. Disclaimer, Ant is a friend of mine and he finished putting his boat together at the University of Cape Town Yacht Club which is a few hundred meters from my house, he used to pop in for a meal occasionally, at the time I thought he was nuts, didn’t think his boat would get around the lake, let alone the world! The route he took would have been absolutely impossible In a boat with no buoyancy or self draining capability, even a frightened man with a bucket cannot beat the force of the open ocean. Well done Ant, even if this is all about someone dissing you, at least it is also reminding everyone what you achieved. Respect.