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  1. Peenstone

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    Impulse 21! Lots of fun, great trainer for young sailors. And inexperienced older ones.
  2. Peenstone

    Books You Read Cruising

    Im a narrow minded reader and love non-fiction stories of the sea, and polar exploration. Just finished "Abandoned- the Greely Expedition ". It's the US version of the Franklin expedition, except for the ending. If you want a good free read, "White Slave", the wreck of a US merchant sailing ship off the coast of western Africa. Agree with others, Hampton Sides book on The Jeannette "In the Kingdom of Ice" is a great one.
  3. Peenstone

    Show your boat not sailing

  4. Peenstone

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    Second for Haarstick. Had a set for my O-30 , and bought my fastest chute from him. Steve loved to talk about his cloth testing- which allowed him to produce sails with no delam. I still have the orange belt! BTW, I’m for bringing back the O-30. Had one for 10 years, amazing 30’ dinghy.
  5. Peenstone

    Show your boat not sailing

    No courtesy flag needed. 36 deg 50' 44.01" N 76 deg 18' 07.07" W
  6. Peenstone

    Show your boat not sailing

    1989 Olson 34. I've had her for 10 years, after dry sailing an O-30 for 10 years prior. Love those west coast boats.
  7. has one in Newport.
  8. Olson 34. I've had mine for 10 years, moving up a bit from an O-30, and love it. Great cruiser, competitive racer in the right hands. At least one is available right now in SoCal.
  9. Peenstone

    new boat shoes.

    They run wide. Length is accurate, size is deliberately wide.
  10. Peenstone

    Zinc sunscreen recommendation.

    SOL Sunguard. Found it while hiking the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Put on, stays on, lasts long long time!
  11. Peenstone

    new boat shoes.

    Soft Science. Bought a pair, love them, so bought another pair to keep on the boat. Extremely comfortable, don’t absorb water. science shoes&gclid=Cj0KCQjwquTbBRCSARIsADzW88xCBd-PtxF75X0t8BAVKqIDDz4xcyatFC3_GrEl2EbyaYanOXe6Wh8aAvbKEALw_wcB
  12. Peenstone

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Noticed your rated the O-34 negative because it requires a mod in order to carry an assy. Totally agree that it should be converted, but it isn't that difficult and doesn't have to be expensive. I converted about 7 years ago and love it. We've had our boat for about 10 years, moved it up to Mystic CT from the southern Ches (HYC) and have no plans to move up. It's a great cruiser for the two of us and a competitive racer with a couple crew.
  13. Peenstone

    Connecticut-Puerto Rico

    I suggest avoiding Bermuda - the Gulf Stream can be awful for a short handed crew. I’ve done the Bermuda 1-2 three times and would not recommend the route for cruising. 3 years ago I delivered my boat (O 34) from Hampton VA to Mystic, straight shot from Cape Charles to Montauk. I recommend a quick stop over in Cape Charles. The town is nice, and it’s not the 25 mile diversion that Norfolk would create. From Cape Charles, it’s a easy run down the coast with stopovers available along the way.
  14. Peenstone

    Marina Advice on LIS

    Also keep our 34' sailboat at Shennecossett. Not the stuffy YC with "expectations" you fear. There are many options in Mystic, competitive with your current situation. Try Mystic Shipyard.