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  1. If true, and sounds like it could well be, then this is even worse than first thought. Changing the shape with a bit of fairing is one thing - buying an illegal keel from a banned 3rd party is very underhand and very deliberate..... Should be some sort of ban and sanction for owner and all crew from the effected boats - they will all deny any part of it, but that's in their nature. So ban them all for 6 mths from all yachting....And encourage whistleblowers with reduced bans - that way the truth can be uncovered..... And the boatbilder who did this work should also be hauled over the coals.....he knew full well it is illegal, and he makes his money from our sport.....
  2. Re Mascalzone letter, what I don't understand from his testimony is very simple: - Why did he feel the need to alter the keel as provided by the builder? (Because that's what everyone does?) - If there was something wrong with the keel he should have rejected it? But no, as is the norm these days is the first thing they (all) do, is send the boat to the yard and get the keel refaired, lowered etc etc. The argument that everyone else is doing it, the only way we can be competitive is to do this, simply doesn't hold water...... So kudos to the Jury, Italian Class Association for standing up to this.......
  3. Understand all that - maybe then it's just a huge co-incidence that 90% of the boats that were busted were Italian.......maybe they got a bad batch...... I don't think so.....
  4. what's the story with the Yamaha redress for race 3? And what were the commentators alluding to with it being re-opened? Also looking at the film of race 4, if Witty protested Yamaha for the mark 1 rounding incident, looks like Yamaha would be flicked for sure
  5. Not really sure the schedule makes much difference - if you have a dog, then it will seem very hard and if you have a rocketship, it will seem much easier.....
  6. Looks really good 2 up looks fun
  7. Word was that LBAR lost 6 out of 6 and was slow.....not happy campers. The external PR from the AC is fairly pathetic, they want everyone to get excited by the event, but they sanitise anything that goes out. No results, or even indications of what is going on, this big hush-hush about juries, protests and ETNZ case which frankly is about the only interesting thing going on at the moment.
  8. If the other teams, like team Japan and Team AUS are doing foiling tacks do you seriously believe these guys haven't? And what exactly is the upside on going public that you have achieved it....?
  9. some strange decisions on classes they cancelled. Sure the forecast was bad, and maybe the right decision, but they need some thinking about who to cancel... 1. Cancelled J70's - fair enough 2. Cancelled Sportsboat Class - includes Mumm 30, Melges 32, J88 and Sb20 - OK 3. J80's can race....?? 4. Little ISC 24' shitboxes can race - badly prepared, badly sailed etc etc Not really sure how you can say a J80 is safer than a J88???
  10. I was in Portugal during the Chicago event - hanging around at the airport and paid €1 for access to the AC event. It streamed pretty well on my ipad on the airports free wifi. I assumed that the €1 may have been a misprint but the bill came through iTunes this week as 79p....It was the full televised event, with English commentry Anyone know of a way to use a VPN to make it look like you are in Portugal - I know how to do it the other way....
  11. try http://www.time4tv.com/categories/ helps to download a free adblocker program
  12. Cammas never won Olympic, or even come close to America's Cup. Ainslie never competed in VOR. Outridge never won AC or VOR, so you will have to try a lot harder to come up with anyone. Kostecki is certainly one of the closest, with VOR win (Illbruck), Cup win in the dodgy DOG match and involved in most of the 2013 San Fran win and a silver in the games. Conner isn't really close, with no Olympic gold, and his VOR/Whitbread participation was mostly as a Syndicate leader who raised funds, did a couple of legs, never came on deck and didn't do very well. Few interesting ones like Calafat (470, Alinghi but any VOR?), don't think Schumann ever did VOR, maybe some Kiwis?
  13. What crew have won all 3??
  14. You need another category - national identity/mercenary category OR 5 BAR 1 TNZ 1 ART 4 JPN 4 FR 1
  15. Monaco is an excellent venue - great hotels, bars, history and the new club is great. One small thing, probably best to leave your boat at home - it all goes wrong once you take to the water.....