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  1. The truth of the matter is there will be at least two investigations: 1) The first will be into the loss of life, and the safety factors (or lack thereof) surrounding this. This is what is being conducted by SF fire, police, and separately by the committee announced yesterday. It might include a very high-level estimation of the structural failure(s) that started the chain of events. The focus will be safety, and how loss of life can be avoided in the future. I expect it will focus primarily on team personal safety and SAR improvements. On this point, I do not think it is fair to speculate as to the lack of these capabilities that existed or that “the loss of life was avoidable” merely by observation of a couple of YouTube videos. I would rather wait for a detailed report that spells out the SAR capabilities at the time of the accident so that I can then form an educated opinion. 2) The second will be an internal team investigation into the technical structural failures that occurred on a one-off, highly proprietary design. You are half-retarded if you think this data will ever be seen in detail outside of the team or a civil courtroom. Even the courtroom is unlikely, as I am sure all involved signed very detailed liability releases in exchange for their paycheck. I am sure they also signed detailed confidentiality agreements, which is a good indication of why no one is speaking publicly. This was not a production J 1xx, that came apart under some asshat day sailing in the bay. It was a highly technical, highly specialized, highly proprietary, design that came apart. While I am terribly saddened that someone died, I also realize that the whole crew signed up to help test, evaluate, develop, and subsequently race this highly specialized design and understood (or I hope they did by now) the risks involved. While I would like to know more details, I fully recognize that I am entitled to none.
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  3. By my read, I don't think any of the video links we have seen (including "Raw Feeds") started filming prior to recovery. If my memory serves, one of the first images of the ABC live feed was of CPR being performed at the dock. The video posted by clean clearly is of the crew getting off of the boat and a diver in the water, but I do not see any sense of urgency that suggests that a team member is still in the water. The CBS link posted above I believe is quite sometime after the event, as all of the crew are off. All that are on the boat are what I guess to be shore crew given their dress trying to inspect/stabilize and get ready to tow.