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  1. The boat is gorgeous. Boom is WAAAy short, holy cow it's quite peculiar - the rig is very high aspect. Looks a lot like a J-boat at the dock, on the water it was trucking upwind nipping at the heels of the Ker 11.3 (don't know how well sailed the Ker is) but it looked good. It was light wind as well - don't know if that helps the boat or not, but she wasn't able to get up and go in the 7-8 knots of breeze. I don't know the names but there were good sailing on board however the owner steered her with zero time in boat. Every model launch has good sailors: Dickies 36.7, Beneteau had a stripped out 40.7 10 years ago, X35 same, Summit 40s same, Archambault same. Down below it feel like a cross between a 35 and a 105. Good one J-Boats...
  2. Holy crap, I can barely understand sailing with our 3-year old rags up, but a new 1/4 of a million boat? Come on. Doesn't mylar eventually become brittle and crack under the freezing mark? http://www.bramblemet.co.uk/(S(zily4iuohi5gbc453irm0enm))/temp.aspx Air temp graph tracking below 0 all day, first time I've seen that on south coast. Nice eh!
  3. Exciting news: the first UK 111 should touch down in Hamble later this week. That's all well and good of course but it's hardly bikini and Pimms weather at the moment. I wonder if she'll race the last Winter series race this Sunday: http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/dayforecast.asp?zipcode=cowes&day=3
  4. Glad you're all enjoying the pix! Big thanks to Photoboy for being out there and memorializing this sail. We were a tad over-powered with full main and the (Doyle) jib you see is a cruise/delivery/every day sail (although I am told it is a very fine sail, and it may take offense to this characterization ;-) This jib stays on the boat (on the furler) for non-racing sails. We should have put up our heavy air racing head sail which is the same size as our regular light/med sail but flatter cut, and heavier fabric. Boat is not hard to sail in these conditions, but you have to keep bow up. In San Francisco Bay, reefing is considered un-cool ;-). We only do it when nobody is watching. We also had the big 130 meter kite up. We had apparent wind angle punched up on instruments, and read 28-32 most of the time. Upwind we were easily holding mid to high sevens in spite of that nasty ebb chop. We need to lenghten headstay, not enough weather helm for steering in 20 kts. of breeze. Still dialing things in. I have sailed on sport boats for many years, but this boat brings a lot of that pure sailing thrill without the ill behavior and discomfort. You are and feel in control behind that big wheel. If we're looking at the same upwind shot - port tack, pic taken from rear stbd quarter - the jib looks very very flat indeed, I can't imagine what a flatter one would be like but would have to see pix. Nice amount of heel for only 7 guys - it was mentioned the boat likes heel. (no offense but some of them could hike harder, but to be fair, it looks like they favoured the lifeline cushions more for the afterguard than for your crew...). Looks like it had very strong stability when it gets to that level of heel. Beautiful. Congrats on the race results. Are there any SC37s to line up against? I didn't see any in the table.
  5. Congrats, it sounds great. The upwind speed is impressive, makes me wonder how close winded it is. Must be a lot tighter than a 105 given that has a roller furling headstay, no in-effers, and is 18 years old. Any pix in its berth beside the 105? Again, good for you. It's nice to see someone enjoying their new pride and joy. For interests sake, unless it's confidential, when did you shake hands with the Johnstons on her? Interested in the lead time from paper sale to first splash. Cheers.
  6. Sweet!!! Congratulations! Congrats! Nice to see some a plan come together and someone who puts their money where their mouth is - the rest is just noise. You'll be out there with a huge grim while the whiners can look at pix on the internet. Where will she be based, any of the other 46-odd coming your way? Does anyone know when the first 111 will hit the UK?
  7. The interior picture taken backwards from just fwd of the mast gives a good view of the saloon ceiling, my thought is that maybe you guys are too stuck on an all or nothing solution - why not just head-line the bolt areas? Don't know what material you'd use or how to affix it so you can remove it for bolt access, but if the sharp ends/bolts are an issue (we've all seen dangerously long, unfiled screws before) put wide plastic screw-on caps over them, or make a closed-cell foam pad, or a sunbrella cover, or a hard plastic cover that slots in on rails, or any other solution that bright sparks can come up with? The long jib track strip of bolts over the settees looks ripe for a torpe like me to crack my skull on. Still think the backstay hydraulic handle should be longer with a couple Callaway shafts fixed to the end of it. Bending way inboard on a boat that people say heels a lot in a nasty chop could end in tears for my lower back or dental work if I took a tumble.
