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    Why are these things so spendy? $10 for the compass, $4 for the display $15 for the solar panel $4 for the battery $4 for the brains It's less than $40 for the major components at retail pricing taking 2 minutes to find. Even if allowing for a $13 case, that's still 1/8 the asking price. I don't see why these things aren't $100. You can get a gps watch with a fancy color display, or a phone with a magnetometer and all sorts of radios for $100, and this isn't close to the complexity of those.
  2. The more I read about this guy, the more I am inspired. He's building a cool looking boat for what I'm imagining is the same cost as a suburban California home. He's living in the tropics paying a crew whatever and getting to be a big shot. In a city of 2.7M it seems likely he could find some skilled people for fairly reasonable, esp. to western eyes. The guys building it get to work on a heck of a project. It'd be cool to be a welder on that project. When he's done, if it works, he'll be able to take 10 folks out at probably about $200/night on little sailing cruises around tropical islands. Probably enough to sustain him until the end of his days. Maybe it's all motor, like the Caribbean tall ship cruises, but whatever. I can think of worse vacations than spending $1400 island hopping in Indonesia on some wacky trimaran for a week. I wonder who his architect is, or who designed it. If it was him, I'd be a bit more leery, Maybe there is something to the rig Here's a little more on the guy. Looks like managing projects and tourism is his thing, and he's familiar with the area:
  3. I found this to try to see what he was getting at with the rig. It's a similar looking rig on a Hobie Here's a slide show of what looks like that same Hobie rig being setup: