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  1. I had an idea of slicing a section in half lengthwise, dam the ends and suspending it underneath the eaves of the roof under the gutters, like a "trough" and using it as a planter for some sort of viney hanging plants.
  2. So assuming he does in fact leaves/gets booted from hawaii Odds are he will drift to AM Samoa again? so he can pick up his govt checks?
  3. That bimini canvas looks almost new, a donation or do you think he actually *cleaned* it?
  4. There is some serious hardware there. Wonder how cheap the boat was?
  5. Is that an old style captain's jacket he's wearing ? 1000 days at sea should have earned him more gold braid than that. IIRC from the original thread, it was asserted that the uniform was "rented" for that event.
  6. most people have a time in their lives when they are invincible, accidents happen to others. For most that's the teenage years, but some are slow maturing like the ones in this thread you are referring to. I was there and prided myself on having very short pegs cause they were worn down from sharp turns. We would race down curvy roads often at 100+ stopping at each bar for fuel then off again. None of use were ever killed and only a couple of accidents and no tickets. They didn't use choppers back then and the cop cars had no chance in h of catching us. I quit at 22 when my thermos flew off at 90 and i went back and retrieved it. Was one of those stanley stainless steel jobs and it still worked but was a bit lop sided. I kept it around and each time i looked at it I would think what would i look like if i had taken the fall instead of the thermos. I grew up a lot instantly, that thermos saved my life. So, you were never a lunatic like the rest of us?Here is my take on it. I used to ride streetbikes a lot, but I doubt I will again. I see way too many cars swerving around the road with people texting. This goes back to what I have said a few times about the R2AK, EC, and any of the other threads concerning dangerous sailing "expeditions". While I understand that the offload dirt biking I do is dangerous, as is the mountain biking I do, and the skiing, sailing, skydiving, flying, diving, etc. the common denominator is me. I am willing to accept the risks, and most of them can be mitigated by ensuring my skills are up to the task. That is NOT the case for street bikes. It makes no difference if you are the worlds best rider, a little old lady on her Sunday drive to church can still mow you down. I'm a passionate supporter of people who decide to push their limits and set off on solo missions, and that would include Rimas, if he would simply step up and learn some skills. I think most here agree, we are not expecting him to miraculously become some solo sailing god, ready to do the Vendee. We do however expect that he should at least be able to sail closer to the wind than 90*. Been street riding for twenty years. I ride less for these very reasons (more cars on fewer roads with kids and adults texting). And more and more cage drivers know less and less how to drive (rules of the road, etc). Especially as driving is no longer a privilege but now a RIGHT in the US. Nowadays, one must plan when riding. Like time when there are fewer cars on the road to get to that deserted twisty road on the otherside of the state. Heck much like sailing around here!
  7. On that video I'm suspicious of his claim of crossing the gulf of AK. "Sailing" se AK maybe. Even then he had an outboard on the first San Juan.
  8. yeah, they couldn't exactly truck that thing down the road.
  9. Hanks or foil? Is that a 2x4 lashed to the stanchions?
  10. I somewhat disagree. I think the Samoan Church groups took him in purely as good Samaritans. In the past 5 months though, I'd be willing to bet that Rimas hasn't lifted a finger to repay their kindness and generosity, so they may not be all that unhappy to see him go. Yup
  11. Does Rimas have any teeth?
  12. Well, Frank would certainly have Rimas convinced a Mac could round the Horn.
  13. Furnish is not an enabler, he says so in his post: "I dont look at it as enabling a neer-do-well or a layabout..." Clearly he feels he must defend himself and Rimas. Weird, I did not think the FB comments from people were that critical or antagonistic.
  14. or maybe third time is a charm...
  15. Was it a specific request, or just general? What a Putz!! Not specifically. Just send it by western union yadda Yadda. Any.bit will help. Etc. Thank you. I replied to post.more about your preparations (routes, equipment, etc.) And I would consider. He just responded back insisting he needed money for food. Completely ignored my request for posts about preparation.