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  1. Bandersnatch

    Team UK

    Not definitely seeing it. I take it when you say wing spars you are talking about vert and hor structural components of wings? Difficult to see what is actually structural and what is just black. Suppose big and heavy means higher CoG hence more leeway resistance (horizontal lift) required from the foils.
  2. Bandersnatch

    Team UK

    Interesting video. Both Jono and Ben seem quite resigned to the fact they will not get up to pace but will keep trying "till the end" ben also seems properly sorry for the ETNZ incident despite what the kiwi tinfoil hat brigade would have you believe. Would be interesting to know where they have gone wrong to be so far behind in straight line speed. Can only be foils or wing obviously but are foils just to big and draggy or does the wing not deliver to power as well as the other teams. Seems strange that they are so far behind everyone else.
  3. Bandersnatch

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    2 gybes by AT. Obviously keen to stick to the ice limits. I was wondering whether just sailing deep parallel to the limits may have been an option but it looks like polar as are still king.