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  1. what about an older mercedes? 10-15 years old and they can be had cheap-German engineering counts and most folks say these cars will go 150-200k miles without problem. Any experience?
  2. Thanks - certainly not a "modern high tech" design, but some old boats can go pretty well. I guess with custom boats you are right in that alot depends on the build budget, but the Koopmans, Huttigs etc seem to be aimed at quality. I am thinking of the older boats by the way, not a new build from K&M, although that would be nice!
  3. Anyone have any firsthand experience with Koopma's designed and sometimes designed/built Dutch aluminum center boarders? High quality boats-wondering about sailing and handling performance? Any info appreciated
  4. Back to the topic - for a regular 50 something year old, non audiophile or musician, who wants to have decent tunes on his boat, it seems like the jam box, rockbox or whomever's latest is a great option on board? You can have them wherever you like, the good ones sound pretty damn good and they are not crazy expensive. All you need is your iPhone, a couple of those, a good way to charge them and you have a decent system that is pretty versatile? Am I missing something or is this a realistic and good option for a "good" not great or incredible, but good system on board?
  5. You know, it is really kind of a shame-as current and valid as Sailing Anarchy can be and often is, with people all over the world using it as "their place" on the internet to check in on all things sailing-that someone in the editor's or columnist's seat feels they have to resort to trash talking or nastiness, and to what end? To create excitement like the National Enquirer or something!?! Nasty, negative talk is just that - it does not reflect well on anyone - the person spewing it, the person it is about or even the person reading it. The folks running this erstwhile website would be well served to their audiences and indeed to themselves to realize that there is a big difference between being sharp and cutting edge and being mean-spirited and nasty. Being nasty does not make you cool… I don't know the Clarkes personally, but I know some people that their involvement in yachting has touched personally and those people are all appreciative of what the Clarkes have done in building yachts and running programs - perfect, imperfect or somewhere in between. I'd say - stop trashing people just because you can and whether trying to be some sort of "anarchist" (does anyone here truly believe in anarchy…?!) or whatever - realize that what we all ought to do is support and encourage sailling and yachting and not try and ruin it… Rant over.
  6. I too have sailed 12M's and I loved them. I think this effort is cool and may well get some traction, but why disregard what they call the "vagaries of the 12M Rule" and create a boat like a 12 that is not a 12? There are no vagaries of the 12M rule-it is a highly evolved and known rule that produces very close racing. Tapping into the cachet and the beauty of the 12's is a good idea, but why not petition the 12M class for a latest version of the rule incorporating all they want in the new boats, and yet keep them as true 12M designs-albeit to the latest version of the rule? There are several (or at least a few) versions of the 12M rule now for all the exisitng 12's to fit into, so rather than a great boat with modern developments that is alot like a 12, why not a new/modern 12M rule? The event could still use the one design concept but the boats would be New Millenium 12 Meters aimed at the event but with a life after as 12 Meters… Geez, I don't know why they didn't ask me about this first….
  7. Frede-interesting topic, I also am very interested in this type of boat-mostly the French deriveur integrale. I think the Boreal boat with external keelbox would not be considered a deriver integrale but a deriver leste. I believe the english translation would be keel/centerboarder vs. pure center boarder. The Koopman/Dutch boats are indeed very very different-I think some of the Ted Hood designs share this thinking-pure center boarders but very heavy, full sections and accordingly more internal ballast. There have been lots of discussions about stability curves and the like for the French DI boats - the numbers are not understood or often published but then there is the undeniable empirical knowledge of alot of these types of boats in high latitude sailing-extensive offshore work-where they seem to shine and develop fierce loyalty from their crews and owners. The DI approach would seem to rely on form stability quite a bit, the Koopman's approach maybe a little more "old fashioned" with deeper and heavier IB and more wetted surface - clearly they both work but are two different camps for the same goal of shoal draft. Dutch or French…hmmm…?
  8. Bob, You noted LFH's like of hollow bows and of course his father as well with very successful boats (BB 25 etc) - but now we are seeing these new very high performance boats with very full bow sections (IMOCA, Maxis and the rest), even to the point of the scow bow. Do you think it is simply a matter of speed - these modern designs are going so much faster that volume and planing surface is the driving force, even if it is not quite so efficient upwind? Or is upwind at 5 or 6 knots a whole different than upwind wide and fast at like 10 and + knots? It seems clear that some of the older hollow bow beauties were fine sailing boats (I've sailed a bunch of em), but they were of course pretty slow compared to today in pure boat speed. You mentioned that you were not sure the water "sees" the hollow, but I wonder if it is not black and white as there were so many fast, newer boats with very fine bows and hollow (or close) bow sections in IOR and IMS and even IRC, and there are fast boats today with surprisingly full bow sections - is one right and one wrong or horses for courses…?
  9. Greenport Ocean Race - October
  10. Yes, the knee jerk reaction is "you're a dumbass, they did this on Sverige and look where they got"…But, technology in all forms has come a long way since the 70's and I wonder if there isn't room for some clever engineer to figure out some slick application. Perhaps not grand prix race boats but cruising boats or shorthanded offshore boats? What is old becomes new again and I'd like to think that with a pile of dough and time that something very cool could be developed-seems a bit foolish to dismiss it out of hand.
  11. I've got one in Eastern Long Island, NY - FREE - has a rig and an outboard, maybe a sail or two-will help anyone load it and go for FREE. yes, Have a title. PM me.
  12. Holy Shit-I don't usually post on these, but is there a man alive that doesn't see that as more than spectacular?!?
  13. So - I sailed a Weds nite race last week with these new winches - the "grinders" on a Sabre 38. There was a little breeze and we were shorthanded so I did not get to do a technical review of any kind - but here are my observations: Pretty cool - the first gear line speed is tremendous and the self tailer/stripper works so nicely that we ended up leaving the sheet in the self-tailer and grinding through the tacks (140% furling genoa) - just like in the brochure. My understanding is that these winches are 4 speed and I don't think we quite got the shifting through 4 gears right. Massive line speed in 1, works beautifully, back the other way for 2nd and so on, it felt like we were missing 3rd gear and getting 2 and 4 perhaps. 4 worked well for final trim (top end of the full genoa in about 15T with a reef), but 2 was the wrong gear the other way. As I said, did not get to really play around with them alot and they might work perfectly through the 4 gears in more sedate settings - all in all they seem very slick. Don't know what happens when all that clever gearing breaks but so far they seem like winners - the owner of the boat is absolutely thrilled with them. I will try to get back on the boat with some time to mess around and properly test them and give some more feedback.
  14. Bob, Thanks for posting all this stuff. How will you attach the stanchion bases to the cf bulwarks? They look beefy in the renderings and really strong and leakproof stanchions are something many cruising yachts miss. Will you use a production base or fab them out of cf or?
  15. Back to the thread...dinghies not hooks... How about a nutshell pram? 9'6" and a terrific little boat, rows like a dream, burdensome and sails OK too - I built one and it weighs about 75lbs-love the thing