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  1. That boat had open turnbuckles on it. Go to www.melges.com, order the right parts, go sailing. The extra money spent is worth the headaches avoided. Here is a pic of her in better days. If you want, PM me and I will fill you in on some history. Good luck!
  2. The Houston boat looks to be USA 55. 55 was totaled and sold at insurance auction a few years ago. Last I knew, it had keel damage, port side hull damage, rudder damage, ripped sails, and sat outside uncovered all winter covered in snow. Before that, in 2012/2013 it had updates done to trailer, hardware, mast base, compression post, transom, etc. It weighed in a bit heavy and carried no corrector weights. It was brought back to life and made fast (or lucky) enough to round a windwark mark in first at worlds in 2013. Proof that old boats can be made fast again, that is until crashed into a pile of rocks. I am not sure what the seller knows about this boat, or if he/she has repaired the damage, as the ad doesn't have a lot of info. If it is still as it was when the insurance company picked it up, it would be quite the money pit to make right again.
  3. Awesome to have another 32 on the lake. Check out the March PHRF-LE minutes. Melges 32 small spinnakers are "illegal"???? Hahaha. Have fun with that. Try searching the forum.
  4. It's a great and historic race. The management needs to look at the stats and feedback and objectively determine why the falloff is happening. My 2cents says if they were to run the race professionally and ditch PHRF-LE they could, and should, grow entries. Do they have any idea of the growth in number of small sportboats from the region? Maybe it would be good to invite a one design class or two on one of the shorter courses?
  5. Nice work eerie! Glad to see this race back. I hope you use any system other than archaic phrf-le rules so sportboats can play too.
  6. Ahh Cuba. Good times. Wish I was doing this race instead of skiing. Looks to be a good ride! Go the Chico 2!
  7. There is lots of great stuff on youtube to learn from. Just do some searching. Also go to melges.com and get their DVD. Nice walk through on how to sail the boat (a bit outdated but still very helpful for new crew). https://www.melges.com/?p=store/details&sku=11812&cat=30 Here are some good youtubes. Enjoy your boat and have fun!
  8. +1
  9. I think it will still be amazing! Word is the racing should be top notch, and based on experiences at CRW, I wouldn't doubt this. That is what really matters when it all boils down. I am not here to defend anyone, and I have been frustrated at times as well. Could things have been done better, sure, hindsight is 20-20. For now though, we as a class, owners, crew, and racers can make the best with what we have to work with. I would't place blame on Petey, he did a great job promoting the event at the beginning but has not been involved since June. His passion to make this the biggest M24 event ever still shows. There are a lot of moving parts and politics to an event like this. Many of these parts are compromised of volunteers that pour out their heart and soul for the class. If you have concerns I would suggest reaching out directly to your USMCA or IMCA rep. If you are crew, join the class as an associate member. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I know as a DG I would love more direct feedback from owners and crew that I can take to the board. I would be happy to get together in Miami with you to get your input. The bottom line is great friends, loads of fun, spectacular sailing, big breeze, waves and the best sailors in the world to compete against. That is what Melges 24 sailing is all about. I can't wait to get down there and get on the water. Fun in the sun beats sitting in the office any day. Curtis Jazwiecki USA 618 Racing in Miami on USA 346 VooDoo
  10. Funny that people think 20+ year old innovations in this sport are "new"
  11. Were J29guy and friends running the show? When are those PHRF-LE hacks finally going to figure out they are doing more harm to the sport than good. What's the membership down to this year?
  12. Heard it on Chico2 just before the storms rolled through the finish in the Bayview Mac this year.
  13. Would be awesome to see one do the Mac. And people think M24 guys are nuts. Go the Luders!
  14. I wonder if there are Pokemon on Lake Huron? Good luck to all those racing.