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  1. It has everything to do with it...they run big freighters down the river channel and in years past the Coast Guard has come by and had a major coronary if the raft is anything more than 4-5 deep. When a 400 foot freighter comes through there and the raft is too wide for them to fit...something has to give.
  2. This is going to get old quickly I suppose with everyone here in A3, but I took some pictures of Il Mostro sitting in Belmont Harbor last night, enjoy. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4180538835007.173892.1330502932&type=1&notif_t=photo_album_comment But hey maybe someone will see my post and at the same time offer me a ride on her due to us all being friends here on SA!
  3. Seems that someone is still ripping off that T10 shot from our Boatingshots calendar!! Was that the 2005 or 2006 calendar? Oh well.... Great idea except many of the trophies weren't there, including some of Columbias.
  4. I really like the idea of that awesome Rolling Stones cover band from the Bi-State. Either way, I can get drunk enough that it won't matter. Awesome is an overused word these days dude...the band wasn't that good.. Maybe next year you can get a ride on Tri State boat, because for the first time in many years, in Michigan City we had food as good as St Joe but cheaper and a band that was better..The Unit with Waz... Unfortunately because of Chicago sailing politics and the weather... no one came to the party but the 100 guys who wished you were all here to enjoy it with us.. WTF does politics have to do with not going to MC? For us it had nothing to do with politics at all, we had planned on doing MC all along, but the weather forecast for Monday was NASTY (and turned out to be correct). We opted to race back on Sunday instead, much to our crew's disappointment! (and mine!) Much like last year's Tri-state how the Friday night leg got messed up due to huge waves, nothing to do with sailing politics at all!
  5. Cradles are not allowed; you'll have to pay for cradle storage where ever the cradle is now. Other than your boat falling off jack stands and the inability to work on the boat bottom, there shouldn't be many concerns; lol. They are now allowing cradles... I would not store my boat on stands. Frenzy Given all of the problems last year, I'd be very nervous about putting my boat there. Plus, there's no power, no water, and they don't really seem to know how to handle the boats. Then they decided on a whim last spring to put all of the boat in the water without first even notifying the owners, which is a surefire recipe to sink a boat. (The boats weren't even open or unlocked, so they had no way to check for flooding, open seacocks, etc). And not everyone is on a cradle, so what are you going to do when another "neighbor" boat falls over on top of yours? And you're not allowed to work on your bottom or hull while in the lot. I was there a week into it in the fall when a 36' Catalina toppled over, it wasn't pretty.
  6. Sunday wasn't on most of the OD fleet schedules. The Sheldon Clark numbers keep going up, a bunch more boats signed up today. Big Kahuna party Sat night at Belmonth is always a good bash if the weather holds up!
  7. We just bailed on MC and signed up for Bi-state for weather reasons.
  8. It's called the Silver Lake now, I got a room today actually. Good news, it used to be a 2 night min. Bad news, it's $309 a night now, ouch.
  9. It is a one day race, Sat 8/6
  10. Those are distance races, port to ports. This is a buoy race. There is little-no chances for passing other boats in buoys that involve reaching triangle courses, not on such a short course. If I want to go "test out" reaching angles I'll go out and practice with the crew for the Mac race, or do a port to port race, or a beer can for that matter.. not an A3 race. Or one of our weekend low key club races, where they do lots of triangles and trapezoids, for that matter. That's why they call it a "parade", since you'll see a parade of boats on the reaching legs. It's also why you don't generally see those kinds of races much in A3 any more, no one wants to do them. I'm not saying I wouldn't personally go do one, but most of the fleets will opt out of this kind of racing, and I know many other boats that would be upset if they were expecting to do W-L racing and signed up for it, and then it was switched to something else. Not trying to debate with you or anything, just telling you the reason why I believe most people don't like doing these.
  11. Since it will be a "parade" the best thing to do is participate actively, by decorating your boat like one of those big floats from one of the recent parades. Costumes, streamers, etc. I'm sure someone on here can help you with some creative input if you need some. HEY, Venetian Night has been cancelled anyhow, here's your chance to make up for it!
  12. Not yet! Right now it's go the "Relentless"... no GTC until Friday... patience grasshopper!
  13. Sail changes on a buoy race? Really!? LOL ( I found this funny). The problem with triangles or trapezoids is it ends up being all reaching, which isn't very good, competitive racing.
  14. Big storms rolling through tonight, lots of drama at Montrose, fire trucks, police, helicopter, they thought some Vanguard sailors were in the water or something along those lines (everyone is ok). In the big storm that followed, O-dock broke loose and is bumped up against the star docks.
  15. Yup saw it on the Westrec website this morning. They suggest Millenium garage or Du Sable lots as alternates. Haven't been there and had to park yet myself this season, with all of the summer festivals and such coming, you would think summer would be a really bad time to close that garage though. Doesn't it seem like it has been under repair for the past few seasons anyhow? There always seems to be some kind of work going on in there.