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  1. Mike in CT

    what is it?

  2. Mike in CT

    Favourite Boat pic?

  3. Mike in CT

    Black Widow

    when burnishing with bronze wool, is that done wet or dry?
  4. Mike in CT

    Black Widow

    great, thanks! I'll be taking a shot at it this weekend.
  5. Mike in CT

    Black Widow

    Cool, let me know if you are happy with how it rolls on. I plan to spray it but would prefer to roll if goes on smooth. much less prep and mess with rolling.
  6. Mike in CT

    Black Widow

    How much paint did you use for the Columbia? Can you get two coats out of a gallon? My plan is to spray it on the J/92 this season.
  7. Mike in CT

    what is it?

    Home plate?
  8. Mike in CT

    Totally lost...

    There is an S2 9.1 in Milford, CT that fits all those parameters. PM me if you want the info.
  9. Mike in CT

    Needing good shoes

    Adidas Terrex climacool are easily the best shoes I've ever had for sailing. they even seem to be immune to that thing that harken shoes do when they suddenly turn hard as a rock and twice as slippery.
  10. Mike in CT

    Laser Performance?

    Maclaren North America I believe. I moved a couple of container for them to their CT location and the loading dock guy mentioned something to my driver about "boats"
  11. Mike in CT

    Sailors Powerboat

    I feel like you really need go with what works best for your given situation. If you have the means to get a sail boat and a power boat, that's great. It gives you the opportunity to go boating they way you want, when you want. I agree with you on the trend toward multiple outboards. I find the one big block 454 easier to work on. Now I just need to move somewhere warm so I can used them more often instead of storing them half the year.
  12. Mike in CT

    Sailors Powerboat

    I have always been partial to straight inboard center consoles. I like the way they look and operate. Great for the kids with the swim platform, and for fishing if you are into that. much better balanced boat than an I/O. Had a Shamrock 220 for a while, now have a 24 Rampage.
  13. Mike in CT

    Sport boat trailers

    I'm not sure from the thread what type of boat you have but I know of a new J/70 trailer available. PM for details
  14. Mike in CT

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    That seems like a difficult conclusion to reach without seeing the other boat and a full investigation. There is an awful lot of paint missing from the underside of the bow on Vestas. I imagine the bottom of the hull could be damaged on a boat that is planing at 20kts with its bow out of the water and rides up over another boat. It could also just as easily be the glancing blow of a steel fishing boat coming right at you in the dark with little or no lights on. Can't say based on current info.
  15. Mike in CT

    Where do you work on your boat?

    not sure how much open space you have but you could consider a container shelter