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    What type of boat and what is your budget? Based on your initial post I get the feeling your expectations may exceed the budget and time commitment. Expedition is the standard. Running it on a handheld PC or relaying the screen to an iPad will be your most economical choice. Maybe just run an app like RaceQs?
  2. airacer

    so who's heading to the caribbean this winter?

    Ughhh. Not a good sign for this sailing season. We are in Grenada now, was a covid free curfew is back in effect. Thanks Sandals! Fingers crossed they can still pull off Antigua Sailing week.
  3. airacer

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    I once heard a story of a catamaran in the ‘70s that used some anchor chain as standing rigging and went racing. When you are in a pinch in the islands, whatever works I guess. Stainless, galvanized, dyneema, carbon, pbo, chain,’s all good if it gets you out there and it doesn’t fall on your head before you get back.
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    What’s it Rate? Why has no one asked this yet? SA is slacking!
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    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    It is funny everyone on SA is waiting for catastrophic failure. The funny part is I think most of them want to fail, as it gets them clicks, views, and $$. We just heard of another YouTube’r that decided to use galvanized wire for his standing rigging. The fake sailors have everyone hooked, even the “real” sailors on SA have fallen for it.
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    Simply not true, at least in the J/46 and up. The deck is solid glass under the factory deck fittings. The J/45 seems to check all the boxes for a really good offshore boat that is fun to sail. Can’t wait to see one on the water.
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    Yet another sailboat rescue off Cape Hatteras

    Diamond shoal about is 8 miles out. Why would one go much inside it? Hugging the inside to avoid the Stream is one thing....smh.
  8. airacer

    Global Solo Challenge?

    MOTORING Engines shafts are not sealed and motoring is permitted. A maximum fuel allowance at the start will be specified. Really?
  9. airacer

    Sailing Instuments - What to display where?

    Reading this thread helps me understand why we win so many races. Enjoying my popcorn.
  10. airacer

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    This may be the best idea yet. They could sell the keel lead, mast, sails, winches, hardware, cut 3 feet off the rudder, break even and have a nice trawler for almost free.
  11. airacer

    Rescue Monday off Hatteras

    We went from Annapolis around Hatteras to Cape Fear NC, then direct to the Bahamas November of last year. It was tricky, sloppy, and cold, but not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. It was fun if you ask me. Modern forecasting and routing should keep one out of trouble. A big Amel should have been able to sail out of trouble unless it was taking on water. I can’t understand why someone would pop an epirb and leave their boat due to engine failure with plenty of sea-room.
  12. airacer

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    That’s good. Makes the ROI better! Cheering them along! Another friend of ours did something similar to a Pearson 39, full grid rebuild. He’s in the water. Proof they will make it. Have to give lots of props to their video quality. It’s hard to shoot and work. It probably adds 50% to the time needed to get a job done. We tried to film all of our boat work, but in the end prioritized getting in the water over making videos. The difference in camera work shows. Their editing is also on-point.
  13. airacer

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    I say good on-em for giving it a go. That’s a long road, though I do hope they make it. Probably paid too much if over 50k. Going to learn quickly about PPE. Viewers seem to like boat work and talking heads on YouTube more than actual sailing, so they have that going for them. Does the boat have a mast? If you are keen on watching boat work, here is another one for you:
  14. airacer

    B&G Nemesis

    Yeah. Nice boat right back at you! Have a good rip to Antigua.
  15. airacer

    B&G Nemesis

    Next time you guys anchor next to the blue J Boat, come say hello. I’ll show you how B&G and Expedition can interface. With your boats potential I couldn’t see using anything less.
  16. airacer

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    13.9 knots in this video on the J/46, fun but not hair on fire. She goes faster with the kite up but that’s a lot of work for just a few cruising miles. And yes I know, it’s not really heavy weather, but need clickbait to keep the YouTube algo’s on our side.
  17. airacer

    J4x maintenance costs

    All depends on what you are going to do with the boat and what your expectations are. Racing? Marina Queen? Saltwater vs Fresh? Coastal? Blue water? For example: Do you want a good 2:1 dyneema main halyard, stripped and spliced for you, installed by your rigger, with a new shackle? Get ready to spend 1k. Or would you buy some close-out poly and tie it on....that’s a couple hundred. Maybe you will land somewhere in between. Same goes for most other things. Little costs add up quickly on a big boat. I’d say double your budget for the first year, as you will likely want to make the boat your own and upgrade a few things. After that the 2k/mo number is probably a solid average.
  18. Hopefully this can help someone else. Complete service to a Village Marine Little Wonder watermaker. Membrane replacement, oil change, filter change. I’m sure I did something wrong, but hey, it’s in the islands!
  19. Thanks Zonker! Yes, still has the propriety membrane to the tune of 400+ bucks. The PPM averages around 300-350 as well, so not the best membrane on the planet either. But, it does the job, and overall is pretty simple and at the more economical end of the watermaker spectrum.
  20. airacer

    J4x maintenance costs

    We keep track, but I don’t want to look. I would say Greyhound is probably right on the money. If you have to ask...??? A lot depends on use, and how you use it. We do most maintenance ourselves. That keeps costs in check. We also work hard to keep the boat in excellent condition. We won’t go offshore with the boat not at 100%. Nothing on the boat is cheap to replace, but it is also spec’d with good equipment and solidly built. You will get out what you put in.
  21. airacer

    Singlehanding a J46

    It’s not a problem. It’s an excellent boat for short handed sailing. Like any boat it has trade offs, but it lacks little. The perfect It is not a class 40. Perfect fast short handed racer/cruiser: comfortable enough to spend time on and quick enough to enjoy sailing...darn close.
  22. airacer

    Robo Sailing?

    It is surprising that anyone is amazed by this. The technology is there, just a matter of $ to implement. I see a future of push button MacGregors, Catalinas, Beneteaus, Leopards, Lagoons, and Hunters using this. Point the boat in a direction, press a button on your iPad, computer sails for you. Instantly turns anyone that can operate a jet-ski into a potential sailor. The future is bright :-)
  23. airacer

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    I hope the boys on E2 have a great time. Glad to see the sport boat class working also. Can’t wait to see foilers rip up the shore in the future. Sad I can’t be there this year. I would definitely race a Melges 24 up the lake again, it was one of the purest and most fun sailing/racing experiences ever. Oh, and go get em Chico 2!
  24. After many years of M24 racing, we went the other direction. I know, I know....friends don’t let friends.... ...but, the big J Boats are awesome performance cruisers. Melges makes awesome racing boats. J Boats is on to something though. May not be the fastest, or most luxe, but they hit the sweet spot in between.