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    Larry's AC50 Circus

    The BAR 50 is at Core...
  2. Racing Fast

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    Team Origin bought SUI100
  3. Racing Fast

    Team UK

    Seems like a slightly unnecessarily scathing comment. Pretty certain those involved wouldn't have been in the last cycle with only a "few years" in the game. To draw a comparison, it's like me accusing you of not having a f£&*ing clue about whatever it is you've held a profession in to this day. To look for a positive, seems like a genuinely productive way to actually give something back to the sport where other teams wouldn't even bother considering it. Kudos for trying either way.
  4. Racing Fast

    Team UK

    All so woefully inaccurate. I've read this thread on and off for some time along with so many others but rarely "chime" in. It's far too evident the personal prejudices several "contributors" here try to establish as non fictional inside information with respect to an organisation that they have had zero first hand exposure to or genuine knowledge to draw from. Have you paused to consider for a second that the serious "stake holders' may indeed have the inside track on trickle flow information from the new defenders. Coupled with the same disbelief of concept and uninformed opinions towards the new class rule that was seen at this point last cycle... Word on the street is that those who've begun running simulations and modelling show that the concept is capable of what it says on the tin and that BAR are indeed in a financially more positive position than other syndicates at this point in the cycle. One can only hope that with their infrastructure, base, resource network and basic staffing already in place for a second cycle. Many of the initial distractions of AC35 will not have a contributing factor to the end result. It's all too easy (read easier) to bang on and on with your own manufactured negative propaganda than it is to better educate oneself on the facts that are readily available in the public domain should one simply look... And commence trolling...
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    Not flipped, wing fell down