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  1. Major Tom

    Sunfish / Laser Innovations

    Buy an add
  2. Major Tom


  3. Major Tom

    JY15 gunnel cracks

    Why waste money on buying another boat when you need a few thousand to develop your new one?
  4. Major Tom

    Whiskey Anarchy

    Tonight’s tipple, my wife’s estate brandy on the left
  5. Major Tom


    Off the top of my head I think the section was 11.7mm wide by 3mm high, we used it on Mirror keelbands as well. It was originally Aluminium and fitted using ss screws countersunk into the aluminium.
  6. Major Tom

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    I have no idea how you are going to get any rig tension with the design you have, especially as you keep saying it is not a skiff, so you will have to have to have your shrouds further forward so you can get the boom out in lighter airs downwind, this will mean you won’t get enough forestay tension upwind without having your shroud base spreader bar made of high modulus carbon. You are probably better off having your chain plates on the gunnel with internal engineering to handle the loads and a double spreader rig with lowers.
  7. Major Tom

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    What will it rate? 42?
  8. Major Tom

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    Will there be a 4th dimension?
  9. Major Tom

    The F1 2020 thread

    Watched the last 8 laps, Charles can really drive, he really made the galloping donkey finish far better than it should have based on quali performance. Obviously safety cars help, but everyone had the same benefits from them. Amazing how few finishers there were, last year all the starters finished.
  10. Major Tom

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    Most good cartoons are based on reality!
  11. Major Tom

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    B14, a 2 man hiking boat has 538ft2.
  12. Major Tom

    Car topping a moth

    Wasn’t there an unofficial competition a few years ago to see who could get the cheapest car under the most expensive moth?
  13. Major Tom

    Car topping a moth

    Good to see you posting here again!
  14. Major Tom

    Car topping a moth

    That load would be totally legal in the UK, Legacy width is 1730mm, moth is 2250mm, so an overhang of 260mm each side......
  15. Major Tom


    Raising the pole closes the leach, dropping it pulls the fullness forwards and opens the leach, dropping also projects the luff to weather, raising does the opposite so make sure your pole can’t sky on a tight reach as that is a 100% guaranteed capsize. Your topping lift exit looks very low on the mast and the downhaul should be as close to deck level as possible, don’t worry about the strut getting in the way.