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  1. FoggiestIdea

    B&G TWS damping

    We have experienced exactly the same issue under the same conditions (post update). This issue was not present before the updates. Sorry, we’ve had the H5000 all along, it was only post update we had the issue.
  2. If anyone could assist me in adding a display to a Garmin system I would appreciate it. I currently have a Garmin GNX Wireless Sailpack 43 and was considering adding a Nexus NX Sea Data display as a boat speed repeater on the mast. From what I understand I would need the Garmin GND 10 Black Box bridge to enable this with these steps; 1) Use the Nexus network cable (5 m; straight connector) from the GND 10 to the Nexus NX Sea Data display. I would need to cut the connector off one end to connect the display. 2) Connect a PC to the GND 10 with the provided Serial/USB cable using the USB driver from Garmin. 3) Use Nexus NX2 Race Software to configure the server settings. In my case to use boat speed, depth and wind. Would this work or am I missing something? Helpfull tips would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. FoggiestIdea

    Laser 28 owners?

    It sailed just like all the others that came after it ;-)
  4. FoggiestIdea

    Laser 28 owners?

    If you’re interested, here’s a little more on the story of my boat #214 Cheers
  5. FoggiestIdea

    Laser 28 owners?

    I’ve been racing Laser 28s since the first prototype in 1984 and currently own one of the 13 boats we have at the RSTLYC in Montreal. We often get 10 boats out for an evening race of tight racing. My best advice is to winterise the engine properly, cylinder heads are no longer available. LSM Diesel in Denmark still has many parts available. The saildrive internals are from a Suzuki outboard design. Enjoy your boat.
  6. FoggiestIdea

    B&G H5000 autopilot settings

    Not sure of your steering system, but there may be a difference in leverage between the wheel and the autopilot on the rudder quadrant.
  7. FoggiestIdea

    J 121

    Boats had various crew aboard that may sail different events, there was also a future owner from Japan in attendance with one of his crew.
  8. FoggiestIdea

    J 121

    If that was their first event with the boat then I’d say they are still learning how to make it go. A J121 is definitely faster than a J111.
  9. FoggiestIdea

    J 121

    Should be a fun ride...
  10. FoggiestIdea

    J 121

    Hull #2 splashed in Riviera Beach this past weekend, soon to be on her way to the Caribbean.
  11. FoggiestIdea

    J 121

    Had the pleasure of sailing this J121 in Bristol on the 25th. Mostly light winds with an occaisional puff in the double digits, fun to sail, she feels agile and responsive with 6 aboard which makes for plenty of hands to handle the boat, no water ballast used. Two boat testing coming up before the fall chill sets in, looking forward to being aboard boat number 2 for that adventure. Very excited to see how this will play out compared to the previous program on a Farr 42 with 11 crew. A couple of pics courtesy of J Boats while tending the main sail. And one more image courtesy of DCB
  12. FoggiestIdea


    The lower headstay strop is an interesting component. We had ours changed to a 1" shorter version at BIRW, the old one had a bend in it where it comes through the furler base. After installing the new one and then tuning the rig, we discovered the new strop was bending in the same way as the old one thereby loosening off the rig. That meant we were chasing the rig tuning for a few days until the strop acquired the requisite bend. My first time racing a J88, fun boat and met some great people in the fleet at BIRW.