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  1. Peenstone

    Rudders and roundup

    Maybe , but not "in the zone".
  2. Peenstone

    Rudders and roundup

    You’re pinching.
  3. Peenstone

    Rudders and roundup

    Not intending to lecture, but to share my experience. I own a 1989 Olson 34, having bought it from the original owner in 2009. The boat tends to round to weather when she starts to heel. A feeling I was not accustomed to from my earlier experience. I also found that the boat would rebound up significantly when flying a chute while strapped in tight, again , more than I was accustomed to. After finding some water intrusion into my rudder, I decided to replace it vs repair. I contacted the folks at Foss Foam , the original rudder manufacturer in Newport Beach CA. They have several options that would work for my boat, I settled on a Carl Schumacher high aspect ratio rudder that is 6” longer than the original eliptical design. Fitting it on the boat helped significantly with round ups, and increased rudder efficiency as the boat begins to heel. With the chute strapped, I can pump the rudder and have assurance that I can avert a round up. I’m extremely happy with the rudders performance over the past 7 years.
  4. Peenstone

    Summer reading ideas

    Read Nathaniel Philbrick. Right now, I recommend "In the Hurricane's Eye" The story of George Washington, as seen from the water during the revolution. Get away from the chaos of the "protests" and see what George was all about. Also, others by Philbrick are great. I've also read, and recommend, "In the heart of the sea" the non fictional account of the whale ship Essex, as in Moby Dick. and finally Sea of Glory. An expedition account from the mid 1800's. All great reads.
  5. Peenstone

    Captain Licence Course

    I'm enrolled in a 25T Masters course online through Mariners Learning System ( They've got a reliable website and good text books, along with web based text books. I'll be taking my exam at the end of the year.
  6. Peenstone

    don't mock me

    Hmm. Pointy end is not quite right.
  7. Peenstone

    what's in a name?

    Titillation. It was a Ches Bay J-29 with an all-girl crew.
  8. Of course. 3 sec/ mi for each, the rudder hit ultimately got eliminated.
  9. New main and genoa, New primaries, new genoa lead cars (boat didn't have any). Then, converted to Forte deck mounted retractable sprit adding 3.1feet to J. Of course, a new chute. Then, replaced rudder with high aspect blade from OEM (Foss, Newport CA). Finally, added Isotherm SP refer unit to the ice box. Love it!
  10. Peenstone

    Unconventional refrigeration

    I installed an Isotherm S P unit about 9 years ago and love it. It's been trouble free and never leaked after installed. (had a small leaked during install, but located it to a mechanical connection, easily recharged with C134 can from auto parts store). We sailed the Chesapeake for 5 years with no problem, now in Mystic CT where sailing is only half a year and cold waters make the unit highly efficient. The S P unit is desirable due to its low power consumption. Only load is the compressor, which is nearly silent. The condenser is an integral part of the sink seacock, and cools via convection- no fan. We're coastal cruisers, but I believe this would work for any distant cruisers as well.
  11. Peenstone

    Sabre 362 vs J/109 vs Tartan 3500

    Yup, she's a beaut, and been on YW for over a year. I considered, but changed direction.
  12. Thanks for the update. Keep the updates coming. This is horrible and needs to be put on the front pages.
  13. Peenstone

    NYYC Invitational IC37

    The boats are awesome, the regatta competitiveness is awesome, and the venue is awesome. Great coverage, and great for the sport. We were moored adjacent to NYYC (491) for the first couple of days, a professionally managed event. Kudos.