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  1. Where the fuck is Mister Clean? His coverage of Sydney Hobart made it so great to be a spectator. What we have here is just barely enough to know some details. But the carnage-fest woulda shoulda been a shining moment for the Senior Missing-In-Action Editor. Until the time that Admiral Clean Clean becomes Admiral of a television / Internet channel, the coverage will continue to be shite. Step it up Brother Clean.
  2. Huggy Bear! What it is, yo! You still stylin' in that big black Cadillac?
  3. Day 2 Post-race interviews: https://vimeo.com/140513806 Live streaming Race 4 finish: https://www.youtube.com/embed/op22hU3RuD0
  4. The event website is here: http://www.escowbluechip.com/ List of competitors is incredible: http://www.escowbluechip.com/results--bios.html Bill Allen - Minnetonka Buddy Melges - Lake Geneva Brian Porter - Lake Geneva Dick Wight - Mantoloking Tom Burton - Minnetonka Gordy Bowers - Minnetonka John Gluek - Minnetonka Andy Burdick - Lake Geneva Harry Melges III - Lake Geneva Peter Fortenbaugh - Bay Head Mystery Guest Bios Gary Jobson - 3 time Collegiate All-American, 2 time College Sailor of the Year, 1977 America’s Cup Winner on Courageous as Tactician, numerous NA and National Championships, author of 19 books, 2 Emmy’s, ESPN broadcaster, National Sailing Hall of Fame, major leader in the sport. Mark Reynolds - 3 time Olympic Medalist, one of the most winning Olympic Medalists in Sailing, 1992 and 2000 Gold Medal, 1988 Silver Medal in the Star class, many World, NA, and National Championships in the Star and Snipe classes, 2000 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year, National Sailing Hall of Fame. Jonathan McKee - 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist in the Flying Dutchman, 2000 Olympic Bronze Medalist in the 49er, 7 World Championships, numerous NA and National Championships. Paul Cayard - 2 time Olympian, 2004 Olympian in the Star (5th), winner of 7 World Championships, competed in 7 America’s Cups, 1998 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year, National Sailing Hall of Fame. Johnny Lovell - 4 time Olympian, 2004 Silver Medalist in the Tornado class, multi-winner of NA and National Championships, 4 time All-American Collegiate sailor ‘86-’90 (C of C). JJ Fetter - 2 time 470 Olympic Medalist (1992 Bronze, 2000 Silver), 4 time Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year (’88, ’91, ’97, ’00), ‘95 Tactician/Skipper America’s Cup Defender, National Sailing Hall of Fame. Peter Holmberg - 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist in the Finn, America’s Cup 2010 Winner skipper rotation. Steve Benjamin - 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist in the 470, multiple World Championships in the 5o5 and Fireball, College Sailor of the Year 1978 (Yale). Dave Ullman - Winner of 4 major World Championships (470 ‘77, ‘78, ‘80 & Melges 24 in 2007) and 34 National and Hemisphere championships, 1996 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year. Cam Lewis - 2 time Finn Gold Cup World Champion (79, 80), 2 time 5o5 World Champion (81, 82), 1988 Stars & Stripes America’s Cup Winner, 1993 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year. Bora Gulari - 2 time Moth World Champion 2009 and 2013, multi-winner of other National Championships, 2009 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year. Dave Perry - 2 time All American ‘75, ‘77 (Yale), Match Racing Champion, Multiple Nationals, Author. Dick Stearns - 1964 Olympic Silver Medalist in the Star class, multiple Star Championships / class legend. Betsy Alison - US Women’s Singlehanded Championship 79, 81, 82, record 5 time Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year, National Sailing Hall of Fame. Terry Neilson - 1984 Olympic Bronze Medalist in the Finn, 1982 Laser World Champion, 1987 America’s Cup skipper Canada 2. Dave Chapin - 3 time World Champion in the Snipe and Sunfish, winner of multiple NA and US Championships in Laser, Sunfish, Snipe, 470 and Soling classes. Peter Commette - 1st Laser World Champion 1974, US Finn Olympian 1976, multi-winner of NA and US Championships in Laser, Finn, Snipe with an inspiring year of top results in the E Scow in 1978. Paul Van Cleve - 1983 Finn Gold Cup World Champion, 2 time Finn North American Champion, 2 time ICSA All American (Navy). Liz Baylis - 2007 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Champion, 2003 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Champion, 2002 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year. Graham Landy - 3 time ICSA Team Race National Champion (2013, 2014, 2015), ICSA College Sailor of the Year (2014). Ed Eloranta - Champion of UW Intergalactic Regatta in 1975; Champion of the One Design Regatta in 1975; Co-author of the “WINDSHIFTS FOR LAKE SAILORS” by Ed Eloranta and Gordy Bowers. Educator “Weather for Sailors” at UW-Madison. Active Hoofer member and Sailing advocate at the University of WI - Madison.
  5. Race fans! The Good Reverand Petey and Penalty Box Productions are broadcasting LIVE from the 50th E-Scow Blue Chip in Pewaukee, WI. This could be the first-ever live drone stream on YouTube. The link to watch apparently changes for each segment. They have about 15 minutes of battery time for each drone run. Epic footage! https://www.youtube.com/embed/li7wOAR-1bM Great footage from Race 2 yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/embed/li7wOAR-1bM
  6. Could someone please bring me up to speed on why this thread is going strong after three plus years? I don't have any prolem with it whatsoever, but if I'm not mistaken it's not exactly part of the key SA lore like Bavaria Yachts, HWSNBN, Roz, The Tin Can, Danny Double Reef, Weid and Brad Robinson. Why is Espo a dick and why does he respond on this thread? Should this be part of the essential SA knowledge? Just curious....
  7. Who is Espo and why is he a dick?