  8. Good list I'll echo the traveller, main gross/fine, backstay. I suppose the outhaul will be at the gooseneck like the 105/109. I really want to see a picture of a nice new 3DL {well-designed, talk to Rich B.} main in 12-14 knots and a medium chop if you can organize that with some CGI :-)
  9. Hull #4 should be here in the Bay Area early next month, sailing later in the month hopefully. The Hamble rumour-mill told me that boat #3 (hopefully more than a hull) is UK-bound as early as October or if not, certainly the boat show (whenever that is). Money is still a bit stupid: £240-280k! final figures to be nailed down. Given a new 109 (if they exist) is £180k then this will be a serious premium over that. One design potential? i.e. will we get 5/6/7 quarter-of-a-million boats by year 3? Who knows. They built ~70 J122s and they're scattered to the winds. The more expensive but more offshore-oriented 133 outnumbers 122s in the UK by a wide margin.
  10. What's a "Jib Reach"? I was going to ask what a "felch" is? or was it fetch...? Dems olden times mariner terms, bye. I reckon a jib reach is like reaching with a jib, rather than reaching with a spi. Have you heard of a spinnaker reach?
  11. Seriously? It will be just six seconds a mile slower than the J/122?? A couple feet shorter but a lot lighter with a better SA/DSPL ration I suppose. Hmmmm, very interesting... They raced in the Around Jametown race yesterday. The rating was 42. Looks like Jeff J. was driving. Sorry no pics, did not have my camera. The wind was around 20 most of the day. http://www.conanicutyachtclub.org/files/CYC%20ATI%202010%20Results.pdf Interesting numbers: the 111 rates higher than a 40.7 which is usually about 1.070 in IRC (or thereabouts). The 111's elapsed time of 2:29:04 was not far off the J44's (6mins) nor the IMX 45's (3mins), and they're both heavy boats which do well in a blow so this thing is fast, non? It corrected out 27th overall and better than all the big boats including a Swan 42. I'll assume the 111 was well sailed given who some said were aboard. But that's heavy air, I'd hate to go against a 40.7 in a whispy 5 knots with a crappy tidal chop against me, when the 40.7 has a 155% genny up... The most interesting thing is the 111 vs Summit 35 handicaps - if only that boat was out there. I also think 7.8kts is fast, the Farr/Corel 45 I sail on with meticulously maintained instruments goes upwind at 7.8 in 12/13 kts and up. That's pretty much out top speed, only footing do we get up to 8kts. The fastest J we race against is a 133 and the F45 generally pisses all over those, they're not even in the same start. Interesting claims. I think the instruments were over-reading... I still love it that the J35, a boat I have lots of positive experiences on, rates faster than a 36.7, a nice cruiser but 10+ years newer. I also love that a B32 and a Swan 44 on the same rating can sail within 20 seconds of each other over 2.5 hours. How cool is that? Handicap is never great sailing but that's a positive story.
  12. In the video it looks like it was JJ himself in the blue polo and white shorts sailing the boat. That said, in the vid of the tack from Stbd to Port if short-handed I woulda dropped the travelled a bit more or told the helm to pull his height earlier, the jib guy got the sheet in fast and the boat was powering up within 2 seconds. Makes me want to go sailing! Yes it's not the equivaent of F1-level sailing but there will be 10s of these things in 2 years and that is what makes them exciting. People got excited about the X-35, is thing much different? It's no more "grand-prix" but we know it's going to work and sail well and reward those who sail it well, which will make it a good OD racer. That's all you can ask of a good OD racer.
  13. J Boat hallmark: narrow with deep ballast, limited weight aloft. It's all relative but how is that different from any racer-cruiser? (besides exceptions like Archambault which are wide with deep ballast) Maybe you over-generalized or over-distinguished at the very least...
  14. Thanks. We had a discussion about jib in-haulers (in general); to leeward, easily reached by the trimmer at the winch, or to windward on a rotating cleat to be able to adjust gears under full hike? Pros and cons with both setups. In-haulers look like an afterthough. To make the ring's travel path more athwartships, I'd splice it a bit closer to the mast. Deck still looks 100% J, if you just showed me the deck I'd ask - is that a 122 or something. The forestay attachement doesn't look nearly as swish as on the 122, real cost savings in this area. Can someone pls get a picture of the rig and boom in relation to the mast height? Looks like an easy boat to sail - any estimate on total crew weight KGS or number?
  15. Looks like you failed high-school debating as well. The opinions of the buyers are just opinions, are they right? Not many people on this site have a Lamborghini but I'm sure you could put together a few words on one. I think it's refreshing some sane heads are providing a counterpoint to the marketing hyperbowl. I worry that it won't live up to the promise, which means there won't be many around my local sailing area, which means there won't be owners looking for crew, which means I'll have to keep sailing on the very inferiour Farr product I'm already on. Maybe that's not so bad.