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    At least?
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    Random PicThread

    I worked for him for a short time at Nakon Phenom, Thailand about 1966. He was commander of a squadron of A-26 bombers flying night interdiction raids along the Ho Chi Minh trail. His call sign was the 'Red Baron'. Totally fearless, he had more guts than any other ten men I've ever met.
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    Random PicThread

    Better be careful with that, or you'll put yer eye out.
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    Random PicThread

    Yes that would be Barbara Eden with navel showing
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    What to read?

    Mentioned before but ... Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series are a favorite ... just finished rereading them for maybe for the third time. and not in any particular order ... The Dog Stars, Peter Heller The Road, Cormac McCarthy Carl Hiaasen, John Grisham, Kristen Hannah for entertaining quick reads Dune, Frank Herbert Anything by Isaac Asimov, Ernest Hemingway, John LeCarre The Alice Network, Kate Quinn The classics also have appeal if you didn't read them in school, such as The Count of Monte Cristo, Moby Dick, Last of the Mohicans,
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    Random PicThread

    Thanks Hobot, This thread is better than Life Magazine.
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    Random PicThread

    My dad had a Dauphine, an R8, an R10 and finally an R12 with the push button automatic; Dry disk clutch and servos that clutched and shifted the tranny. Front end light??/ You should have tried driving one in Connecticut snow. No problem until you wanted to go somewhere besides straight ahead. We had about half dozen old cylinder heads in the front trunk, boot? in winter. The best thing was that the R10/12s had fully reclining front seats.
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    "National Cleavage Day"

    Pole Dancer? hold_my_cosmo.mp4
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    Random PicThread

    Let's go kayaking! It'll be fun they said.
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    You're asking a bunch of sailors about rum? Ha, ha, ha ha, good one.