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    International 420 max crew weight

    The 470 optimum crew wight is less than 145kg, more like 135 to 138 with the helm being 60 or less. 420 is more like mid to upper 120s.
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    Physics of roll tacking

    That would be classified as rocking, which last time I looked at a rule book was illegal unless you were sailing a class where the rules specifically allow rocking, pumping and ooching..........
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    The F1 2020 thread

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    "Laser" mast repair - connector sleeve

    Why don’t you simply end for end the section and then you will in effect have a new top mast. Totally legal as well as long as you get the collar in the right place.
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    Physics of roll tacking

    The one very obvious thing is when you rapidly heel the boat to weather the sails are in effect feeling a lift over the rig, so the sail will still be working until you are almost head to wind if you time your roll perfectly.
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    Dinghy Beaufort Scale

    Good to see you back here, are you still sailing the Swift?
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    Dinghy Beaufort Scale

    The old adage come to mind ’the older we are the better we were’
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    Dinghy Beaufort Scale

    As an aside, at what wind strength does your club cancel racing, inland or offshore waters? Has the number changed over the last 20 to 30 years? Our club used to can club racing at around 30 knots in the 80s, we normally had over 100 boats racing every Sunday, up to 150 during big events like club champs held over 2 weekends, Sat afternoon, whole day Sun, 1 race Sat, 2 on Sun, races about 90 mins long. If schedules racing was called off the there would be a tonk race, more or less once around the lake and scored on handicap, I learnt a lot about sailing in big breeze in those days! Now the fleet is about 10% in size and there is not much enthusiasm to sail once the wind hits the low 20s, there is almost never any racing in the afternoon because in summer the wind is normally over 25. Thoughts?
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    What makes a fast Int.Sunfish?

    Probably the most important thing is the nut on the end of the tiller.
  10. Your quick fix might be to fair what you have using some black epoxy pigment in the fairing paste. Once the shape is perfect, making sure you don’t damage any of the raised carbon, then put another sleeve over the whole lot and do a hand layup, no vacuum, obviously putting tension on the sleeve, put peelply on keeping the peelply overlap on the underside of the tiller.
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    Laser deck soft spots?

    What causes core crush due to laminate failure? I have built hundreds of boats and have never heard of this . The outer skin of a laser is probably about .8 mm gel and 2 layers 300g CSM. I have seen many voids between the gel and laminate but never delamination or failure of the outer skin. The inner skin is a completely different story. There are also no visible signs of damage to the gelcoat. If there is a void between the core and outer skin then you would expect a large blister, ie, a raised section of outer skin. However, as the Laser is built with a very low density core on the deck it does dent easily especially If continuous point loading is applied to small areas.
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    Seeking repair advice for a moth

    What is the actual problem?
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    Laser deck soft spots?

    Actually on looking a bit closer those look more like dents, probably from storing or transporting the boat.
  14. Major Tom

    Laser deck soft spots?

    A laser the age of your boat has the structural integrity of a soggy loaf of bread, a few voids between the deck laminate and core caused by poor build quality are not going to make it any worse than it is.
  15. This really cuts to the chase.
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    Vacuum Cleaner recommendation

    Our reasonably priced relatively new vacuum cleaner packed up during lockdown and due to Covid I could not return it. I had a work Festool vacuum sitting in the garage and after the missus gave it a try she immediately wanted one for the house. It will probably last longer than me and with 4 cats and 260m2 tiled/timber floors it is an absolute winner.
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    Wise Chinese philosopher said "it's incredible that two men in their seventies can maintain an election for so long ".
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    Craigslist Finds

    Looks a bit like it was designed by the same person who designed this
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    A little election related humor, anyone?

    from 2008, Robert Mugabe losing an election in Zimbabwe, the more things change the more they stay the same............
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