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  1. ebnelson

    Ian Farrier

    Will miss him for sure. He always took the time to offer advice on maintaining our old boats.
  2. ebnelson

    Clean Interview of GA

    I thought it was a good interview. The intro was a bit long, but I had plenty of time while on the road.
  3. ebnelson

    F-22 Update

    Yeah, I think I remembered incorrectly. Here's an old page you might not have seen yet http://www.f-boat.com/pages/News2/BallardF-22.html
  4. ebnelson

    F-22 Update

    Isn't that F-22 hull #1?
  5. ebnelson

    Randy Smyth fully rotating wing sail

    Is the full circle rotation a new innovation?
  6. ebnelson

    Randy Smyth fully rotating wing sail

    You can search patent applications now-a-days but I'm not sure how long until they are published. I used to be a Patent Examiner 20 years ago. A lot has changed.
  7. ebnelson

    Torture Board vs. DA below waterline

    Ahhh, to be 28 again! If you keep a shop vac handy, you can remove the layer of dust from the paper and keep using the paper longer. I still did plenty of hand sanding when using the power tools. Lint free rags help with dust too and can be washed and reused.
  8. ebnelson

    Torture Board vs. DA below waterline

    12 metre, I'm sure you are right about the long board offering the best results. That simply was not an option for a one man operation with lots of work to do. The "practice" I talk about with the air file is learning how to handle the file to match curves diagonally with lots of cross hatch to knock down the bog or filler primer uniformly. There is a good web page on fairing for home built aircraft out there for anyone how wants detailed tips on fairing. The guide coat is critical. Since my boat was built from a mold that was pretty fair to begin with I had a leg up.
  9. ebnelson

    Torture Board vs. DA below waterline

    That is the Mirka brand dry guide coat. 3M is another choice. There are spray on guide coats too. I much prefer dry sanding for everything except color sanding.
  10. ebnelson

    Torture Board vs. DA below waterline

    Those air files are nice if you have a gigantic compressor to run them. Way too heavy to use on "vertical" surfaces IME. I faired all three hulls on my F-25C with one, so I guess I'm a badass. The compressor requirements are less for the Hutchins than the Dynabrade sander. I used two 110V compressors with a y-spitter to join them together which worked fine. The compressors ran the whole time but kept the sander moving. Beats the hell out of hand fairing.
  11. ebnelson

    Torture Board vs. DA below waterline

    Here's what I use. A 16"x2.75" inline air sander /w dust collection. It can be quite good at fairing with a bit of practice.
  12. The W22 trimaran looks pretty good to my eye. The Trinado is a good looking boat too. Obviously not cats.
  13. ebnelson

    epoxy pump, west systems 5:1

    Thats true. When the dispenser has medium hardener and I want a batch of quick hardener, I use the scale. Cleaning the dispenser out is not very fun.
  14. ebnelson

    Pettit No Sand Primer

    How does VC-17 handle being on a trailer? I'm considering leaving my trimaran in fresh water for a few months a year.
  15. ebnelson

    epoxy pump, west systems 5:1

    I've been using one of these for around 15 years. http://www.michaelengineering.com/Pumps/Manual/StickyStuffDispenser/ After leaving old resin to crystallize I was able to clean it out with acetone. It's adjustable for different mixing ratios so works with many brands of epoxy. However, you do need a scale when dialing in the mix ratio. Once adjusted it's very accurate.